Section 1
Chapter 358

Effect of the pretreatment of corn seed with different growth regulators on plant growth and yield in calcareous soils

Abdel Malik, S.H.; Eskander, A.Z.; Soliman, M.F.; Bakhati, H.K.; Negm, M.A.

Agricultural Research Review 52(5): 33-38


Accession: 000357641

In a field trial in 1965, maize seeds were soaked in 2,4-D, IAA and NAA at concentrations of 5, 10 and 20 ppm before sowing. Plant height and grain yield were highest with 2,4-D treatment at 10 and 20 ppm (grain yields 15.36 and 15.28 ardeb/feddan, respectively, compared with 12.69 ardeb for untreated controls). Yields were only slightly lower with IAA at 5 ppm and NAA at 5 and 10 ppm. NAA at 10 and 20 ppm reduced grain yields.

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