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Chapter 334

Dehy for beef cattle. A progress report on protein sources for cattle wintered on blue grama range

Shoop, M.; Rupp, G.P.; Alford, E.; Ball, L.

Feedstuffs, USA 47(5): 22


Accession: 000333625

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From November to May in Colorado Hereford heifers on blue grama range (Bouteloua gracilis) were given 0.3 lb crude protein daily as cottonseed meal or dried lucerne or 0.5 lb from those sources or as biuret, Starea, isobutyl diurea or Loomix The heifers given 0.5 lb lucerne protein gained 19 lb, and all others lost weight, but the lucerne supplied nearly twice as much digestible energy as the other supplements except Loomix.

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