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Additional lighting of lilies (cv. Enchantment) in the winter to prevent flower-bud abscission

Acta Horticulturae (47): 237-240

Additional lighting of lilies (cv. Enchantment) in the winter to prevent flower-bud abscission

In the Netherlands the forcing of Enchantment lilies in the winter is impeded by the occurrence of flower-bud abscission and blasting. Higher temperatures in the glasshouse promote bud abscission, but the light factor is crucial. The flower buds are most likely to undergo abscission when they are about 1.0-3 cm long.

Accession: 000282646

Related references

Meeteren, U. van; Slootweg, G., 1986: On the role of ethylene biosynthesis in flower-bud abscission of Lilium X 'Enchantment'. A high amount of flower-bud abscission was induced after exposing the plants to a 7-day dark period at the stage where the largest flower-buds were 3 cm long. Spraying the plants with silver thiosulphate (STS) prevented abscission. In a greenhouse...

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Meeteren, U. van; Slootweg, G., 1986: The effects of foliar sprays with STS during forcing of Lilium X 'Enchantment' on flower-bud abscission and opening. In greenhouse experiments during winter flower bud abscission was reduced to about 20% of the control by foliar sprays with silver thiosulphate (STS). Also, foliar sprays with STS greatly improved flower bud opening when cut flowers were placed in...

Kamerbeek, G.A., 1969: Influence of light and temperature on flower-bud development in bulbous irises (Iris cv. 'Wedgwood') and lilies (Lilium cv. 'Enchantment'). A brief summary is given of work at the Laboratory for Bulb Research, Lisse . For Wedgwood iris the percentage of blasted flowers was considerably higher at air temperatures around 15 degrees or 18 degrees C. The minimum light (fluorescent) requir...

Durieux, A.J.B., 1978: Carbon dioxide to prevent bud drop when growing Enchantment with supplementary lighting. Bud drop on Enchantment lilies grown for cut flowers under glass was reduced in winter by giving supplementary lighting for one month before flowering. This effect was increased by providing supplementary CO2 to bring the concentration in the glas...

Van Meeteren U.; D.P.oft M., 1982: Inhibition of flower bud abscission and ethylene evolution by light and silver thio sulfate in lilium cultivar enchantment. The ethylene evolution from 3 cm-long flower buds of Lilium X 'Enchantment' increased when the plants were placed in darkness. Also shortening the daily light period led to an increase in ethylene evolution from the buds. Dark-enhanced e...

Durieux A.J.B.; Kamerbeek G.A.; Van Meeteren U., 1983: The existence of a critical period for the abscission and a noncritical period for blasting of flower buds of lilium cultivar enchantment influence of light and ethylene. Flower-bud blasting and abscission, 2 dissimilar phenomena occurring in buds of Lilium 'Enchantment', can both be evoked by darkness or ethylene (C2H4). Flower-bud abscission is influenced more strongly than bud blasting by short light p...

Locher, M.P., 1987: Lighting and CO2 supply for the winter production of lilies in Ile-de-France. Lilies (hybrid cv. Enchantment) planted at 64 bulbs/msuperscript 2 on 17 Sep. in 2 plastic tunnels, 1 with and 1 without CO2 enrichment to 600 p.p.m., with or without supplementary lighting (2750 lux), were harvested from 15 Dec. to 5 Jan. The yie...