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Chapter 281

Absorption of fertilizer and soil nitrogen by rice plants under the various cultural conditions of different paddy fields. I. Relationships between the rate of basal nitrogen and nitrogen absorption by rice plants

Shoji, S.; Nogi, T.; Suzuki, K.

Tohoku Journal of Agricultural Research 25(3-4): 113-124


Accession: 000280586

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In fields at two localities where surface soils showed great differences in CEC, clay mineral composition, ammonification etc amounts of soil ammonium nitrogen, reflecting rates of basal nitrogen, decreased after transplanting and disappeared in almost all plots at the end of June. The proportion of fertilizer nitrogen in soil ammonium nitrogen was greater with a high rate of basal nitrogen and decreased with time. Amounts of nitrogen absorbed by rice plants on plots receiving basal nitrogen increased gradually in May and rapidly in June. The absorption of basal nitrogen was almost completed by the end of June.

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