Experimental results on crossbreeding among Korean native cattle and exotic breeds of beef cattle. I. Comparison of Korean native cattle and crossbreds on calf performance to weaning

Choi, K.S.; Lee, K.W.; Tak, T.Y.

Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suwon, Livestock 16(8): 1-6


Accession: 000373752

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Values are tabulated for body weights at birth and at 3 and 6 mth of age of 11 Korean, 10 Aberdeen-Angus (AA), 27 Holstein-Friesian X (AA X Korean) and 14 Charolais X Korean calves. Least-squares estimates of the effects of genotype, year of birth, season of birth, age of dam ( less than or equal to 3, 4 or more than or equal to 5 yr) and sex of calf are given. At the 3 ages resp., Charolais X Korean animals weighed 31.48, 93.02 and 172.81 kg (10.35, 36.72 and 42.02 kg heavier than the corresponding weights of Korean native cattle) and Holstein-Friesian X (AA X Korean) animals 32.79, 96.12 and 204.38 kg (11.66, 39.82 and 73.59 kg heavier than the corresponding Korean cattle).