Adventitious shoots from haploid tobacco leaves provide for clonal increase of normal plants, and recovery of genetically homogeneous plants from chimeras

Burk, L.G.; Chaplin, J.F.

Haploids in higher plants Advances and Potential IV Utilization of haploidy in plant breeding: 274-275


Accession: 000283245

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Clonal increase of haploids and diploidized haploids is routinely performed by treating immature leaves with 0.5% IAA in talc; immature haploid leaves consistently producing haploid shoots and diploid leaves producing diploid shoots. Rooted leaves from mericlinal and periclinal chimeras produced nonchimeral adventitious shoots, while leaves of haploid-diploid cytochimeras produced either haploid or diploid shoots. It is concluded that the separation of different tissues in chimeral plants into nonchimeral components and the recovery of diploids of cytochimeral leaf segments are of use in breeding and genetic investigations.