Effects of steroid and protein hormones on mammary uptake of cortisol in vitro

Collier, R.J.; Tucker, H.A.

Journal of Dairy Science 60(Suppl 1): 64


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
Accession: 000362972

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Mammary tissue from 4 non-lactating, non-pregnant cows was incubated for 48 h in Medium 199 with combinations of insulin, prolactin, growth hormone, dexamethasone, progesterone (all at 5 mu g/ml) and oestradiol-17 beta (5 ng/ml), and then transferred to Medium 199 containing [3H]cortisol. Protein hormones did not affect subsequent uptake of [3H]cortisol, while combinations containing dexamethasone or progesterone consistently reduced cytoplasmic uptake of cortisol by 15-28% and nuclear uptake by 30-42%.