Section 1
Chapter 323

Compensatory growth in immature sheep. 1. The effects of weight loss and realimentation on the whole body composition

Drew, K.R.; Reid, J.T.

Journal of Agricultural Science 85(2): 193-204


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8596
Accession: 000322487

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1. Of 48 crossbred wether lambs, 10 were killed at the start, 6 were continuously fed to appetite, 6 had 70% of that amount, 26 were progressively underfed and 18 of those were refed after loss of about 25% of empty bodyweight. Although underfeeding to produce 25% loss generally caused changes which represented a reversal of normal growth, body fat did not decrease during the first half of the period of restriction, and did not increase during the first 2 weeks of refeeding. In all circumstances body fat and water contents were closely related.