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Chapter 356

Effect of seeding dates on three wheat varieties in the middle irrigated region of Iraq. II. Yield components, grain yield, protein percentage and yield

Adary, A.H.; El Shamma, W.S.

Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Science 9: 66-80


Accession: 000355702

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When three varieties were planted on five dates during 1971-72 and 1972-73, Ajeba 210 had the highest number of heads per 50 cm row length and grain yield; Kenya Gular had the highest grain-protein content; Mexipak had the highest number of grains per head; and Kenya-Gular and Ajeba 210 had the heaviest 1000-grain weight. Sowing on 25 November resulted in the highest number of heads per unit area, grain yield and protein yield.

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