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Chapter 356

Effect of seeding rate, inoculation and nitrogen fertilization on yield of fenugreek

Shalaby, Y.Y.; Mohamed, L.K.

Annals of Agricultural Science, Moshtohor 6: 71-78


Accession: 000355705

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During 2 growing seasons in 1972-4, seed of fenugreek Giza 30, either inoculated or not inoculated, was sown at 20 or 40 kg seed/feddan on a clay loam in Nov. '72 and Dec. '73 and given 0 or 10 kg N/feddan as ammonium sulphate. Seed yield increased from the low to the high sowing rate from 1.23 to 1.52 t/feddan in the 1st season, while number of pods/plant decreased and seed and straw yields/plant, ratio of seed:total yield and 100-seed wt. were not significantly affected.

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