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Chapter 259

Utilization of urea and molasses for dairy cattle feeding. 1. Response of lactating dairy cows to different dietary nitrogen and energy combinations

Lawrence, M.P.; Mugerwa, J.S.

East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal 39(3): 215-227


ISSN/ISBN: 2313-450X
Accession: 000258933

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1. In each of 3 balance trials 3 Jersey cows were given 3 diets in a Latin square design with periods of 3 weeks, excreta being collected for the last week. Chloris gayana hay was given at 6% of metabolic weight (W0.75) and concentrates to satisfy estimated requirements plus 15%. In the first test maize diets had 5% molasses and 3% urea, 27% soya bean oilmeal or 26% cottonseed cake. Intakes of DM, digestible energy and N were similar on all diets but milk yields were 7.3, 8.8 and 8.4 kg/day.

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