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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 332

Chapter 332 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pasteels, J.J.; Pasteels, J.M., 1972:
Cuticular silks of the Megachilidae viewed under the scanning electron microscope

Edwards, I.B., 1975:
Cutter barley

Hruska, L., 1977:
Cutterblocks with interchangeable blades for machining wood and synthetic materials

Berkholst, C.E.M., 1976:
Cutting carnations in bud

Anonymous, 1975:
Cutting dairy costs with special equipment

Oleksenko, Yu, 1975:
Cutting dates and yields of annual fodder crops

Logie, J.M.; Kuhne, F.A., 1975:
Cutting down a banana plantation to induce summer flowering

Logie, J.M.; Kuhne, F.A., 1977:
Cutting down an old established banana plantation to induce summer flowering

Ferraz, L.; Souza, M.M. de; Wanderley, M. de B., 1973:
Cutting down banana plants after harvest

Rippon, L.E., 1977:
Cutting down postharvest wastage with fungicides

Westenberger, J.A., 1975:
Cutting down process fuel requirements

Beaumont, A.G.; July, M.G.; Spooner, J.W., 1975:
Cutting experiments in the control of bracken at Ruislip local nature reserve

Nakamura, G., 1975:
Cutting force in wood face turning when using the bit with round edge

Nakamura, G.; Satoyoshi, K., 1977:
Cutting force of wood cut by moulding cutter with round cutting edge

Wolton, K.M., 1976:
Cutting frequency and silage yields

Canto, A. do C.; Teixeira, L.B.; Medeiros, J.C.; Carbajal, A.C.R., 1974:
Cutting height in elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum)

Salje, E.; Dubenkropp, G., 1977:
Cutting indices in moulding of wood

Allen, J.G.; Chapman, T.; Wood, P.M.R.; O.D.nnell, F.M., 1977:
Cutting lupins stops lupinosis

Lal, M.; Relwani, L.L.; Singh, J.P., 1975:
Cutting management of promising Sudan-sorghum hybrids and sorghum types

Lal, M.; Relwani, L.L.; Singh, J.P., 1975 :
Cutting management of teosinte in conjunction with different fertilizer rates

Krarup, H.C.; Rodriguez, M.H., 1975:
Cutting of bulbs for onion seed production

Archer, T.L.; Musick, G.J., 1977:
Cutting potential of the black cutworm on field corn

Brown, B.F.; Dirr, M.A., 1976:
Cutting propagation of selected flowering crabapple types

Cole, W.E.; Cahill, D.B., 1976:
Cutting strategies can reduce probabilities of mountain Pine beetle epidemics in Lodgepole Pine

Pahlitzsch, G.; Puttkammer, K., 1975:
Cutting tests in band sawing

Pahlitzsch, G.; Puttkammer, K., 1976:
Cutting tests with band saws

Lembke, C.A., 1977:
Cutting that hardwood regrowth

Anonymous, 1976:
Cutting the customs barriers. A simplification programme

Low, B., 1976:
Cutting the teething troubles with ACR

Anonymous, .:
Cutting trials

Peters, C.C.; Banas, C.M., 1977 :
Cutting wood and wood-base products with a multikilowatt CO2 laser

Peters, C.C.; Marshall, H.L., 1975:
Cutting wood materials by laser

Clark, S., 1976:
Cutting-grafts of Camellia reticulata

Cowan, J., .:
Cutting-grafts of Citrus with Poncirus trifoliata roots

Nazaruk, M., 1975:
Cutting/grazing management of meadows and pastures

Elk, B.C.M. van, 1975:
Cuttings and growing in artificial media

Lindquist, R.K., 1976:
Cutworm control trials on greenhouse crops in 1976

Anonymous, 1977:

Musich, E.N., 1976:
Cutworms as pests of berry crops

Pospelov, S.M.; Sheveleva, E.P.; Kostina, R.I., 1975:
Cutworms as pests of fruit and berry crops

Ekbom, B.; Ramert, B., 1977:
Cutworms. Biology and the results of light-trap catches in Skane

Ramert, B.; Ekbom, B., 1977:
Cutworms. Results of control experiments

Anonymous, 1975:

Loubaresse, J.P.; Mouillac, A.; Urbain, M., 1975:
Cyanatryn, a new substance to control perennial weeds in the vineyard

Brewer, P.E.; Slife, F.W., 1976:
Cyanazine and procyazine in corn-soybean replantings

Molina, C.R., 1978:
Cyanazine-atrazine mixture for perennial crops (olives)

Dhaliwal, T.S.; Balraj Singh; Atwal, A.S., 1974:
Cyaneolytta acteon (Laporte) (Coleoptera: Meloidae) a new pest of maize and bajra

Wallace, A.; Cha, J.W.; Mueller, R.T., 1977:
Cyanide effects on transport of trace metals in plants

Gurnsey, M.P.; Jones, W.T.; Merrall, M.; Reid, C.S., 1977:
Cyanide poisoning in cattle: two unusual cases

Materassi, R.; Balloni, W.; Florenzano, G., 1977:
Cyanide reduction by nitrogenase in intact cells of Rhodopseudomonas gelatinosa Molisch

Jones, D.A., 1977:
Cyanogenesis in Lotus

Nahrstedt, A., 1975:
Cyanogenesis in the Araceae

Curni, A.A., 1974:
Cyanogenesis variations in some species of Cynodon (Gramineae) with special reference to Cynodon affinis

Plouvier, V., 1976:
Cyanogenetic glycosides and enzymes: detection and estimation of hydrocyanic acid in several species, distribution of linamarase

Plouvier, V., 1974:
Cyanogenetic heterosides and enzymes : Macadamia ternifolia dhurroside, Dorycnium prussic acid, and linamarase distribution

Bernays, E.A., 1977:
Cyanogenic glycosides in plants and their relevance in protection from insect attack

Gowrikumar, G.; Mani, V.V.S.; Lakshminarayana, G., 1976:
Cyanolipids in Sapindus emarginatus seed oil

Ahmad, I.; Ansari, A.A.; Osman, S.M., 1978:
Cyanolipids of Boraginaceae seed oils

Letchworth, G.J.; Bentinck Smith, J.; Bolton, G.R.; Wootton, J.F.; Family, L., 1977:
Cyanosis and methemoglobinemia in two dogs due to a NADH methemoglobin reductase deficiency

Ignatova, E.A., 1975:
Cyanox against vegetable pests in the Krasnodar region

Sudarikov, V.E., 1974:
Cyathocotyle bithyniae n.sp. (Trematoda: Cyathocotylidae) and its metacercariae

Hernandez Rodriguez, S.; Calero Carretero, R.; Becerra Martell, C.; Dominguez de Tena, M.; Moreno Montanez, T.; Martinez Gomez, F.; Barasona Mata, J., 1975:
Cyathostoma bronchialis (Muhlig, 1884) Chapin, 1925 (Nematoda: Syngamidae) in Anser anser, first record in Spain

Giddy, C., 1974:
Cycads of South Africa

Bruns, W.; Engst, R.; Schramm, T.; Thymian, E., 1977:
Cyclamate and its toxicological aspects

Jukes, T.H., 1976:
Cyclamate sweeteners

Schwemmer, E., 1977:
Cyclamen cultivation in various substrates with slow release fertilizers

Geers, F., 1976:
Cyclamen day attracted many interested visitors

Baillot, F., 1975:
Cyclamen report: experiments in 1974

Sparnaaij, L.D.; Tichelaar, C.P., 1975:
Cyclamen seed production under investigation

Jurasek, V.; Ovies Diaz, D.; Tokarev, V.I., 1974:
Cycle of Ascaridia galli infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Tokarev, V.I.; Ovies Diaz, D., 1974:
Cycle of Choanotaenia infundibulum infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Ovies Diaz, D.; Tokarev, V.I., 1974:
Cycle of Dispharynx nasuta in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Tokarev, V.I.; Ovies Diaz, D., 1974:
Cycle of Echinolepis carioca infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Tokarev, V.I.; Ovies Diaz, D., 1974:
Cycle of Heterakis gallinae infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/71

Jurasek, V.; Ovies Diaz, D.; Tokarev, V.I., 1974:
Cycle of Raillietina cesticillus infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Ovies Diaz, D.; Tokarev, V.I., 1974:
Cycle of Raillietina echinobothrida infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Tokarev, V.I.; Ovies Diaz, D., 1974:
Cycle of Raillietina tetragona infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/1971

Jurasek, V.; Ovies Diaz, D.; Tokarev, V.I., 1974:
Cycle of Subulura suctoria infection in domestic fowl in Cuba in 1970/71

Krivonos, L.A.; Egorov, V.P.; Sikorskaya, S.A.; Lysenko, A.Y., 1976:
Cycle of nitrogen and ash elements in Leached Chernozems under spring wheat in the Trans-Ural

Khodzhamkuliev, A., 1976:
Cycle of nitrogen and minerals in cork elm plantations in southeastern Turkmenia

Hoffman, B.; Schams, D.; Karg, H., 1976:
Cycle synchronisation under hormonal control

Jochle, W.; Hidalgo, M.A.; Garcias, C.R.C., 1978:
Cycle synchronization and induction in zebu cattle with chlormadinone acetate in differing dosage forms: effects of season

Ballarini, G., 1976 :
Cycles of male subfertility and of piglet disease in intensive breeding units

Dorofeev, G.I.; Ivashkin, V.T.; Kozhemyakin, L.A., 1975:
Cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate and gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid

Konturek, S.J.; Domschke, S.; Domschke, W.; Dembiński, A.; Król, R.; Demling, L., 1976:
Cyclic AMP and bicarbonate responses of the dog pancreas to vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) and secretion

Catalán, R.E.; Vila, T.; Castillón, M.P., 1976:
Cyclic AMP during development and ageing of the insect Ceratitis capitata

Mason, N.R.; Marsh, R., 1975:
Cyclic AMP in the rat ovary: effect of endogenous LH secretion

Reggi, M.L. de; Cailla, H.L., 1975:
Cyclic AMP levels in Drosophila during postembryonic development and in the adults

Srivastava, U.; Spach, C.; Aschkenasy, 1975:
Cyclic AMP metabolism and nucleic acid content in the lymphocytes of the thymus, spleen, and lymph nodes of protein-deficient rats

Simonic, T.; Sartyorelli, P.; Locatelli, A., 1975:
Cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase activity in Fasciola hepatica (L.) homogenates

Weaver, R.J.; Pratt, G.E.; Finney, J.R., 1975:
Cyclic activity of the corpus allatum related to gonotrophic cycles in adult female Periplaneta americana

Polkowska, J.; Wolińska, E.; Domanski, E., 1976:
Cyclic activity of the pituitary prolactin cells and plasma prolactin levels in the oestrous cycle of the ewe

Rush, W.H.; Boyce, W.H.; Resnick, M.I., 1977:
Cyclic adenosine monophosphate: relationship to calcium metabolism and renal lithiasis

Stendel, W., 1978:
Cyclic amidines, compounds with a new mode of action against ticks

Kenney, R.M., 1978:
Cyclic and pathologic changes of the mare endometrium as detected by biopsy, with a note on early embryonic death

Miller, E.R.; Harms, R.H.; Wilson, H.R., 1977:
Cyclic changes in serum phosphorus of laying hens

Tripathi, S.S., 1974:
Cyclic changes of cervico-vaginal smear during oestrous cycle of ewes

Golubev, V.N.; Kobechinskaya, V.G., 1976:
Cyclic development of the shoots of plants in the lower montane steppe and forest communities of the Crimea

Elbersen, G.W.W.; Nieuwenhuis, E., 1975:
Cyclic erosion in volcanic ash soils, (some observations on dry soils showing volcanic influence, and the occurrence of accelerated erosion)

Erickson, H.D.; Chen, Y.H., 1974:
Cyclic freezing effects on tracheid bordered pits

Jana, S.; Harvey, B.L.; Thomas, E.T., 1973:
Cyclic heterozygote advantage at the R/r locus

Rasenick, MM.; Neuburg, M.; Berry, SJ., 1978:
Cyclic nucleotide activation of the silkmoth brain-cellular localization and further observations on the patterns of activation

Anderson, K.M.; Doherty, P., 1975:
Cyclic nucleotide binding proteins, protein kinases and DNA-dependent RNA polymerases in rat mammary gland nuclear extracts

George, F.W., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotide levels in the mammary glands of rats during late pregnancy and early lactation

Srivastava, A.K.; Azhar, S., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in Cicer arietinum

Singer, A.L.; Sherwin, R.P.; Dunn, A.S.; Appleman, M.M., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases in neoplastic and nonneoplastic human mammary tissues

Cohen, L.A.; Tovbis, E.; Chan, P.C., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotide-dependent protein kinases from cultured normal and neoplastic rat mammary epithelial cells

Guzik, G.; Anderson, K.M., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotides and other factors affecting the apparent activity of RNA polymerases solubilized from rat mammary gland nuclei

Rillema, J.A., 1976:
Cyclic nucleotides, adenylate cyclase, and cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in mammary glands from pregnant and lactating mice

Menke, W.; Schmid, G.H., 1976:
Cyclic photophosphorylation in the mykotrophic orchid Neottia nidus-avis

Lamothe, P.; Bousquet, D.; Guay, P., 1977:
Cyclic variation of F prostaglandins in the uterine fluids of the cow

Castro-Vazquez, A.; McCann, S.M., 1975:
Cyclic variations in the increased responsiveness of the pituitary to luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) induced by LHRH

Balasimha, D.; Tewari, M.N., 1977:
Cyclic-AMP induced pollen tube elongation of Calotropis procera and its interactions with growth regulators

Malinovskii, B.N., 1976:
Cyclical breeding of sorghum using forms with male sterility

Takahashi, S.; Hirao, K., 1977:
Cyclical changes in the vaginal epithelium of the pig

Yen, T.Y.H., 1974:
Cyclical fluctuation of Taiwan timber price and its effects on forest management

Bakhmut, L.N., 1975:
Cyclical variation in androgens in the urine of breeding bulls

Woodard, A.E.; Snyder, R.L., 1978:
Cycling for egg production in the pheasant

Levy, Y.; Kaufmann, M.R., 1976:
Cycling of leaf conductance in citrus exposed to natural and controlled environments

Anonymous, 1977:
Cycling of mineral nutrients in agricultural ecosystems

Cattel, L.; Anding, C.; Benveniste, P., 1976:
Cyclisation of 1-trans-1'-norsqualene-2,3-epoxide and 1-cis-1'-norsqualene-2,3-epoxide by a cell free system of corn embryos

Pavanasasivum, G.; Sultanbawa, M.U.S., 1973:
Cycloartenyl acetate, cycloartenol and cycloartenone in the bark of Artocarpus species

Dawson, J.H., 1975:
Cycloate and phenmedipham as complementary treatments in sugarbeets

Lopez Roman, R.; Guevara Pozo, D., 1976:
Cyclocotyla bellones Otto 1821 (Monogenea) from Meinertia oestroides from the buccal cavity of Boops boops from the Alboran Sea

Sung, Z.R.; Pratt, M.; Signer, E., 1974:
Cycloheximide resistant mutant in haploid and diploid rice

Anonymous, 1975:
Cyclone burners dry wood wastes

Cassels, B.K.; Eckhardt, G.; Kaussmann, E.U.; Tschesche, R., 1974:
Cyclopeptide alkaloids of Zizyphus oenoplia

Renerre, M.P.; Bories, G.F.; Rougeot, J.C., 1975:
Cyclophosphamide-14C metabolism in the angora rabbit

Crow, S.E.; Theilen, G.H.; Madewell, B.R.; Weller, R.E.; Henness, A.M., 1977:
Cyclophosphamide-induced cystitis in the dog and cat

Hamlen, R.A., 1977:
Cyclopropane miticides for suppression of spider mite populations on tropical foliage palms

Federici, B.A., 1975:
Cyclops vernalis (Copepoda: Cyclopoida): an alternate host for the fungus, Coelomomyces punctatus

Marei, A.H.; Higham, J.W.; Blinn, R.C., 1975:
Cycocel plant growth regulant. Fate of carbon-14 chlorocholine chloride in sugarcane grown in Hawaii

Whitebread, S.E., 1975:
Cydia millenniana (Adamczewski, 1967) (Lep., Tortricidae) a senior synonym of Cydia deciduana (Steuer, 1969)

Ringuelet, R.A., 1972:
Cylicobdellidae, a new family of erpobdelloid Hirudinea

Zazzerini, A.; Marte, M., 1976:
Cylindrocarpon destructans (Zins.) Scholten, probable causal agent of a new olive (Olea europaea L.) disease

Heimann, M., 1976:
Cylindrocladium disease of azaleas and its control

Cordell, C.E.; Earle, E.B., 1975:
Cylindrocladium diseases affecting forest tree seedlings in nursery and field plantings

Myren, D.T.; Gross, H.L.; Dorworth, E.B., 1975:
Cylindrocladium floridanum in an Ontario forest nursery

Pitkethley, R.N., 1976:
Cylindrocladium quinqueseptatum on myrtaceous tree seedlings

Bertus, A.L., 1976:
Cylindrocladium scoparium Morgan on Australian native plants in cultivation

Smyly, W.B.; Filer, T.H.J., 1977:
Cylindrocladium scoparium associated with root rot and mortality of cherrybark oak seedlings

Harrison, C.R.; Arditti, J., 1977:
Cymbidium flowers. An X-ray view

Yonaha, T.; Hanashiro, Y.; Tamori, M., 1975:
Cymbidium mosaic virus found in Okinawa

Yonaha, T.; Hanashiro, Y.; Tamori, M., 1975:
Cymbidium mosaic virus in Okinawa

Hanson, S.W.; Crawford, M.; Koker, M.E.S.; Menezes, F.A., 1976:
Cymbopogonol, a new triterpenoid from Cymbopogon citratus

Savino, V.; Gallitelli, D., 1976:
Cynanchum acutum L., a new natural host of lucerne mosaic virus

Suvorov, V.T., 1977:
Cynara and its nutritive value

Anonymous, 1976:

Stokes, D.A., 1977:
Cynthia looks like a promising lettuce for spring harvesting

Breese, M.H.; Highwood, D.P., 1977:
Cypermethrin, a new synthetic pyrethroid insecticide

Mulligan, B.O., 1976:
Cypresses in the Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle

Hadjichristodoulou, A.; Della, A.; Josephides, C.; Daniel, L., 1974:

Anonymous, 1977:
Cyprus: new horizons

Pawar, A.D., 1975:
Cyrtorhinus lividipennis Reuter (Miridae: Hemiptera) as a predator of the eggs and nymphs of the brown planthopper and green leafhoppers in Himachal Pradesh, India

Anonymous, 1977:
Cyst eelworms on potato

Yakubov, S.A., 1977:
Cyst nematodes in Tatariya

Stone, A., 1977:
Cyst-nematodes - most successful parasites

Dubinin, N.P.; Nemtseva, L.S. (Nemtzeva, L.S.; Mamedov, F.K. (Mamedov, F.H., 1976:
Cystamine and the phenomenon of chromosome vesting

Shannon, B.M.; Smiciklas-Wright, H.; Itzcovitz, J.; Shearer, H.L., 1975:
Cystathionine excretion in relation to vitamin B-6 nutriture of rats: strain differences and effects of DL- or L-methionine supplementation

Rassin, D.K.; Sturman, J.A., 1975:
Cysteine sulfinic acid decarboxylase in rat brain: effect of vitamin B6 deficiency on soluble and particulate components

Harrington, H.M.; Smith, I.K., 1977:
Cysteine transport into cultured tobacco cells

Burnell, J.N., 1977:
Cysteinyl-tRNA Synthetase from Phaseolus aureus: Purification and Properties

Krinsky, W.L., 1975:
Cystic anomaly in the intestine of adult Tabanidae

Watson, A.D.J.; Dixon, R.T., 1977:
Cystic bone lesions in related Old English sheepdogs

Mintschew, P.Z., 1975:
Cystic echinococcosis

Chand, S.; Chauhan, H.V.S., 1975:
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia in sheep and goats

Bass, H.N.; Miller, A.A., 1977:
Cystic fibrosis presenting with anemia and hypoproteinemia in identical twins

Shwachman, H.; Kowalski, M.; Khaw, K.T., 1977:
Cystic fibrosis: a new outlook. 70 patients above 25 years of age

Varden, S.A., 1978:
Cystic ovarian degeneration in cows. Treatment (with HCG and progesterone) and conception rate in 234 cases

Sunder-Raj, S., 1976:
Cystic teratoma of ovary associated with schistosomiasis

Laurent, H.; Metges, P.J., 1973:

Pustovoi, I.F.; Rudyk, V.I.; Kalmykov, E.S., 1972:
Cysticerciasis in cattle in Tadzhikistan

Delfino, F., 1976:
Cysticerciasis of cattle. Statistics, and rendering the meat fit for consumption

Yutuc, L.M., 1975:
Cysticercoids in the kangaroo louse, Heterodoxus longitarsus

Rysavy, B.; Sonin, M.D., 1977:
Cysticercoids of the cestode Aploparaksis diminuens (Linstow, 1905) - (Cestoidea: Hymenolepididae)

Bolivar Jimenez, S., 1976:
Cysticercosis (Cysticercus cellulosae) as a zoonosis

Schenone, H., 1975:
Cysticercosis as a public health and animal health problem

Kinnman, J.; Chi, C.H.; Park, J.H., 1976:
Cysticercosis in otolaryngology

Teixeira, E.N.; Cordeiro, C.A.; Paraguassu, A.A., 1973:
Cysticercosis in slaughtered pigs in Salvador, Bahia

Pandey, V.S.; Mbemba, Z., 1976:
Cysticercosis of pigs in the Republic of Zaire and its relation to human taeniasis

Arundel, J.H., 1972:
Cysticercosis of sheep and cattle

Dinakar, I., 1975:
Cysticercosis of the brain presenting as pseudotumour cerebri

Kahn, P., 1972:
Cysticercosis of the central nervous system with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: case report and review of the literature

Calamel, M.; Soule, C.; Chevrier, L., 1975:
Cysticercosis of the muscles of sheep. Experimental features

Maria, D.L.; Panse, A.D.; Patil, S.D., 1974:
Cysticercosis of the orbit

Leelachaikul; Chuahirun, S., 1977:
Cysticercosis of the thyroid gland in severe cerebral cysticercosis : report of a case

Graber, M., 1974:
Cysticercus bovis parasitizing wild ruminants in the republic of Chad

Roudabush, R.L.; Ide, G.A., 1975:
Cysticercus cellulosae on X-ray

Sadykhov, I.A.; Nuriev, M.I., 1966:
Cysticercus ovis in sheep in Azerbaidzhan

Nikulin, T.G.; Karasev, N.F., 1975:
Cysticercus tenuicollis in farm animals (cattle, sheep, pigs) in southern Belorussia

Oberg, C.; Valenzuela, G., 1977:
Cysticercus tenuicollis in pigs in Valdivia Province, Chile

Imam, S.A., 1975:
Cysticidal effect of emetine in conjunction with surfactant and enzymes in experimental amoebiasis of rat

Bertagnolli, B.L.; Wedding, R.T., 1977:
Cystine content of legume seed proteins: estimation by determination of cysteine with 2-vinylquinoline, and relation to protein content and activity of cysteine synthase

Sansaricq, C.; Garg, S.; Norton, P.M.; Phansalkar, S.V.; Snyderman, S.E., 1975:
Cystine deficiency during dietotherapy of homocystinemia

Pohlandt, F., 1974:
Cystine: a semi-essential amino acid in the newborn infant

Sinha, B.K., 1975:
Cystitis in buffaloes - a pathological study

Sears, A.; Barkley, F.A., 1975:
Cystoliths in Begonia

Kenney, M.; Eveland, L.K.; Yermakov, V., 1976:
Cysts of Entamoeba histolytica in tissues

Saring, H., .:
Cysul sulphaethoxypyridazine. A long-acting sulphonamide

Wagner, J.E., 1975:
Cytauxzoonosis in domestic cats (Felis domestica) in Missouri

Timchuk, K.S.; Lipsits, D.V., 1973:
Cyto- and histochemical characteristics of the protein-nucleic acid complex of healthy shoots and shoots infected by the causal agent of wart, Synchytrium endobioticum, of potato varieties differing in resistance

Jankun, A., 1975:
Cyto-embryological studies in a diseased hybrid of Delphinium L

Milyaeva, E.L.; Azizbekova, N.S., 1978:
Cyto-physiological changes during the development of stem apices in Crocus sativus

Enriquez Yap, E.L., 1976:
Cytoarchitectural pattern of the thymus gland of the Philippine carabao (Bubalus bubalis) fetus in early ante-natal development

Enriquez Yap, E.L., 1975:
Cytobiologic characterization of the hemolymph node in the Philippine carabao (Bubalus bubalis): an anatomico-histologic correlative study on its hemopoietic and immunologic role

Wassarman, P.M.; Ukena, T.E.; Letourneau, G.E., 1976:
Cytochalasin B-induced pseudocleavage of mouse oocytes in vitro. II. Studies of the mechanism and morphological consequences of pseudocleavage

Frenguelli, G.; Tamagnini, R.P.; Romano, B., 1976:
Cytochalasin B. 1. Effects on germination and morphological changes in Pisum sativum L

Scott, P.M.; Harwig, J.; Chen, Y.K.; Kennedy, B.P., 1975:
Cytochalasins A and B from strains of Phoma exigua var. exigua and formation of cytochalasin B in potato gangrene

Verma, L.R., 1972:
Cytochemical analysis of nuclear histones in honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) spermatozoa

Semerdzhyan, S.P.; Oganesyan, D.O.; Martirosyan, V.T., 1973:
Cytochemical analysis of protein sulphydryl groups in the cells of the embryo and meristem of wheat seeds differing in radiosensitivity

D.N.llin, S.; Van Belle, H.; Goossens, F.; Thone, F.; Borgers, M., 1977:
Cytochemical and biochemical studies of yeasts after in vitro exposure to miconazole

Shkurenko, S.V.; Abdrakhmanova, G.O.; Il' ichev, S.S.; Morozova, V.S., 1976:
Cytochemical and cytological characteristics of the male gametophyte in interspecific wheat hybrids

Fayer, R.; Thompson, D.E., 1975:
Cytochemical and cytological observations on Sarcocystis sp. propagated in cell culture

Vian, B.; Roland, J.C., 1974:
Cytochemical and ultrastructural observations on polysaccharides during secretion and exocytosis

Sangwan Norreel, B.S., 1978:
Cytochemical and ultrastructural peculiarities of embryogenic pollen grains and of young androgenic embryos in Datura innoxia

Rougier, M.; Vian, B.; Gallant, D.; Roland, J.C., 1973:
Cytochemical aspects of the ultrastructural study of plant polysaccharides

Isaakyan, E.S.; Dayan, M.K.; Manucharyan, D.S., 1976:
Cytochemical changes in pathogenic intestinal protozoa caused by some derivatives of hydroxylamine in vitro

Trimble, J.J.; Lumsden, R.D., 1975:
Cytochemical characterization of tegument membrane-associated carbohydrates in Taenia crassiceps larvae

Hatieganu, H.; Constantinesco, D.G., 1977:
Cytochemical data on the nucleolar cycle in higher plants

Burke, J.J.; Trelease, R.N., 1975:
Cytochemical demonstration of malate synthase and glycolate oxidase in microbodies of cucumber cotyledons

Steveninck, R.F.M. van, 1976:
Cytochemical evidence for ion transport through plasmodesmata

Khan, M.A.; Mahmood, M., 1977:
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Cytoembryology of Angiosperms

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Cytogenetics Department

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Cytological and botanical study of Persea af. cinerascens. Its possible agricultural use

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Cytological and genetical aspects of the evolution of Anguina, causing the formation of galls on grasses

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Cytological and histochemical examination of the bovine endometrium during the oestrous cycle

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Cytological and morphological features of the anthers of tomatoes with functional male sterility of the Vrbychanskii nizkii type

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Cytological and morphological variation in Panicum virgatum L

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Cytological and physiological investigations on the resistance of various tomato varieties to a virus disease

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Cytological and physiological manifestations of heterosis

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Cytological appearance of the mammary gland in newborn infants

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Cytological basis of linkage in rice

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Cytological behaviour of alien addition trisomics in sugar beet

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Cytological changes and antigen capture in chicken spleen during the secondary immune response to homologous and cross-reacting antigens

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Cytological changes in chick lung tissue culture, infected with Mycoplasma gallisepticum

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Cytological changes in plant root tips caused by salinity

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Cytological changes of parenchyma cells associated with heartwood formation. - On three softwood species, sugi , momi and akamatsu

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Cytological characteristics of sour cherry X sweet cherry hybrids and their initial forms

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Cytological diagnosis of pregnancy in the sow

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Cytological diploidization of the cultivated octoploid strawberry - Fragaria X ananassa Duch

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Cytological disturbances in the developing pollen of spring wheat in response to low temperatures

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Cytological effects of pesticides. V. Effects of some herbicides on Vicia faba

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Cytological effects of pesticides. VI. Effect of the insecticide Rogor on the mitosis of Vicia faba and Gossypium barbadense

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Cytological effects of pre- and post-irradiation treatments with ethylene glycol, ethyl methane sulphonate and hydroxylamine in pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan L.)

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Cytological effects of some herbicides

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Cytological effects of some medicinal plants used in the control of fertility

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Cytological embryology of the Platanaceae

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Cytological events leading to the cleavage of golden hamster zygotes

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Cytological evidence for incompatibility in the genus Pinus

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Cytological evidence supporting the inclusion of poplar mosaic virus in the carlavirus group of plant viruses

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Cytological examination of the vaginal secretion in 4,500 women infected with Trichomonas vaginalis, with observations on a specific type of parasite

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Cytological features of Triticum-Secale and Triticum-Agropyron amphidiploids

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Cytological identification of a reciprocal translocation found in a genetic stock (Utah 3), for purple lemma and pericarp (Re2)

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Cytological identification of native and irradiated released screwworm flies in trap catches

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Cytological investigation of F2 hybrids between octoploid and hexaploid triticale forms

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Cytological investigation of some diploid (2n = 34) Helianthus species

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Cytological investigations in the genus Capsicum

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Cytological investigations on W. Himalayan Panicoideae

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Cytological investigations on W. Himalayan Pooideae

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Cytological investigations on some members of the tribe - Trifolieae (family - Papilionaceae)

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Cytological localization of the genes for the four classes of ribosomal RNA (25S, 18S, 5.8S and 5S) in polytene chromosomes of Phaseolus coccineus

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Cytological manifestation and genetic features of cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) in sugar beet

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Cytological origin and points of exchange of a reciprocal chromosome translocation (1p-; 6q+) in the domestic pig

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Cytological problems in the genus Crocus (Iridaceae): II. Crocus cancellatus aggregate

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Cytological relationship between the Kenyan diploid strain of Echinochloa pyramidalis (Lamk.) Hitchc. et Chase (n = 9) and E. oryzicola Vasing. (n = 18)

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Cytological relationships between some Echinochloa species and Kenyan E. haploclada (Stapf) Stapf

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Cytological studies of Persea schiedeana

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Cytological studies of female fleas treated with chemosterilants and systemic poisons

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Cytological studies of several interspecific F1 hybrids in the subgenus Eumelilotus

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Cytological studies of some species of the Malvaceae

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Cytological studies of the grass plant in relation to forage quality

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Cytological studies on a paracentric inversion in barley

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Cytological studies on four inter varietal crosses of Capsicum annuum

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Cytological studies on jute: a modified stain technique

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Cytological studies on plant heterokaryocytes - nuclear behavior

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Cytological studies on root canker in Beta vulgaris L. var. altissima Rossig

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Cytological studies on rust fungi. (VI) Fine structures of infection process of Kuehneola japonica (Diet.) Dietel

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Cytological studies on some Egyptian plants

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Cytological studies on some grasses of Kashmir

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Cytological studies on the cold resistance of plants - ultrastructural changes in wheat cells during the winter period

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Cytological studies on the effects of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid on Vicia faba root tip cells

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Cytological studies on the origin of isochromosomes and a deficiency mutation in barley

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Cytological studies on the responses of onion root-tip cells to water-soluble tobacco smoke extracts from various experimental cigarettes

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Cytological study of Trilobachne cookei (Stapf) Schenck ex. Henr. (Tribe Maydeae)

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Cytological study of Ustilago hypodytes (Schlecht.) Fr. and its relations with its host at the level of spore formation

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Cytological study of a series of ditelosomics of the wheat variety Chinese Spring

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Cytological study of a transplantable line of pig embryonic kidney cells persistently infected with Toxoplasma

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Cytological study of allopolyhaploids of bread wheat

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Cytological study of cervical swabs as a means of diagnosis in gynaecological examination and breeding hygiene evaluation of mares

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Cytological study of gamma-irradiated testes of the house-fly, Musca domestica L

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Cytological study of regulation of the association of homoeologous chromosomes in Gossypium

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Cytological study of the effect of mutagens on cotton seeds

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Cytological study of the stamens in trisomics of sugar beet

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Cytological techniques for use in apple breeding

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Cytological, morphogenetic and physiological studies on tobacco callus

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Cytology and biochemistry of pathogenic growth of Botrytis cinerea Pers. in apple fruit

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Cytology and cytochemistry of ovarian interstitial cells in ewe lambs up to six months old

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Cytology and cytogenetics

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Cytology and distribution of Trisetum distichophyllum (Vill.) P.B. and Trisetum argenteum (Willd.) Roem. and Schult

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Cytology and fertility of triticale-wheat crosses

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Cytology and genetics of a stable ring-of-six translocation in the German cockroach

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Cytology of Oomycetes. Evidence for meiosis and multiple chromosome associations in Saprolegniaceae and Pythiaceae, with an introduction to the cytotaxonomy of Achlya and Pythium

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Cytology of a spontaneously occurring desynaptic Allium cepa

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Cytology of ascus in Epichloe cinerea Berk. & Br. (Clavicipitaceae)

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Cytology of bovine neutrophil migration in mammary tissue during experimental Staphylococcus aureus mastitis

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Cytology of chlamydospore development in Protomyces macrosporus Unger

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Cytology of diffuse mesothelioma in the thorax of a horse

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Cytology of fenugreek calli cultivated in vitro

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Cytology of higher plants

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Cytology of normal and inflamed conjunctivas in dogs and cats

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Cytology of pongam oil tree

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Cytology of some Digitaria species

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Cytology of some Fusarium species

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Cytology of some varieties of Ziziphus jujuba Lamk

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Cytology of tetrasomic Brassica campestris (2n = 20 + 2)

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Cytology of tracheobronchial aspirates in horses

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