Effects of spermidine and prostaglandin F2alpha on amino acid and [3H]uridine uptake by lactating guinea-pig mammary gland in vitro

Mepham, T.B.; Peters, A.R.

Journal of Physiology 276: 42P


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3751
PMID: 650467
Accession: 000362951

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In perfusion experiments with lactating guinea pig mammary gland in vitro, infusions of spermidine and prostaglandin F2 alpha resulted in a stimulation of the uptake of all amino acids. The response was rapid and there was a sustained difference between the absorption % of different essential amino acids, suggesting that the effect was due to enhanced amino acid transport rather than increased protein synthesis. Spermidine + prostaglandin F2 alpha doubled the uptake of [3H]-uridine (taken as a measure of mRNA synthesis) in the mammary slices; the effect with spermidine alone was very similar, but prostaglandin F2 alpha alone had no effect.