Factors affecting variation in the main production characters of Merino sheep. 1. The effect of sex on the development of body weight and on wool production up to the first shearing

Mochnacs, M.

Lucrarile Stiintifice ale Statiunii Centrale de Cercetari pentru Cresterea Ovinelor Palas Constanta 2: 121-128


Accession: 000375469

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In studies on 240 Stavropol twins, males were 9% heavier than females at birth (P<0.001); differences in live weight at 100 days of age were not significant, but males were 19% heavier at 500 days (P<0.001). Sex accounted for 6.1, 1.3 and 23.1% of the total variation in body weight at birth, 100 and 500 days of age resp. Fleece weight at the 1st shearing was 7% higher in males (P<0.05), due to their larger skin area.