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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 266

Chapter 266 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Walpole, P.R., 1972:
Winter rye trials at Cockle Park

Burgudzhiev, D., 1975:
Winter rye variety trial in Sofia province

Pontif, J.E.; Nipper, W.A.; Loyacano, A.F.; Braud, H.J., 1973:
Winter shelter and summer shade and fans for feedlot cattle

Vanwetswinkel, G., 1974:
Winter spraying or basic treatment?

Cueto Robayna, I.; Orestes Alonso, R.M.A.R., 1972:
Winter squash Selection 402

Buscher, F.K.; Powell, C.C., 1973:
Winter storage of container-grown ornamentals

Klebesadel, L.J., 1974:
Winter stresses affecting overwintering crops in the Matanuska valley

Lumis, G.P.; Franklin, E.W., 1973:
Winter studies show effective polyhouse use

Scales, G.H.; Denham, A.H.; Streeter, C.L.; Ward, G.M., 1974:
Winter supplementation of beef calves on sandhill range

Smittle, B.J.; Lowe, R.E.; Patterson, R.S.; Cameron, A.L., 1975:
Winter survival and oviposition of 14C-labeled Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus Say in northern Florida

Julen, G., 1974:
Winter survival of ley grasses and legumes in southern and central Sweden

Odabash' yan, F.M., 1972:
Winter survival of mandarins in 1963-64 and 1966-67 at the Sukhumi Experiment Station

Stadelbacher, E.A.; Pfrimmer, T.R., 1972:
Winter survival of the bollworm at Stoneville, Mississippi

Grabiec, B., 1972:
Winter swede rape as a forage crop

Carter, C.I., 1972:
Winter temperatures and survival of the green spruce aphid Elatobium abietinum (Walker)

Akhamatov, K.A.; Nogoibaeva, G.K., 1973:
Winter transpiration in some woody plants

Moffatt, R.W., 1973:
Winter treatment of gorse with picloram/2,4,5-T, compared with 2,4,5-T and 2,4,5-T plus diquat

Colliot, F.; Henrion, B., 1972:
Winter treatments of fruit trees and vineyards with dinoterb acetate

Klefeld, Y.; Dagan, D., 1972:
Winter treatments of trifluralin before planting tomatoes for processing

Schmidt, R.E.; Shoulders, J.F., 1972:
Winter turf development on dormant bermudagrass as influenced by summer cultivation and winter N fertilization

Karimov, H.H.; Cherner, R.I., 1972:
Winter vegetation and summer dormancy of plants in the arid zone of Tajikistan

Gavrilenko, L.G., 1975:
Winter vetch, a cold-resistant and high-yielding crop

Teliga Nowicka, Z., 1971:
Winter vetch/Italian ryegrass mixture for fodder production on light soils between early spring and late autumn

Teliga Nowicka, Z., 1971:
Winter vetch/wheat mixture for fodder production on light soils between early spring and late autumn

Burygin, V.A.; Markova, L.E., 1972:
Winter weather conditions and fodder production of ephemeral pastures in Uzbekistan

Norris, R.F., 1973:
Winter weed control in alfalfa - shattering the myth?

Daniell, J.W.; Hardcastle, W.S., 1973:
Winter weed control in pecans

Lupton, F.G.H.; Bingham, J.; Oliver, R.H.; Jackson, P.J., 1972:
Winter wheat

Mandy, G., 1972:
Winter wheat Kiszombori 1

Corns, W.G., 1972 :
Winter wheat and winter rye mowing for forage grain

Lukyanenko, P.P.; Timofeev, V.B.; Kolesnikov, F.A., 1972:
Winter wheat breeding for yield and the problem of heterosis utilization

Stroike, J.E.; Johnson, V.A., 1972:
Winter wheat cultivar performance in an international array of environments

Skachkova, L.V., 1972:
Winter wheat cultivars resistant to rust and mildew

Kalinenko, I.G., 1975:
Winter wheat cv. Donskaya Ostistaya

Marko, A.F., 1975:
Winter wheat cv. Krasnovodopadskaya 210

Ukhanova, O.N.; Zharova, E.N., 1972:
Winter wheat cv. Mironovskaya Yubileinaya

Dolgushin, D.A.; Nikiforov, O.A.; Rodionova, V.A., 1973:
Winter wheat cv. Odesskaya 51: breeding and seed production

Zaraiskii, L.G.; Nesterets, V.G.; Babich, V.I., 1974:
Winter wheat cv. Orbita

Kalinenko, I.G., 1973:
Winter wheat cv. Rostovchanka

Efimenko, T.M., 1971:
Winter wheat cv. Veselopodolyanskaya 17

Kaposzta, j, 1971:
Winter wheat growing in crop rotation and in monoculture

Ogarev, V.F.; Shestakov, V.E., 1972:
Winter wheat in areas near the Volga river

Spratt, E.D., 1973:
Winter wheat in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Bogomyagkov, S.T.; Volkov, V.R.; Volkova, V.V., 1973:
Winter wheat in the Altai territory

Boiko, M.I.; Ogarodnikova, T.F., 1973:
Winter wheat in the Zaporozh'e district

Sherban, O.D.; Onishchenko, A.M., 1972:
Winter wheat mosaic and its vectors in Moldavia

Mishchenko, V.K., 1973:
Winter wheat on the Przhval'skii Irrigated Variety Plot

Kaposzta, J., 1971:
Winter wheat production using crop rotation and monoculture

Bhatt, G.M., 1973:
Winter wheat research: a review with special reference to north-west New South Wales

Skidmore, E.L.; Hagen, L.J.; Naylor, D.G.; Teare, I.D., 1974:
Winter wheat response to barrier-induced microclimate

Robinson, L.R.; Fenster, C.R., 1973:
Winter wheat response to herbicides applied postemergence

Uvaisov, M.D., 1972:
Winter wheat seed quality in relation to vertical climatic zones

Erickson, J.R., 1974:
Winter wheat survival in North Dakota

Pope, W.K., 1973:
Winter wheat tolerance to snowmold in 1969

Talvitie, H.; Konsala, J., 1971:
Winter wheat varieties on clay and sandy soils at Tikkurila

Rudenko, M.I.; Kir' yan, M.V., 1974:
Winter wheat varieties resistant to brown rust and powdery mildew under conditions of the Ukrainian forest-steppe

Pass, H.; Smith, E.L.; Edwards, L., 1973:
Winter wheat variety tests 1972

Pass, H.; Smith, E.L.; Edwards, L., 1975:
Winter wheat variety tests 1974

Anonymous, 1974:
Winter wheat variety trials 1974

Anonymous, 1973:
Winter wheat variety trials, 1973

Wang, Y.P., 1970:
Winter wheat yield and levels of PK in soil and plant tissue as affected by PK fertilizers in Taichung Prefecture

Nawrocki, S.; Kus, J., 1973 :
Winter wheat yields as affected by preceding crop and rate of mineral fertilizing

Nawrocki, S.; Kus, J., 1973:
Winter wheat yields as affected by the preceding crop and rate of application of mineral fertilizer

Pushman, F.M., 1974:
Winter wheat. Improvement of bread-making quality

Hoeser, K.; Wenisch, K., 1971:
Winter wheat. Nitrogen increase and chlormequat use, late nitrogen fertilizer application

Olugbemi, L.G., 1974:
Winter wheat. The function of awns

Komissarov, V.A.; Andreeva, A.V., 1972:
Winter-hardiness in aerial bulbils of scape-forming garlic in relation to the carbohydrate content

Kornatskii, S.P.; Kornatskii, A.P.; Kornatskaya, N.M., 1974:
Winter-hardiness in sweet and sour cherries

Turbin, I.E., 1973:
Winter-hardy apple varieties

Mazunin, M., 1973:
Winter-hardy varieties for the orchards

Maksimova, I.N.; Fedchenkova, G.A., 1974:
Winter-spring development of apricot flower buds and their cold resistance

Mostolvitsa, K.Yu, 1971:
Winter-spring development of flower buds in plum

Anonymous, 1971:
Winter-wheat breeding and varietal agrotechnique

Rudenko, M.I.; Kir' yan, M.V., 1974:
Winter-wheat varieties resistant to Puccinia recondita and Erysiphe graminis in the Ukrainian forest steppe

Sukhorukov, A.F., 1974:
Winter-wheat varieties valuable for breeding in the south-east

Springfield, H.W., 1973:
Winterfat fruits and seeds retain high viability 3 years in cold storage

Springfield, H.W., 1972:
Winterfat seeds undergo after-ripening

Schupp, A.R., 1975:
Wintergrazing beef cattle on Louisiana farms

Copeland, L.O., 1972:
Wintergreen. A new fine-leaved red fescue for Michigan lawns

Eliseev, I.P.; Bogatov, N.P., 1972:
Winterhardiness of pear in the Oka Valley of Gor'kii Province and prospects for its inclusion among approved varieties

Davis, G.H.; Lewis, K.H.C.; Scales, G.H., 1974:
Wintering beef weaners in South Island high country

Penzhorn, E.J., 1975:
Wintering levels and reproduction in Afrikaner heifers

Villumstad, E., 1974 :
Wintering of colonies

Huokuna, E., 1974:
Wintering of heavily fertilized grasslands

Burnside, E., 1975:
Wintering of sheep in the South West

Hull, J.L.; Dobie, J.B.; Morris, J.G., 1972:
Wintering steer calves on rations high in rice straw

Brown, K.R.; Harris, A.J., 1972:
Wintering without crops - the problems involved

Andersen, I.L., 1973:
Wintering, durability and yield of different clover strains in the counties of Troms and Finnmark (Northern Norway)

West, S.H.; Prine, G.M., 1974:
Winterkill and hay yield of Pangola digitgrass as affected by fall application of N, P and K

Suzuki, M., 1972:
Winterkill patterns of forage crops and winter wheat in P.E.I. in 1972

Carter, T.A.; Bressler, G.O.; Gentry, R.F., 1972:
Wire and litter management systems for broiler breeders

Hannelius, S., 1972:
Wire tensions of bundle rafts

Ota, A.K., 1973:
Wireworm damage to polyethylene tubing used in a drip irrigation system

Anonymous, 1972:

Popov, P., 1971:
Wireworms in Bulgaria

Lilly, C.E., 1973:
Wireworms: efficacy of various insecticides for protection of potatoes in southern Alberta

Hagedorn, J.C.; Walker, J.C.; Rand, R.E., 1974:
Wis. HBR 40 and Wis. HBR 72 bean germplasm

Kroupa, E.A.; Burnett, C., 1973:
Wisconsin farmers' use and understanding of broadcast news

Maeglin, R.R., 1973:
Wisconsin wood density survey

Spencer, J.S.J.; Thorne, H.W., 1972:
Wisconsin's 1968 timber resource - a perspective

Dean, M.P., 1975:
Wisconsin's dairy industry

Anonymous, 1972:
Wisley trials, 1972

Anonymous, 1974:
Wisley trials, 1974

Chen, C.C., 1970:
Witches' broom - a new disease of bamboo in Taiwan

Dijkstra, J., 1973:
Witches' broom disease of blackberries

Khirov, A.A., 1973:
Witches' broom on Pinus sylvestris

Atanasoff, D., 1973:
Witches' brooms on stems of Elms and other trees

Holmes, F.O.; Hirumi, H.; Maramorosch, K., 1972:
Witches'-broom of Willow : Salix yellows

Kulkarni, K.R.; Raghumurthy, M.; Raju, S., 1974:
With half the recommended fertilizers and four irrigations, wheat yields can be satisfactory in TBP area

Kuhlmann, F., 1971:
Withdrawable income in farm businesses

Buitelaar, K., 1973:
Withering damage in tomatoes

Ch' ang, T.S.; Dunlop, A.A., 1974:
Within breed selection for improvement in reproductive rate

Poncelet, J., 1973:
Within the framework of aid from the CERW to forestry in Wallonia : creation of a Walloon Forest Fund

Forrest, G.I., 1975:
Within-crown variation of Sitka Spurce polyphenols

Hall, D.J.; Wilson, L.F., 1974:
Within-generation mortality of the jack pine tip beetle Conophthorus banksianae McPherson, in Michigan

Clausen, K.E., 1973:
Within-provenance variation in yellow birch

Hall, D.J.; Wilson, L.F., 1974:
Within-tree distribution of the jack pine tip beetle, Conophthorus banksianae McPherson, on jack pine

Einspahr, D.W.; Harder, M.L.; Benson, M.K., 1972:
Within-tree variation in fiber length of young Quaking Aspen

Morrison, I.K., 1974:
Within-tree variation in mineral content of leaves of young Balsam Fir

Einspahr, D.W.; Benson, M.K.; Harder, M.L., 1972:
Within-tree variation in specific gravity of young Quaking Aspen

Anonymous, 1971:
Witloof chicory

Scott Shaw, R., 1974:
Witteklip forest

Puri, Y.P.; Baghott, K.G., 1973:
Wocus 71, a new high yielding barley variety

Gruskii, I.G., 1975:
Wolf-dog hybridisation in nature

Ryabov, L.S., 1973:
Wolf-dog hybrids in the Voronezh region

Gupta, B.P.; Rai, K.M.; Joshi, N.K.; Joshi, L.D., 1972:
Wolly apple aphis Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann) and its control in the hills of Uttar Pradesh

Boserup, E., 1970:
Woman's role in economic development

Grant, B.; Anthonio, Q.B.O., 1973:
Women cooperative in the Western state of Nigeria

Martin, D., 1974:
Women in Chinese society

Flora, C.B., 1972:
Women in rural sociology

Anonymous, 1975:
Women: a long-silent majority

Anonymous, 1972:
Wonder grain overwhelms Free Staters

Bailey, G.R., 1973:
Wood allocation by dynamic programming

Paula, J.E. de, 1974:
Wood anatomy : Guttiferae

Mariaux, A., 1974:
Wood anatomy of Leeuwenbergia africana

Rao, P.S.P., 1972:
Wood anatomy of some Combretaceae

Patel, R.N., 1973:
Wood anatomy of the dicotyledons indigenous to New Zealand. 2. Escalloniaceae

Patel, R.N., 1973:
Wood anatomy of the dicotyledons indigenous to New Zealand. 3. Monimiaceae and Atherospermataceae

Patel, R.N., 1974:
Wood anatomy of the dicotyledons indigenous to New Zealand. 4. Winteraceae. 5. Verbenaceae

Patel, R.N., 1973:
Wood anatomy of the dicotyledons indigenous to New Zealand. I. Cornaceae

Patel, R.N., 1974:
Wood anatomy of the dictoyledons indigenous to New Zealand. 7. Santalaceae

Siddiqui, M.R.; Wilson, T.K., 1974:
Wood anatomy of the genus Knema (Myristicaceae)

Corder, S.E., 1973:
Wood and bark as fuel

Manwiller, F.G., 1972:
Wood and bark properties of Spruce Pine

Corder, S.E.; Scroggins, T.L.; Meade, W.E.; Everson, G.D., 1972:
Wood and bark residues in Oregon. Trends in their use

Chinte, F.O., 1971:
Wood and bark volumes of Tangile (Shorea polysperma (Blanco) Merr.) in Bislig forest

Anonymous, 1972:
Wood and bath

Brink, D.L.; Pohlman, A.A., 1972 :
Wood and pulp analysis by fractionation into component polysaccharides

Anonymous, 1975:
Wood and reconstruction in Vietnam

Nagaraju, S.; Raghavendra, B.G.; Venkataraman, J.; George, J., 1973:
Wood and wood-based panels in building construction - a survey in Bangalore

Langendorf, G.; Schuster, E.; Wagenfuhr, R., 1972:
Wood as a raw material

Lin, R.T., 1973:
Wood as an arthotropic dielectric material

Anonymous, 1971:
Wood beam tables

Wilcox, M.D., 1975:
Wood brightness variation in clones of Loblolly Pine

Nicholls, J.W.P.; Brown, A.G., 1972:
Wood characteristics of colchicine-treated Pinus radiata

Nicholls, J.W.P.; Brown, A.G.; Pederick, L.A., 1974:
Wood characteristics of sexually and vegetatively reproduced Pinus radiata

Barton, G.M., 1973:
Wood chemistry of western conifers. Questions and answers

Ferguson, I.S., 1972:
Wood chips and regional development

Anonymous, 1972:
Wood chips as a commodity in the forest industry - Forest Products Seminar, Ottawa, April 1972

Brown, G.S., 1973:
Wood chips for pulp and paper

Nelson, N.D.; Heather, W.A., 1972:
Wood color, basic density and decay resistance in heartwood of fast-grown Eucalyptus grandis Hill ex Maiden

Huttunen, T., 1974:
Wood consumption, total drain and forest balance in Finland in 1971-73

Doi, S.; Nunomura, A.; Imagawa, H.; Otani, J., 1973:
Wood decay in soil (I)

Wright, J.E.; Deschamps, J.R., 1972:
Wood decomposing basidiomycetes of Andes-Patagonia forests

Domnitskaya, L.S., 1973:
Wood defects in Betula costata

Burdon, R.D.; Harris, J.M., 1973:
Wood density in Radiata Pine clones on four different sites

Cown, D.J., 1974:
Wood density of Radiata Pine: its variation and manipulation

Harris, J.M.; Cown, D.J., 1973:
Wood density of Southland Beeches

Il' in, A.M., 1972:
Wood density of male and female specimens of Aspen during the course of the growing season

Hans, A.S., 1974:
Wood density of open-pollinated families of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden and E. tereticornis Sm

Zobel, B.J.; Kellison, R.C.; Matthias, M.F.; Hatcher, A.V., 1972:
Wood density of the Southern Pines

Whitmore, J.L., 1973:
Wood density variation in Costa Rican Balsa

Kimland, B.; Norin, T., 1972:
Wood extractives of Common Spruce, Picea abies (L.) Karst

Imamura, H.; Kobayashi, S.; Ohashi, H., 1971:
Wood extractives of the Japanese Mountain Ash

Anonymous, 1971:
Wood for engineered structures

Robnett, W.E.; Morey, P.R., 1973:
Wood formation in Prosopis: effect of 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, and TIBA

Anonymous, 1973:
Wood in relation to its environment

Modly, J., 1972:
Wood in the aircraft industry

Woodfin, R.O.Jr, 1973:
Wood losses in plywood production - four species

Koch, P., 1973 :
Wood machining abstracts, 1970 and 1971

Bittig, B., 1975:
Wood marketing policy: theory and practice

Angelov, Z.; Bozeva, L.; Iskrova, L., 1972:
Wood of Adriatic Oak and its suitability for the manufacture of semichemical pulp

Kielczewski, M.; Pacyniak, C.; Surminski, J., 1972:
Wood of Corylus avellana

Khadzhaeva, S.G.; Ushakov, I.I., 1974:
Wood of Larch attacked by wood-destroying fungi

Surminski, J.; Bojarczuk, T., 1973:
Wood of Metasequoia glyptostroboides of Polish origin

Sendak, P.E., 1973:
Wood pallet manufacturing costs in Pennsylvania

Marotte, P., 1974:
Wood panels in decoration

Franklin, E.C.; Squillace, A.E., 1974:
Wood parameters: necessity for comparing them on a unit volume basis

Schmidt, H.; Nehm, A.B., 1972:
Wood particle boards in termite tests

Badanoiu, G., 1973:
Wood particle boards produced from wastes resulting from the barking, cross-cutting and chipping of pulpwood

Pejcinovski, F., 1975:
Wood pitting disease of grapevine in Macedonia

Foguet, J.L., 1973:
Wood pitting in trifoliate orange and its relationship to xyloporosis

Foddai, A.; Marras, F.; Servazzi, O., 1972:
Wood pitting of the trifoliate orange rootstock, Poncirus trifoliata, in Sardinia

Foddai, A.; Marras, F.; Servazzi, O., 1972:
Wood pitting of trifoliate orange (Poncirus trifoliata (L.) Raf.) rootstocks in Sardinia

Foguet, J.L., 1973:
Wood pitting of trifoliate orange and its relation with xyloporosis

Berzin' s, G.V., 1972:
Wood plasticization: a way of improving quality with a view to the substitution of wood for other materials

Anonymous, 1974:
Wood plastics

Kumar, S.; Tewari, M.C., 1973:
Wood poles. Their deterioration, preservative treatment, inspection and maintenance in service

Anonymous, 1975:
Wood preservation and the law

Murko, D., 1973:
Wood preservation in Yugoslavia

Anonymous, 1974:
Wood preservation in the German Democratic Republic

Anonymous, 1973:
Wood preservation supplement

Hilditch, E.A.; Hambling, R.E., 1971:
Wood preservative tests and their assessment

Anonymous, 1973:
Wood preservatives & fire retardants register

Koehler, K.G., 1972:
Wood processing in East Kalimantan: a case study of industrialization and foreign investment in Indonesia

Whitmore, F.W., 1973:
Wood properties in black locust clones

Kommert, R., 1974:
Wood properties of Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) from the central mountainous regions of East Germany

Cown, D.J., 1971:
Wood properties of Pinus nigra

Brazier, J.D., 1973:
Wood properties of minor softwood species

Dyson, W.G., 1971:
Wood properties of young Pine trees grown at Muguga Arboretum

Taylor, F.W.; Wooten, T.E., 1973:
Wood property variation of Mississippi Delta hardwoods

Nicholls, J.W.P., 1973 :
Wood qualities in Poplar from northern Victoria

Krzysik, F., 1974:
Wood quality and felling age in the light of X-ray investigations

Polge, H.; Keller, R., 1973:
Wood quality and ring width in the forest of Troncais

Adolf, P.; Gerstetter, E.; Liese, W., 1974:
Wood quality and water storage

Wahlgren, H.E., 1973:
Wood quality considerations in tree improvement activities

Hans, A.S.; Burley, J.; Williamson, P., 1972:
Wood quality in Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden, grown in Zambia

Uusvaara, O., 1974:
Wood quality in plantation-grown Scots Pine

Hursey, R.A., 1970:
Wood quality of Douglas-Fir in northern Idaho correlated to vegetational associations

Hans, A.S.; Burley, J., 1972:
Wood quality of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden in a fertilizer trial at Siamambo, Zambia

Burley, J.; Pattinson, J.V.; Morgan, J.F., 1970:
Wood quality of Pinus patula Schiede and Deppe in Central Africa; two trees 45 years old at Stapleford, Rhodesia

Grayson, A.J., 1974:
Wood resources and demands: a statistical review

Findlay, W.P.K., 1974:
Wood rotting fungi

Elliott, G.K., 1974:
Wood science education at University College of North Wales. The first five years and the next

Baas, P.; Graaff, N.A. van der, 1974:
Wood structure in relation to latitudinal and altitudinal distribution

Araujo, P.A. de M.; Mattos Filho, A. de, 1973:
Wood structure of Brazilian dicotyledonous angiosperms (X). Monimiaceae. Siparuna bifida

Araujo, P.A. de M.; Mattos Filho, A. de, 1973:
Wood structure of Brazilian dicotyledonous angiosperms. (XI). Monimiaceae. Bracteanthus glycycarpus Ducke

Lomibao, B.A.; Salva, R.M., 1972:
Wood structure, characteristics and properties of six Vitex species of the Philippine Verbenaceae

Chandra, R., 1972:
Wood transport problems of India

Sangal, P.M., 1974:
Wood used in Indian industries

Tonanont, N., 1974:
Wood used in pencil making

Lur' e, L.Z., 1973:
Wood utilization in conversion by chipping headrigs and by flow-lines

Ramos, A.A.; Vieira, A.N.; Vivacqua, C.A.; Alencar, J.C.; Barros, J.C.M.; Netto, S.P., 1973:
Wood volume tables for the forest species of the agricultural district of the Zona Franca of Manaus

Zboril, F.; Ruzicka, V., 1974:
Wood waste as a source of energy at the TON national enterprise

Osse, L., 1971:
Wood, charcoal and charcoal production

Georgebits, R.P., 1974:
Wood- and bark-eating insects on Pinus halepensis in Attica (observations made in 1967-1971)

Gosswald, K., 1973:
Wood-ant research areas of Nordrhein-Westfalen. I. Kleve and Bielefeld (Minden)

Corder, S.E., 1974:
Wood-bark residue is source of plant energy

Anonymous, 1972:
Wood-based panels - Various French standards, published or shortly to be published

Lazar, I.; Dumitru, L.; Galani, G., 1972:
Wood-destroying bacteria in zones of different temperature in a mine

Selik, M., 1973:
Wood-destroying fungi of the E. Black Sea region, especially the Trabzon district

Kanygina, N.E., 1973:
Wood-destroying fungi on Quercus castaneifolia

Domanski, S., 1972:
Wood-inhabiting fungi of the Bialowieza virgin forest in Poland. XVIII. Amylocystis lapponica (Romell) Bond. & Sing

Jokel, J., 1972:
Wood-plastic combinations based on aqueous emulsions of a polyester/styrene mixture

Singh, Y., 1973:
Wood-plastics composites

Schlueter, D.P.; Fink, J.N.; Hensley, G.T., 1972:
Wood-pulp workers' disease: a hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by Alternaria

Anonymous, 1975:
Wood-wool slabs and wood-cement board

Robison, R.G., 1972:
Wood/coating interactions

Anonymous, 1973:
Woodchips in NSW

Sokolovskii, B.S., 1973:
Wooden structures in building

Eden, L.T.E., 1974:
Woodland fires

Edlin, H.L., 1973:
Woodland notebook : photographing forests

Edlin, H.L., 1973:
Woodland notebook: action photos in forestry

Gillardot, P., 1972:
Woodlands and wastelands of the Sologne

Wolf, Y., 1973:
Woodpecker damage to polyethylene irrigation pipes in orchards in Israel

Baldwin, P.H., 1968:
Woodpecker feeding on Engelmann spruce beetle in windthrown trees

Conner, R.N.; Crawford, H.S., 1974:
Woodpecker foraging in Appalachian clearcuts

Conner, R.N.; Hooper, R.G.; Crawford, H.S.; Mosby, H.S., 1975:
Woodpecker nesting habitat in cut and uncut woodlands in Virginia

Hay, J.C., 1972:
Woodpecker predation on Red Oak borer in Black, Scarlet and Northern Red Oak

Fozzer, F., 1973:

Massey, C.L.; Wygant, N.D., 1973:
Woodpeckers: most important predators of the Spruce beetle

Hausen, B.M., 1973:
Woods containing substances harmful to health

Paribotro ; Kamil, N., 1974:
Woods for plywood manufacture: Mangir (Ganophyllum falcatum); Merawan (Hopea mengarawan)

Smith, A., 1974:
Woodwaste as a fuel in furniture factories

Anonymous, 1972:

Adamson, W.C.; Bagby, M.O., 1975:
Woody core fiber length, cellulose percentage, and yield components of kenaf

Nesterovich, N.D.; Deryugina, T.F., 1972:
Woody plants and soil moisture

Seppovaara, O., 1974:
Woody solids discharged into water courses by the forest products industry

Brown, R.M.; Mackenzie, J.M., 1971:
Woody weed control

Gazi, V.; Dubravec, K., 1973:
Woody weeds in pastures on stony land in the central part of the island of Cres - protection against erosion

Robinson, G.G., 1972:
Woogenellup sub clover shows promise on the northern tablelands

Tekes, M.A., 1973:
Wool characters in Awassi X White Karaman crossbreds

Todorovski, N., 1971:
Wool characters in Sar Planina sheep

Ozcan, H.; Aki, T., 1973:
Wool characters of Kivircik and (Texel ram X Kivircik ewe) F1 crossbreds at Inanli Animal Breeding Research Station

Negametulin, R.S., 1974:
Wool characters of Romney Marsh X fine/coarse-wooled crossbreds

Petrov, A.I.; Nartbaev, A., 1972 :
Wool cover on the belly as a selection character in fine-wooled sheep

Nedelchev, D., 1972:
Wool density and some other characters in Tsigai sheep

Panfilova, E.P.; Poznakhirev, P.R., 1974:
Wool density components and methods of determining them

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Wool density in two- and three-breed crosses of Tsigai sheep

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Wool fat content in sheep with different skin-fold types, managed under different systems

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Wool fiber diameter changes associated with nematode infections

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Wool fineness and production in Dagestan Mountain sheep

Anonymous, 1973:
Wool futures

Anonymous, 1974:
Wool in Eastern Europe, Part II

Anonymous, 1974:
Wool in Eastern Europe: Yugoslavia; Poland

Whan, R.B., 1973:
Wool marketing

Anonymous, 1974 :
Wool production

K"snedelcheva, S.; Marinova, K., 1974:
Wool production and characters of lambs of different skin-fold types

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Wool production and quality of Awassi sheep in Syria

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Wool production by Angora rabbits

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Wool production from induced cryptorchids and wethers in a Poll Merino flock

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Wool production in Dagestan Mountain sheep

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Wool production in F1 crosses of Improved Valachian ewes with Leicester rams

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Wool production of Awassi sheep in Yugoslavia

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Wool production of Edilbaev sheep

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Wool production of Romney Marsh sheep in south-east Kazakhstan

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Wool production of Romney ewes and its relationship to cortical cell size

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Wool production of crossbred ewes in submountainous pasture conditions

Tekeev, E., 1973:
Wool production of crossbred fat-rumped sheep

Mugniev, P.F., 1974:
Wool production of crossbred lambs in relation to shearing frequency

Babadaeva, L.M., 1973:
Wool production of crossbred mutton-wool sheep in Uzbekistan

Dzoblaev, V.M., 1973:
Wool production of different types of Precoce sheep

Ul' yanov, A.N.; Shaberdin, R.S., 1974:
Wool production of different types of crossbred ewe in the Krasnodar foothills

Sokolov, A.N., 1973:
Wool production of meat-wool lambs on different planes of feeding

Smoliak, S.; Slen, S.B., 1972:
Wool production of range ewes at three intensities of grazing

Gazimagomedov, R.O., 1975:
Wool production of sheep maintained under different conditions

Dimitrov, D., 1971:
Wool production, fibre diameter and length and clean wool yield in German Mutton Merino sheep from the Ruse state farm

Brownlee, H., 1973 :
Wool production, ground cover and botanical composition of pastures grazed by Merino wethers in central western New South Wales. 1. Natural pasture

Brownlee, H., 1973:
Wool production, ground cover and botanical composition of pastures grazed by Merino wethers in central western New South Wales. 2. Barrel medic pasture

Petrosyan, K.G., 1972:
Wool quality in sheep of the Balbas breed

Mukhamed, I., 1973:
Wool quality of Awassi sheep in Syria

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Wool quality of sheep with different haemoglobin and transferrin types

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Wool quality of the Akhangaran Mutton-Wool breed in the course of its development

Sidortsov, V.I., 1974:
Wool quality testing

Anonymous, 1973:
Woolly aphid

Rock, G.C.; Zeiger, D.C., 1974:
Woolly apple aphid infests Malling and Malling-Merton rootstocks in propagation beds in North Carolina

Miller, G.R., 1972:
Woolly cupgrass, Eriochloa villosa (Thunb.) Kunth., a new annual grass weed in Minnesota

Smith, D.T.; Wiese, A.F.; Cooley, A.W., 1972:
Woolly leaf bursage response to selected herbicides

Haudricourt, A.G., 1974:
Words for swidden and rice field

Schreiber, E., 1973:
Work and results of the Vegetable Breeding Station at montfavet, France

Webster, A.; Dodd, P., 1974:
Work at East Malling and Brogdale points to a promising future for sweet cherry production

Free, J.B., 1971:
Work at Rothamsted Experimental Station on the management of honey-bee colonies for crop pollination

Bawden, D.L., 1974:
Work behaviour of low-income, rural nonfarm wage earners

Dannenberg, S.; Kobbel, J., 1974:
Work by young people - a positive component of managerial activity

Skarman, S., 1974:
Work carried out in the Department of Pig Research at the Institute of Animal Breeding

Yudits' kii, M.N., 1974:
Work co-ordination and work charts in livestock farms

Bianchi, A., 1974:
Work completed during 1973 by the Research Institute for Cereal Cultivation

Anonymous, 1975:
Work done by the Technical Institute for Potatoes in 1974

Bianchi, A., 1974:
Work during 1973 at the Research Institute for Cultivation of Cereals

Anonymous, 1974:
Work in developing countries, illustrated by the example of the Nestle plant in Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas State, Mexico

Cook, R.T.A., 1973:
Work in progress in coffee research. Detecting disease resistance in coffee plants

Browning, G., 1973:
Work in progress in coffee research. Physiology

Abasa, R.O., 1972:
Work in progress in coffee research: entomology

Patel, R.Z., 1972:
Work in progress in coffee research: radioisotopes and coffee research in Kenya

Worrall, G.A., 1969:
Work in soils and fertilizers in Liberia

Zuk, J., 1973:
Work intensity in agriculture

Piccarolo, P., 1971:
Work measurement in medium-sized milking parlours

Schoneveld, J.A.; Hendriks, J.P., 1974:
Work methods in harvesting and preparing brussels sprouts for market

Schoneveld, J.A., 1973:
Work methods in harvesting cauliflowers

Zinov' ev, F.V., 1975:
Work methods of state farm directors

Zweigel, T., 1972:
Work of the Erfurt 'Product Analysis Group'

Kapas, S., 1972:
Work of the National Agricultural Variety Testing Institute in 1970

Kapas, S., 1974:
Work of the State Agricultural Variety Testing Institute in 1972

Olivera, A. de J., 1969:
Work of the agricultural experimental stations (INTA) in Chaco

Tello Diago, R.; Barona Tascon, M.T., 1972:
Work on a pathogen (virus) and description of the symptoms it causes in larvae of Agraulis vanillae Linn. (Lepidoptera:Nymphalidae), in the Cauca Valley, Colombia

Zhidonite, Ya, 1971:
Work on breeding timothy in the Lithuanian SSR

Avtonomov, A.A.; Yuldashev, T.; Shcherbak, V.A., 1972:
Work on elite seed production aimed at Fusarium resistance

Gliha Botic, N., 1973:
Work on grass breeding at the Institute of Plant Breeding and Plant Production at Zagreb

Ross, H., 1973:
Work on haploids in progress at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne

Kulesza, J., 1974 :
Work on insecticides that inhibit feeding

Piotrowski, W., 1972:
Work on obtaining potatoes resistant to blight

Lutynska, R., 1972:
Work on plant disease resistance carried out in the Forage Crops Department of the Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization in Krakow

Makuch, M., 1972:
Work on potatoes aimed at increasing the protein content

Torop, A.A., 1974:
Work on the breeding and seed production of winter rye in the German Democratic Republic

Misiuna, W., 1974:
Work on the catalogue of basic terms and concepts in the field of co-operation and integration for CMEA countries

Melard, V., 1972:
Work on the genetic improvement of potato in Belgium

Smole, J., 1973:
Work on the selection and breeding of stone fruits

Hrcek, L.; Matekovic, S.; Zafosnik, T., 1973:
Work on wine-grape breeding in the Slovenian republic

Szijjarto, A.; Varga, I., 1973:
Work organization and man

Peev, M.; Skenderov, M., 1973:
Work organization and setting labour norms for mechanized cotton harvesting

Harstela, P.; Valonen, P., 1972:
Work output, physical load of the worker and exposure to vibration in felling

Adams, M.J., 1971:
Work patterns and symbolic structures in a village culture, East Sumba, Indonesia

Nyari, J., 1975:
Work place relations on large farms

Kolar, J., 1974:
Work recording and utilization of manpower

Anonymous, 1972:
Work report, January-June 1972

Knecht, G., 1974:
Work sequence planning in dairy farming by means of network analysis

Hasert, G.; Schleitzer, G., 1975:
Work standards in livestock farms organized on an industrial basis

Gustafsson, B.; Ekstrom, B., 1975:
Work studies in pot plant production

Bernhard, A.; Langer, A., 1974:
Work studies in skidding with short-distance skyline cranes with collapsible tractor-mounted masts

Meli, T.; Fankhauser, F., 1974:
Work studies of the mechanical harvesting of sweet cherries

Pettersson, B.; Pettersson, B., 1972:
Work studies on cleaning young stands with brush saws

Ott, J., 1972:
Work studies on timber extraction with the TNP winch on a Zetor-Super tractor and the VLn-4 cable crane

Simonic, V., 1972:
Work studies on wine grape harvesting

Kaineder, K., 1974:
Work study considerations on solving the fertilizer chain

Pen, C.L.; Schon, H., 1973:
Work study investigations of milking using simulation models

Stoffert, G., 1972:
Work study methods as an organization aid

Stoffert, G., 1972:
Work study methods as an organization aid, as exemplified by wrapping bunches of roses

Heghe, G. van; Vertessen, J., 1973:
Work study of milk collection

Schutte, W., 1974:
Work study on a nursery in which tree crops are raised in pots

Migchels, A., 1970:
Work study on large grassland farms

Pisarev, V.E., 1972:
Work with Triticale in Siberia

Shibraev, N.S.; Antimonov, K.A., 1973:
Work with hybrid material of Panicum millet

Szasz, T., 1973:
Work-hygiene studies on chain-saw operators

Hendriks, J.P.; Schoneveld, J.A., 1972:
Work-study experience with the brussels sprouts stripping attachment

Gruneberg, G., 1972:
Workers and co-operative farmers in close alliance

Albertsson, S., 1973:
Workers' protection in large and small forestry enterprises

L.Henaff, J., 1974:
Working and employment conditions of agricultural workers

Anonymous, 1974:
Working background to the agricultural policy discussion

Desai, D.K.; Ramachandran, V., 1974:
Working capital and credit needs of foodgrains distribution in India

Kostyuchenko, I.S.; Smolonogov, E.P., 1974:
Working circles taking account of changes in regeneration and age

Peev, M.; Konopka Uzunova, M.; Manceva, L., 1973:
Working conditions and the regime of work and rest houses in vegetable greenhouses

Boyajean, D.; Menissier, F.; Vallis Ortiz, J.M., 1971:
Working document on double muscling in cattle

Davidson, I. (Chairman), 1971:
Working group on phage-Typing of bovine Staphylococci

Wallace, T., 1973:
Working in rural Buganda: a study of occupational activities of young people in rural villages

Schon, H.; Pen, C.L.; Weber, W.; Freiberger, F., 1975:
Working methods in milking

Ernst, L.; Poschkus, B.; Aleksandrow, R.; Nesterowa, W., 1974:
Working out an integrated system for the analysis of the results of livestock production in member countries of CMEA

Otto, P.; Schollner, J.; Schmidt, K.F., 1974:
Working out technological and economic indices for mechanization of industrialized crop production

Anonymous, 1973:
Working paper on: production and marketing of carrots in the Province of Quebec

Schober, B., 1972:
Working party on Standardization in Methods of Varietal Testing

Anonymous, 1973:
Working party on the monitoring of foodstuffs for heavy metals. Fourth report. Survey of cadmium in food

Anonymous, 1973:
Working party on the monitoring of foodstuffs for heavy metals. Third report. Survey of mercury in food: a supplementary report

Synnott, T.J., 1970:
Working plan for Kalinzu Forest Reserve for the period 1970-1980

Synnott, T.J., 1968:
Working plan for Mount Elgon Central Forest Reserve, Bugisu and Sebei Districts, Uganda. 1st revision, for the period 1968-1978

Frith, A.C., 1973:
Working plan for the Zapla Eucalypt plantations

Justen, A., 1972:
Working practice in cotton growing in smallholder farms in the north of the Ivory Coast

Stoffert, G.; Rohlfing, H.R., 1973:
Working procedure for harvesting and preparation of gerberas for marketing

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Works of H. Gaussen

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Works of the All-Union Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science, Moscow. Volume 40

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Workshop on culture of human mammary tissue

Anonymous, 1977:
Workshop on hemoparasites (anaplasmosis and babesiosis), 17-22 March 1975, Cali, Colombia

Anonymous, 1975:
Workshop on improved rural living on limited resources June 24-27, 1974

Anonymous, 1973:
Workshop on nutrition. New urban families

Anonymous, 1973 :
Workshop on phytosanitary problems of maize (Diseases and pests)

Kenny, G.E. (Chairman), 1973:
Workshop on the Mycoplasmatales as agents of disease, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 29-30, 1971

Anonymous, 1973:
Workshop on the improvement of education in agricultural economics by defining goals, developing curricula, and improving instruction. University of Florida August 23-25, 1972

Anonymous, 1974:
Workshop on wood processing for developing countries, Vienna, Austria, 1975

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: biological control

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: chemotherapy

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: clinical and economic aspects

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: environmental control

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: immunization

Anonymous, 1972:
Workshop: molluscicides

Anonymous, 1972:
World Bank operations. Sectoral programs and policies

Anonymous, 1974 :
World Economic Survey, 1973. Part two. Current economic developments

Anonymous, 1974:
World Food Conference

Anonymous, 1974:
World Food Conference backgrounder

Anonymous, 1974:
World Phosphate fertilizer market outlook September 1974

Anonymous, 1972:
World agricultural situation

Nestel, B.L., 1975:
World animal production and feed supplies

Jasiorowski, H.A., 1975:
World animal production and its future

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World atlas of agriculture: prepared under the aegis of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. Volume 1: Europe, U.S.S.R., Asia Minor. Volume 3: Americas

Anonymous, 1974:
World beef prices

Crane, E., 1975:
World beekeeping

Anonymous, 1974:
World butter and cheese production up again in 1973

Anonymous, 1975:
World butter production remains steady, growth of cheese output slows

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World cassava production and yield trends 1960-1968

Low, E.M., 1975:
World cereal supplies and trade and usage for animal feeds

Rostovsky, Y., 1974:
World coffee market

Agafonov, N.P., 1973:
World collection of Panicum millet as initial material for immunity to smut

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World collection of Panicum millet under irrigation

Ryabov, I.N., 1975:
World collections of stone fruits and the improvement of varieties

Cherry, M., 1974:
World conference to urge food expansion

Sisam, J.W.B., 1972:
World consultation on forestry education and training

Anonymous, 1971:
World consultation on the use of wood in housing

Dupaigne, P., 1974:
World consumption of fruit drinks

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World directory of forest seed workers. (Reproduction of forest trees)

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World distribution and historical developments

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World distribution of acid sulphate soils. References and map

Anonymous, 1975:
World dried-milk surpluses

Havidasan, V., 1973:
World energy crisis and rubber

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World fertilizer market review and outlook

Ermisch, K.H., 1975:
World fertilizer supplies - how they developed, the present situation and what we have to expect

O.Reilly, T., 1974:
World food

Anonymous, 1974:
World food and agricultural situation - mid-October 1974

Anonymous, 1974:
World food and agricultural situation and outlook - mid 1974

Borgstrom, G., 1975:
World food crisis

Sirefman, J.P., 1973:
World food reserves for emergency relief

Gasser, W.R., 1975:
World food scarcity - temporary or chronic

Pluijm, T. van der, 1974:
World food self sufficiency

Rothschild, R.F., 1974:
World food shortage

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World food uncertainty - policy issues for the United States

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World food: a perspective

West, Q.M., 1974:
World food: looking beyond the crisis

Anonymous, 1973:
World forestry atlas

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World genetic stocks of plants for breeding: major and minor centres

Awad, M.H., 1975:
World granary of the future?

Thomas, G.W., 1975:
World hunger; the new global challenge

Bechet, P., 1973:
World inflation of agricultural prices

Saint, S., 1972:
World list of barley, oats and rye collections

Saint, S., 1972:
World list of germplasm collections - maize

Saint, S., 1973:
World list of grain legume collections

Hacskaylo, E.; Tompkins, C.M., 1973:
World literature on mycorrhizae

Glauner, H.J., 1973:
World market for agricultural products in the second development decade

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World market trends in rosin and turpentine

Cothern, J.H., 1974:
World marketing management of feed grains

Otzen, H., 1972:
World markets for dairy products with special regard to exports from the German Federal Republic

Anonymous, 1972:
World meat study

Anonymous, 1974:
World milk production for 1974 up nearly 2 percent

Goolsby, O.H.; England, S.F., 1974:
World monetary conditions in relation to agricultural trade

Anonymous, 1974:
World nitrogen fertilizer market outlook August 1974

Breslin, P.J.R., 1975:
World oilcake and meal supplies

Brezhnev, D.D., 1971:
World plant resources and their use

Anonymous, 1972:
World plant resources in Central Asia

Dow, T.E., 1975:
World population and food needs tomorrow

Anonymous, 1974:
World population conference

Kellman, M.H., 1972:
World population growth and food production: a malthusian enquiry

O.Mara, J., 1974:
World pork output facing surplus but quick adjustment seen

Anonymous, 1973:
World prices: where were the economists and marketing experts when it mattered?

Jasiorowski, H., 1974:
World problems of meat production

Grillenzoni, M., 1972:
World production and trade in rice. Development and prospects

Bellido, A.D., 1975:
World production and utilization of fishmeal and factors affecting quality and marketability

Naville, R., 1972:
World production of and trade in pineapples

Anonymous, 1973:
World production of mink pelts in 1972-73

Anonymous, 1974:
World production of mink pelts in 1973-74

Anonymous, 1975:
World production of mink pelts in 1974-75

Jones, G.D.G., 1973:
World production of pyrethrum

Anonymous, 1973:
World prospects for honey production

Klostermeyer, H., 1974:
World protein situation and dairy research

Bird, D., 1974:
World protein supplies adequate until the 1980s

Anonymous, 1973:
World record for 24-hour milk production

Ancherbak, I.M., 1971:
World resources of pea for creating winter forms

Head, S.W., 1970:
World standard pyrethrum extract

Kendall, N., 1973:
World sugar agreements

Harris, S.; Smith, I., 1973:
World sugar markets in a state of flux

Anonymous, 1974:
World sugar: the background

Charpentier, A., 1972:
World supplies of milk as seen by the FAO

Anonymous, 1974:
World trade and consumption of jute goods, 1968-72

Simpson, J.R., 1973:
World trade in canned beef, 1962-1970

Anonymous, 1974:
World trade in dairy products down in 1972

Anonymous, 1974:
World trade in dairy products. II. Imports of dairy products in 23 countries during 1971, 1972 and 1973

Anonymous, 1975:
World trade in dairy products: significant 1973 increase probably not maintained in 1974

West, Q.M., 1972:
World trade prospects for U.S. agriculture

Kormilitsyn, A.M., 1971:
World tree resources and their utilization in the sub-arid and arid subtropics of the USSR

Sollers Riedel, H., 1973:
World trends in activities concerning mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases in 1972

Thompson, L.M., 1975:
World weather patterns and food supply

Brown, A.W.A., 1974:
World wide surveillance of Aedes aegypti

Anonymous, 1972:
World wood review 1972

Anonymous, 1973:
World wood review 1973

Anonymous, 1974:
World's largest cheese plant relies on auto-monitoring separators

Anonymous, 1973:
World's largest milking parlor

Baule, H., 1973:
World-wide forest fertilization: its present state, and prospects for the near future

Leach, C.M.; Tulloch, M., 1972:
World-wide occurrence of the suspected mycotoxin producing fungus Drechslera biseptata with grass seed

Somes, R.G.Jr, 1974:
Worldwide registry of poultry genetic stocks?

Brown, W.L., 1975:
Worldwide seed industry experience with opaque-2 maize

Simaren, J.O.; Ogunyoye, A.O., 1973:
Worm burden, pathophysiology and indirect nutritional effect of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis on the host

el-Bihari, S.; Ewert, A., 1973:
Worm burdens and prepatent periods in jirds (Meriones unguiculatus) infected with Brugia malayi

Chiejina, S.N.; Sewell, M.M., 1974:
Worm burdens, acquired resistance and live weight gains in lambs during prolonged daily infections with Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Giles, 1892) Loos, 1905

Anonymous, 1973:
Worm control re-examined

Dent, G.C., 1972:
Worm control under flock conditions in the grassveld areas of the Eastern Cape and Eastern Orange Free State

Thurston, J.P., 1972:
Worm egg output of herbivores in Karamoja, Uganda

Neubrand, K., 1971:
Worm infection of sows and its routine control with thiabendazole

Owusu, P.M., 1972:
Worm infestations in sheep and how to control them

Hinz, E.; Kirsten, C., 1973:
Worm load in secondary echinococcosis in mice in relation to age and sex of experimental animals and to infection dose

Meadowcroft, S.C.; Yule, A.H., 1972:
Worm problems in young beef cattle

Polubezhentsev, G.A.; Gnezdov, B.P., 1975:
Worm-feed conveyors for industrial chips

Mereminskii, A.I.; Gluzman, I.Y., 1972:
Worming of cattle against mixed infections

Matchanov, N.M.; Azimov, S.A.; Salimov, B.S.; Nazarov, A.N., 1971:
Worming of ruminants against fascioliasis

Mereminskii, A.I.; Mazur, P.L., 1973:
Worming of sheep against acute fascioliasis

Smith, E.F.; Woolfok, J.S., 1973:
Worming steers grazing summer bluestem pasture

Marsden, P.D., 1972:

Orton, R.G., 1972:
Worms and dilatation of the oesophagus

Anonymous, 1973:
Worth a renewed trial. How high is the potassium requirement of cyclamen?

Bazzigher, G., 1973:
Wound decay in spruce stands with old bark stripping damage

Shigo, A.L., 1971:
Wound dressing research on Red Maples

Steneker, G.A.; Wall, R.E., 1972:
Wound healing and fungal colonization in stems of young Trembling Aspen after thinning and pruning

Krug, H.; Baur, R., 1973:
Wound healing in carrots. (Preliminary results)

Borchert, R.; McChesney, J.D.; Watson, D., 1974:
Wound healing in potato tuber tissue: phosphon inhibition of developmental processes requiring protein synthesis

Golisz, A., 1971:
Wound healing in shoots of sour cherry cv. Minister Podbielski

Herold, M.; Pett, B., 1973:
Wound healing of seed potatoes after pretreatment with gamma rays

Etheridge, D.E., 1973:
Wound parasites causing tree decay in British Columbia

Borger, G.A.; Kozlowski, T.T., 1972:
Wound periderm in Fraxinus pennsylvanica seedlings

Bazzigher, G., 1973:
Wound rot in Spruce stands after bark stripping

Kucera, L., 1971:
Wound tissues in Taxus baccata

Borchert, R., 1974:
Wound-induced DNA-synthesis as a prerequisite for de novo synthesis of certain isoperoxidases in potato

Green, T.R.; Ryan, C.A., 1973 :
Wound-induced Proteinase Inhibitor in Tomato Leaves: Some Effects of Light and Temperature on the Wound Response

Miller, T.; Matthews, F.R., 1973:
Wounds on Loblolly Pines as infection courts for Cronartium fusiforme

Hunsader, D.N., 1972:
Wrapping individual slices of food

Turner, J.R.G., 1971:
Wright's adaptive surface, and some general rules for equilibria in complex polymorphisms

Gadgil, D.R., 1975:
Writings and speeches of Professor D.R. Gadgil on co-operation

Hansen, R., 1974:
Wrongel - cheese manufacture in a new way

Chandra, R.; Govila, P.; Chandra, S.; Katiyar, J.C.; Sen, A.B., 1974:
Wuchereria bancrofti larval antigen in the diagnosis of human filariasis by skin test

Beaver, P.C.; Cran, I.R., 1974:
Wuchereria-like filaria in an artery, associated with pulmonary infarction

Neve, R.A., 1972:
Wye Northdown, Wye Challenger, and Wye Target. A progress report

Clastrier, J., 1974:
Wyeomyia (Dendromyia) bourrouli (Lutz, 1905) and Wyeomyia (Cruzmyia) forattinii sp. n. in French Guiana (Diptera, Culicidae)

Bohnenblust, K.E., 1972:
Wyoming potato variety trials - 1971

Alley, H.P.; Lee, G.A.; Gale, A.F., 1972:
Wyoming weed control guide 1972

Fuchs, K., 1974:
X Cupressocyparis leylandii, a tree of forestry importance?

Driscoll, C.J., 1972:
X Y Z system of producing hybrid wheat

Rathenberg, R.; Müller, D., 1973:
X and Y chromosome pairing and disjunction in a male mouse with an XYY sex-chromosome constitution

Anonymous, 1973:
X-52 revised

Anonymous, 1972:
X-52, new herbicide

Jankovic Stejn, V.; Kanazir, D.; Becarevic, A., 1971:
X-chromosomal polymorphism induced by irradiation in a laboratory rat strain

Lifschytz, E., 1972:
X-chromosome inactivation: an essential feature of normal spermiogenesis in male heterogametic organisms

Mortimore, B.; Wingo, B.; Ducoff, H.S., 1971:
X-irradiation and acquired immunity in larvae of Tenebrio molitor

Scher, I.; Steinberg, A.D.; Berning, A.K.; Paul, W.E., 1975:
X-linked B-lymphocyte immune defect in CBA/N mice. II. Studies of the mechanisms underlying the immune defect

Deo, M.G.; Verma, K.; Ramalingaswami, V., 1974:
X-radiation-induced intestinal lesions in protein-deficient rats

Banerjee, S.K.; Amir Singh; Verma, M.M.; Verma, K., 1973:
X-ray analysis of seeds

Kocon, J., 1974:
X-ray analysis of the orientation of cellulose micelles in Scots Pine wood in relation to position in the stem

Nomura, T.; Yamada, T., 1974:
X-ray analysis of tyrosine in growing stage of Bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis A. & C. Riviere)

Thomas, W.R.; Wooten, T.E., 1973:
X-ray analysis of wood increment cores

Sinha, P., 1974:
X-ray and DTA characterisation of some vermiculites

Stepanova, L.F.; Borovikov, E.M., 1973:
X-ray and metallographic investigation of the nature of the wear of hard-alloy teeth of frame saws

Cristofori, F., 1972:
X-ray appearance and structural changes of abdomino-pelvic lymph nodes in the dog at re-examination eight years after regional lymphographic exploration with a liposoluble contrast medium

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X-ray densitometry: a technique and an example of application

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X-ray scanning machine for tree-ring width and density analyses

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Yaounde association and the enlarged European Community

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Yarding 25 cords/hour with Bell helicopter

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Yarding spar stores water

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Yeasts from the Pinnau

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Yellow fever in 1971

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Yellow fever in 1972

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Yellow fever in Nigeria. Summary of past, present and possible future status

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Yellow tea thrips

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Yellowing of wheat plant

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Yersinia enterocolitica in drinking water

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Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, the causal agent of mastitis in a cow

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Yet another cause of allergic alveolitis

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Yield analysis of field crops and the process of yield formation under the conditions of the east Slovak lowlands. 2. Effects of manuring, plant density and cultivar on winter wheat yield

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Yield and chemical composition of corn and nitrate movement in the soil as influenced by time of application and source of nitrogen

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Yield and chemical composition of some promising strains of safflower for fodder purposes

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Yield and chemical composition of sow's milk

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Yield and cold resistance in winter wheat, grown after lupin utilized by different methods, on dry grey podsolized clay loam soils

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Yield and composition of sorgo stalks as affected by date of sowing

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Yield and composition of sows' milk

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Yield and content of starch and protein in the tubers of hybrid populations

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Yield and content of starch in the grain of hybrids between subspecies of maize

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Yield and crude protein content of pasture grasses at the Indian River Field Laboratory during 1962-1965

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Yield and development of botanical composition with simple and complex seed mixtures for permanent pasture

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Yield and digestibility of bird resistant and non-bird-resistant grain sorghum

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Yield and food value of selected silage crops fed to calves

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Yield and form in high-elevation stands of Sitka Spruce and European Larch in Scotland

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Yield and fruit characteristics of Marsh nucellar grapefruit on three rootstocks under replant conditions

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Yield and fruit quality in various varieties of cucumber when grown under plastic

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Yield and fruit quality of Navel orange trees as affected by nitrogen fertilization

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Yield and fruit size comparisons in the first six crops of 16 mango varieties

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Yield and grain quality of certain foreign varieties of winter wheat

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Yield and growth of corn as affected by poultry manure

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Yield and growth responses of some leguminous and root crops grown on acid peat to magnesium lime

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Yield and growth responses of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam) to K and ethephon

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Yield and inheritance of certain characters in hybrid populations from intervarietal crosses

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Yield and losses of dry matter and nutrients in berseem hay (Egyptian clover) cured by ground and tripod methods

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Yield and malting quality of some two-rowed barley varieties

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Yield and morphological responses to defoliation of Cenchrus ciliaris L

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Yield and nitrogen content of non-nodulating soybean grown in association with nodulating lines

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