An example of spontaneous natural regeneration of Pinus nigra in the Tusco-Marchigian Apennines

Amorini, E.; Gambi, G.

Annali dell' Istituto Sperimentale per la Selvicoltura 7: 1-25


Accession: 000288999

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An account is given of a plantation of P. nigra (described as a mixture of P. n. var austriaca and P. n. var laricio), established near San Sepolcro (Arezzo) in 1885, and the occurrence of widespread regeneration after irregular felling during the two World Wars is reported. Most of the existing stand has an uneven-aged structure. In the few even-aged patches regeneration occurs where stand density is low. The spread of P. nigra into adjoining mixed hardwood coppice stands is noted, and reasons for this are suggested. It is concluded that it should be possible to achieve natural regeneration in stands of P. nigra in the central Apennines by adopting techniques that provide strong light and a seedbed of mineral soil.