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Chapter 310

Cattle selection trial on the A.P. Minderhoud farm. The exterior assessment of Dutch Black Pied cows and their daughters sired by Dutch Black Pied, Holstein-Friesian and British Friesian bulls

Brandsma, H.A.; Vos, H.; Politiek, R.D.

Bedrijfsontwikkeling 9(7/8): 625-630


Accession: 000309198

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Dutch Black Pied (DBP) females were mated to bulls of the 3 breeds, and progeny of the 3 types were assessed for body conformation, development, dairy character, leg structure and condition score. Among the 1st-generation females , purebred DBPs scored significantly less than the Holstein-Friesian crossbreds as heifers and cows for withers height, development and dairy character, and significantly less as heifers than the British Friesians for withers height.

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