Cytogenetical studies on the genus Oryza. VIII. Cytogenetics on the allotriploids, sativa (4x) -punctata, sativa (4x) -intermediate form and sativa (4x) -officinalis

Shin, Y.B.; Ogawa, T.; Katayama, T.

Japanese Journal of Breeding 28(1): 56-62


ISSN/ISBN: 0536-3683
Accession: 000331534

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12II + 12I was the most commonly observed meiotic configuration in the eight allotriploids studied, except in PF126 (O. sativa 'Sekitori' X O. officinalis 'W1281'), which showed 36I or 1II + 34I, during meiosis of PMCs. The univalents observed in PF126 may result from a gene or genes causing disturbance in the pairing of the homologous chromosomes