A note on Stephanurus dentatus infection in a group of Middle White Yorkshire pigs

Pandey, V.K.; Tripathy, S.B.; Dey, P.C.

Indian Journal of Animal Health 16(1): 91-92


Accession: 000274308

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Two pigs in a herd of 22 in India died due to severe Stephanurus dentatus infection. Typical lesions were seen on post mortem examination. S. dentatus ova were detected in the urine of only 6 of the remaining 20 pigs. 10g of piperazine adipate was given to each pig in 300 ml of water, 5 mg of copper sulphate was added to the feed of each pig for 20 consecutive days and the pens and grazing area were sprayed twice with 10% copper sulphate at an interval of 15 days. 15 days after the beginning of treatment only 2 pigs were passing ova and no ova were detected after 30 days.