Effects of feeding protected tallow to dairy cows in early lactation on the yield and composition of milk fat

Storry, J.E.; Brumby, P.E.; Tuckley, B.

XX International Dairy Congress, Vol E Storry, J E; Brumby, P E; Bines, J A; Fulford, R J; Braithwaite, G D Milk composition and digestibility of nutrients in dairy cows fed varying levels of protected tallow: 264-265


Accession: 000360931

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Experimental procedure has already been outlined [see preceding 2 abstr.]. In this study, the supplement contained 60% soya bean meal and 40% tallow. 28 cows were used. Compared with the unsupplemented control diet, milk fat yield was increased by 17, 23 and 5% on the low, medium and high levels of supplement resp., and there was a decrease in proportion of C4-C16 and an increase in C18:0 and C18:1 fatty acids in the milk fat.