Section 1
Chapter 332

Cytogenetic studies of the intergeneric hybrid Euchlaena perennis Hitch. X Zea mays L. I. Meiotic analysis in plants from two generations

Andrada, A.B.; Boggiatto, A.J.; Auad, L.G.; Collado, M.L.

Revista Agronomica del Noroeste Argentino 12(3/4): 323-330


Accession: 000331480

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In the F1 the average number of univalents and trivalents was 5.05 and 3.59 respectively, compared with 1.55 and 0.79 respectively in the F8. The average number of bivalents was 7.09 in the F1 and 17.25 in the F8; 0.40 quadrivalents were observed in the F8. In the F1, anaphase I and telophase I were abnormal in 96% and 95% of cases respectively compared with high percentages of normal anaphase I (83%) and telophase I (85%) in the F8, in which normal tetrads were obtained in 95% of cases.

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