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Chapter 323

Compensatory growth in immature sheep. 2. Some changes in the physical and chemical composition of sheep half-carcass following feed restriction and realimentation

Drew, K.R.; Reid, J.T.

Journal of Agricultural Science 85(2): 205-213


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8596
Accession: 000322488

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2. The carcass characteristics and chemical composition of the sheep described in the preceding abst. were examined in detail. Protein content was increased and fat decreased by feed restriction and refeeding and also by restriction to 70%, in comparison with sheep continuously fed to appetite. Sheep refed from 26 kg to 31 kg after a loss of 25% of empty bodyweight had 34% less separable carcass fat than sheep continuously fed to 36 kg and subsequently allowed to lose weight to 31 kg, and the separable fat also had higher water content than that deposited during normal growth. Severe underfeeding rapidly reduced bone water but this quickly returned to normal on refeeding.

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