Evaluation of urea fermentation potentials for predicting the utilization of urea in diets for lactating dairy cows based on performance and metabolism

Poos, M.I.; Bull, L.S.

Journal of Dairy Science 60(Suppl 1): 156


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
Accession: 000371795

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In 2 3 X 3 Latin square expt. the control diets were respectively 8.5% protein, with a urea fermentation potential (UFP) +5.2 g/kg, or 12% with a UFP of -1.17 g/kg. The diets were supplemented with urea or soya bean to 16% protein in expt. 1 and 15% in expt. 2. Milk yields were controls 15.9 and 23.3 kg, urea 20.3 and 23.5 kg, soya bean 25.4 and 24.7 kg.