Effect of clean-water sprinkler irrigation on crop yield, yield distribution and forage quality of different newly-sown grass swards

Bauer, U.; Patzold, H.

Archiv für Acker- und Pflanzenbau und Bodenkunde 19(12): 887-897


ISSN/ISBN: 0365-0340
Accession: 000348429

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In a trial in 1969-74, newly established swards of cocksfoot cv. Welta and Prairial, 2 Festuca pratensis/Phleum pratense/Lolium perenne/Poa pratensis/Trifolium repens mixtures and 2 L. perenne/T. repens mixtures were or were not irrigated. Average annual DM yields ranged, respectively, from 8.7 and 11.4 t/ha in unirrigated and irrigated mixed swards of L. perenne cv. Taptoe and Marino-Spatling/T. repens to 10.2 and 13.5 t/ha in unirrigated and irrigated swards of cocksfoot cv. Prairial. DM yield/mm of water applied was 16.6 kg/ha. Irrigation gave a more even seasonal yield distribution, but increased CF content particularly in cocksfoot and decreased CP content of the herbage.