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Chapter 376

Factors affecting the heat stability of milk. II. Determination of A and B genetic variants of beta -lactoglobulin and their relationship with coagulation time/pH curves

Carvalho, I.C. de

Revista do Instituto de Laticinios Candido Tostes 32(191): 11-18


Accession: 000375350

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Among 67 Ayrshire cows, observed frequencies for beta -lactoglobulin phenotype were: AA, 4 cows; AB, 26; BB, 37. These compared with expected frequencies of 4.32, 25.39 and 37.28 resp. Results are presented of analysis of AA, AB and BB milks for total N, non-casein N, casein N, non-protein N, beta -lactoglobulin N and casein index. The 4 AA milks contained most beta -lactoglobulin, and the BB milks least.

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