Biocomplex investigations in Kazakhstan. 3. Complex characteristics of main plant communities of desert steppes in central Kazakhstan


Biokompleksnye issledovaniya v Kazakhstane Chast' 3 Kompleksnaya kharakteristika osnovnykh soobshchetv pustynnykh stepei Tsentral' nogo Kazakhstana: 292


Accession: 000301308

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The following plant communities at 4 sites in the desert steppe of central Kazakhstan were investigated: Artemisia gracilescens/Festuca valesiaca/Stipa lessingiana, F. valesiaca/S. lessingiana/S. sareptana/A. gracilescens, A. gracilescens/S. sareptana, S. sareptana/F. valesiaca/A. gracilescens, A. pauciflora/Atriplex cana and Artemisia pauciflora alone. Each community is described in detail in relation to soil, microclimate, soil moisture and salinity, botanical composition, species dominance, geographical and ecological coenotic types, biological and morphological types, plant seed contents in soil, phenology, horizontal and vertical structure of the communities, biomass production, economic yield, soil micro-organisms and their energy potential and several other aspects. This is one of the first, if not the first, report of simultaneous investigations of so many aspects of plant communities.