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Chapter 263

Vitamins in cows' milk. A study of the vitamin A content of pasteurized milk in Iran

Bouche, F.

Les vitamines dans le lait de vache Contribution a l' etude de la teneur vitaminique A du lait pasteurise en Iran 58: 79


Accession: 000262235

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The mean vitamin A content of pasteurized milk (containing 2.5% fat) purchased in Tehran shops decreased gradually from 127 IU/100 ml in June, 1969 to 70 IU/100 ml in Jan., 1970, and then increased to 87 and 97 IU/100 ml in Feb. and March respectively. The overall mean value was 101 IU/100 ml. The mean value for beta -carotene measured in the milk during June, July and Aug. was 160 mu g/l.

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