Evaluation and comparative analysis of weaning weight of Santa Gertrudis cattle and their crosses with Hereford and Charolais at two ranches in north-east Mexico

Carrera, M.C.; Martinez, G.T.

XV Informe de Investigacion, 1975-76, Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey: 121-122


Accession: 000369996

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Data on 122 calves at the El Ebano and 384 calves at the Buenos Aires ranches were analysed. At El Ebano, weaning weight (adjusted to 205 days) of Santa Gertrudis (SG), Hereford X SG, Hereford X Charolais, and Charolais X SG males averaged 210.76, 214.24, 229.93 and 222.63 kg resp., the corresponding weights for females being 187.40, 190.76, 205.46 and 207.47 kg. At Buenos Aires, weaning weight of SG, Hereford X SG, Hereford X Charolais, Charolais X SG, commercial crossbred X SG, and commercial crossbred X Charolais males averaged 220.60, 164.07, 171.44, 169.00, 181.86 and 183.90 kg resp., the corresponding weights for females being 200.30, 146.37, 149.71, 157.25, 173.51 and 175.00 kg. Weaning weight was significantly affected by sex ( males being heavier than females ), breed, age of dam (calves produced by 2- and 3-yr old cows being significantly lighter than those from older cows) and month of calving (calves born in Feb.-Apr. being heavier than those born in Dec.-Jan. or May).