Section 1
Chapter 339

Diagnostic soil testing for nitrogen availability: the effects of nitrogen fertilizer rate, time, method of application, and cropping pattern on residual soil nitrogen

James, D.W.

Bulletin, Agricultural Experiment Station, Utah State University 497: 28


Accession: 000338439

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In field trials in 1970-4 near (a) Logan, Utah on silty clay loam and between (b) Farmington and Kaysville, Utah on fine sandy loam, maize or small grain cereals were grown in 1970, without fertilizers and removed for forage. In autumn 1971 0, 100 or 200 lb ammonium sulphate/ac or 200 lb calcium nitrate/ac was added and in the spring of '72 and '73 the plots were given the same N treatment or 0, 100 or 200 lb ammonium sulphate/ac or 100 or 200 lb calcium nitrate/ac.

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