Efficiency of feed conversion to milk in Black Pied cows in different months of lactation and in relation to milk yield

Pogodaev, S.F.

Byulleten' Nauchnykh Rabot, Vsesoyuznyi Ordena Trudovogo Krasnogo Znameni Nauchno issledovatel' skii Institut Zhivotnovodstva 42: 28-31


Accession: 000364150

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133 Russian Black Pied heifers were given 1 of 2 levels of feed according to body wt. (above or below 500 kg). Rations were supplemented with 351 g concentrates/kg milk yield. Feed units used/kg milk averaged 0.96 over the entire lactation, ranging from 0.67 in the 1st month to 1.24 in the 10th. There were marked differences between individual cows in feed requirements/kg milk (coeff. of variation 15.5% for the entire lactation and 38.7% for the 9th month). The coeff. of correlation between feed requirements/kg milk in the entire lactation and in each month of lactation ranged from 0.18 for the 2nd month to 0.60 for the 7th, while the coeff. of correlation between milk yield and feed requirements/kg milk ranged from -0.46 in the 1st month to -0.82 in the 8th. Division of cows into yield classes revealed that feed requirements/kg milk increased from 0.83 feed units for cows yielding 4747-5388 kg to 1.23 for cows yielding only 2629-2089 kg. It is concluded that milk yield may be used to predict feed utilization for milk even in individual months of lactation, but feed requirements/kg milk in individual months give only an approximate indication of requirements during the entire lactation.