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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 379

Chapter 379 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ackermann, O.; Stegmann, H., 1975:
Felidovac L and Feliserin, two new preparations for cat practice

Ackermann, O.; Stegmann, H., 1978:
Felidovac L and Feliserin, two new preparations for feline practice

Dodman, N.H., 1977:
Feline anaesthesia survey

Robinson, G.W.; McCoy, L.; Gili, K.M., 1977:
Feline bandaging and splinting

Hara, M.; Matsumoto, H.; Naito, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Watanabe, K., 1976:
Feline calicivirus isolated from the primary tissue culture of feline kidneys

Bolton, G.R., 1975:
Feline cardiology

Giddens, W.E.; Labbe, R.F.; Swango, L.J.; Padgett, G.A., 1975:
Feline congenital erythropoietic porphyria associated with severe anemia and renal disease. Clinical, morphologic, and biochemical studies

Thrall, M.A.; Rich, L.J.; Freemeyer, F.G., 1976:
Feline cryptococcosis treatment with amphotericin B

Wightman, S.R.; Kier, A.B.; Wagner, J.E., 1977:
Feline cytauxzoonosis: clinical features of a newly described blood parasite disease

Harvey, J.W.; Gaskin, J.M., 1978:
Feline haemobartonellosis: attempts to induce relapses of clinical disease in chronically infected cats

Breitschwerdt, E.B.; Halliwell, W.H.; Burk, R.L.; Schmidt, D.A., 1977:
Feline histoplasmosis

Osterhaus, A.D.M.E.; Horzinek, M.C.; Wirahadiredja, R.M.S., 1978:
Feline infectious peritonitis virus. II. Propagation in suckling mouse brain

Horzinek, M.C.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E.; Ellens, D.J., 1977:
Feline infectious peritonitis virus.

Richardson, R.C., 1975:
Feline infectious peritonitis: a review and description of cases

Chappuis, G.; Brun, A.; Corbran, J.P., 1976:
Feline infectious peritonitis: detection and reproduction of the disease

Pedersen, N.C., 1976:
Feline infectious peritonitis: something old, something new

Georgi, J.R., 1975:
Feline lungworm treatment. - Clinical Forum

Qureshi, S.R.; Olander, H.J., 1977:
Feline lymphosarcoma with heterotopic bone

Hernandez, F.J.; Fernandez, B.B.; Chertack, M.; Gage, P.A., 1975:
Feline mammary carcinoma and progestogens

Essex, M.; Cotter, S.M.; Hardy, W.D.; Hess, P.; Jarrett, W.; Jarrett, O.; Mackey, L.; Laird, H.; Perryman, L.; Olsen, R.G.; Yohn, D.S., 1975:
Feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen. IV. Antibody titers in cats with naturally occurring leukemia, lymphoma, and other diseases

Schaller, J.P.; Essex, M.; Yohn, D.S.; Olsen, R.G., 1975:
Feline oncornavirus-associated cell membrane antigen. V. Humoral immune response to virus and cell membrane antigens in cats inoculated with Gardner-Arnstein feline sarcoma virus

Stephenson, J.R.; Essex, M.; Hino, S.; Hardy, W.D.; Aaronson, S.A., 1977:
Feline oncornavirus-associated cell-membrane antigen (FOCMA): distinction between FOCMA and the major virion glycoprotein

Flagstad, A., 1977:
Feline panleukopaenia virus and mink enteritis virus. A serological study

Goto, H., 1975:
Feline panleukopenia in Japan. II. Hemagglutinability of the isolated virus

Goto, H.; Ishiko, H., 1976:
Feline panleukopenia in Japan. III. Propagation of the virus in cat kidney cell cultures

Carlson, J.H.; Scott, F.W.; Duncan, J.R., 1977:
Feline Panleukopenia. I. Pathogenesis in germfree and specific pathogen-free cats

Carlson, J.H.; Scott, F.W., 1977:
Feline panleukopenia. II. The relationship of intestinal mucosal cell proliferation rates to viral infection and development of lesions

Nance, H.W.; Bailey, W.S., 1975:
Feline paragonimiasis: a case report

Blanco Loizelier, A.; Barrera Pozas, J.; Marcotegui, M.A., 1975:
Feline pneumonitis (chlamydial infection)

Pidgeon, G., 1978:
Feline pyothorax

Povey, R.C., 1976:
Feline respiratory infections - a clinical review

Merekalova, Z.I., 1976:
Feline sarcoma and leucosis viruses : a review of the literature

Reif, J.S.; Bovee, K.; Gaskell, C.J.; Batt, R.M.; Maguire, T.G., 1977:
Feline urethral obstruction: a case-control study

Gaskell, R.M.; Wardley, R.C., 1978:
Feline viral respiratory disease: a review with particular reference to its epizootiology and control

Boever, W.J.; McDonald, S.; Solorzano, R.F., 1977:
Feline viral rhinotracheitis in a colony of clouded leopards

Hass, D.K., 1978:
Feline whipworms do exist

Ackermann, O.; Stegmann, H.; Barth, R.; Jaeger, O., 1977:
Felirab, a new vaccine for immunization of cats against panleukopenia and rabies

Rozin' , T.Y.; Ievin' , I.K., 1978:
Feller-buncher in selection fellings

Lebedev, A.A.; Perfilov, M.A., 1978:
Feller-skidders in the woods

Anonymous, 1977:
Felleskjerningen in Gudbrandsdal moves to new premises

Staunsbaek, N.H., 1977:
Fellesmeieriet - Oslo's new advanced liquid milk dairy

Anuchin, N.P., 1977:
Felling age and calculation of cut

Burgin, F., 1976:
Felling decayed trees

Voronkov, I.G.; Livshits, N.V.; Piigli, L.E., 1977:
Felling systems and labour productivity

Schieffelin, E.L., 1975:
Felling the trees on top of the crop

Anonymous, 1974:
Felling, silviculture and employment on private forest farms in southern Sweden

Alent' ev, P.N., 1976:
Fellings and regeneration in the Oak forests of the northern Caucasus

Tikhonov, A.S., 1977:
Fellings and regeneration of spruce in the south of the forest zone of European Russia

Veiga, A. de A., 1973:
Fellings as a function of volume increment

Jones, J.W.; Bowen, H.D.; Stinner, R.E.; Bradley, J.R.J.; Sowell, R.S.; Bacheler, J.S., 1975:
Female boll weevil oviposition and feeding process: a simulation model

Postel Coster, E.; Schade, G., 1976:
Female emancipation as a dimension of development policy

Fedorova, M., 1975:
Female employment in agriculture

Morgan, D.T.Jr, 1975:
Female fertility of haploid peppers

Saw, E.C.; Smale, L.E.; Einstein, H.; Huntington, R.W., 1975:
Female genital coccidioidomycosis

Pengelley, E.T.; Asmundson, S.J., 1975:
Female gestation and lactation as zeitgebers for circanual rhythmicity in the hibernating ground squirrel, Citellus lateralis

Ponomarev, N.V., 1976:
Female reproductive characters in relation to crossing Large White lines with Urzhum pigs

Nishida, R.; Fukami, H.; Ishii, S., 1975:
Female sex pheromone of the German cockroach, Blattella germanica (L.) (Orthoptera, Blattellidae), responsible for male wing-raising (I)

Martini, L., 1976:
Female sex steroids and gonadotrophin secretion

Doku, E.V.; Blay, E.; Laing, E.; Oppong, A., 1976:
Female sterility in Dioscorea rotundata

Orr Ewing, A.L., 1977:
Female sterility in Douglas-fir

Lomakin, E.N., 1975:
Female sterility of the flowers in apricot

Bhatt, R.V.; Pachauri, S.; Pathak, N.D.; Chauhan, L., 1978:
Female sterilization in small camp settings in rural India

Iwata, K.; Nagatomi, A., 1976:
Female terminalia of Tabanidae (Diptera) from Japan

Furnari, M.; Mottura, G.; Pugliese, E., 1974:
Female work and the labour supply: reflections on an aspect of relative overpopulation in Italy

Engels, W.; Fahrenhorst, H.; Drescher, W.; Mobius, K., 1975:
Female-specific haemolymph proteins in gynandromorphs of Apis mellifica

Galstyan Avanesyan, S.Kh, 1977:
Feminization and the problem of hybrid wheat

Burt, J.K.; Lipowitz, A.J.; Harris, J.A., 1977:
Femoral artery occlusion by Dirofilaria immitis in a dog

Payne, C.G.; Bains, B.S., 1975:
Femoral degeneration and scabby hip syndrome in chicks

Scott, P.D.; Hepburn, H.R., 1976:
Femoral stiffness and jumping in grasshoppers and locusts

Bartels, J.E., 1975:
Femoral-tibial osteoarthrosis in the bull. I. Clinical survey and radiologic interpretation. II. A correlation of the radiographic and pathologic findings of the torn meniscus and ruptured cranial cruciate ligament

Momcilovic, B.; Shah, B.G., 1976:
Femur zinc, magnesium, and calcium in rats fed Tower rapeseed (Brassica napus) protein concentrate

Furmaga, S.; Gundlach, J.L.; Filar, J., 1977:
Fenbendazole (Panacur, Hoechst) in the treatment of gastrointestinal helminth infections of sheep

Kalita, C.C.; Gautam, O.P.; Banerjee, D.P., 1978:
Fenbendazole against haemonchosis in sheep

Elliot, D.C., 1977:
Fenbendazole against inhibited early-fourth-stage Ostertagia ostertagi in cattle

Strasser, H.; Tiefenbach, B., 1976:
Fenbendazole control of Syphacia muris infection in a rat breeding colony. I

Enigk, K.; Batke, J.; Dey Hazra, A.; Duwel, D.; Tiefenbach, B., 1977:
Fenbendazole for the control of gastrointestinal helminths in swine

Enigk, K.; Dey Hazra, A., 1976:
Fenbendazole treatment of helminth infections in wild animals and birds

Beals, H.O.; Davis, T.C.; Livingston, K.W.; McIntire, T.R., 1976:
Fence post service tests at Auburn University: a 25-year report

Wurtman, J.J.; Wurtman, R.J., 1977:
Fenfluramine and fluoxetine spare protein consumption while suppressing caloric intake by rats

Bruce, R.B.; Maynard, W.R.; Cloyd, G.D.; Gilbert, D.L., 1974:
Fenfluramine residues in chickens and eggs

McLeod, J.M.; McNeil, J.N., 1976:
Fenitrothion and Swaine's sawfly - a problem?

Lockhart, W.L.; Flannagan, J.F.; Moody, R.P.; Weinberger, P.; Greenhalgh, R., 1977:
Fenitrothion monitoring in southern Manitoba

Holling, C.S.; Walters, C.J., 1977:
Fenitrothion or not fenitrothion: that is not the question

Anonymous, 1975:
Fennoskandian tundra ecosystems. Part I. Plants and microorganisms

Tate, K.G.; Mespel, G.J. van der; McGrath, H.J.W., 1975:
Fensulfothion residues in carrots

Knapp, F.W.; Christensen, C.M.; Whiteker, M.D., 1977:
Fenthion spot treatment for control of the hog louse

Elmadfa, I., 1975:
Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) protein

Carothers, S.W.; Stitt, M.E.; Johnson, R.R., 1976:
Feral asses on public lands: an analysis of biotic impact, legal considerations and management alternatives

Taylor, R.H., 1976:
Feral cattle in New Zealand

Rudge, M.R., 1976:
Feral goats in New Zealand

Weissman, D.B.; Rentz, D.C.F., 1977:
Feral house crickets Acheta domesticus (L.) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) in southern Calif

Hitchcock, B., 1976:
Feral pigs - What can be done to control them?

Challies, C.N., 1976:
Feral pigs in New Zealand

Whitaker, A.H., 1976:
Feral sheep in New Zealand

Regnault, W.R., 1976:
Feral sheep: skin, wool and fleece characters

McLean, F.C.; Jackson, N.E., 1973:
Ferilizer experiments in Guyana

Caswell, L.F.; Fontenot, J.P.; Webb, K.E.J., 1978:
Fermentation and utilization of broiler litter ensiled at different moisture levels

Gronostaiskaya, N.A.; Kholodova, T.A., 1974:
Fermentation hydrolysis of milk proteins to induce foaming properties

Fluckiger, E.; Walser, F., 1976:
Fermentation in Emmental cheese: new findings

Nagy, G.; Vaillant, M.; Balint, K.; Sos, A., 1975:
Fermentation of agricultural wastes by yeast

Keys, J.E.; Pearson, R.E.; Fulton, L.A., 1976:
Fermentation of mastitic milk from antibiotic treated cows

Salyers, A.A.; Vercellotti, J.R.; West, S.E.; Wilkins, T.D., 1977:
Fermentation of mucin and plant polysaccharides by strains of Bacteroides from the human colon

Vuori, A.T.; Nasi, J.M., 1977:
Fermentation of poultry manure for poultry diets

Anonymous, 1978:
Fermentation of silage - a review

Eriksson, K.E.; Larsson, K., 1975:
Fermentation of waste mechanical fibers from a newsprint mill by the rot fungus Sporotrichum pulverulentum

MacBean, R.D.; Cox, G.C.; Smith, B.R., 1978:
Fermentation of whey lactose to lactic acid and its recovery with reverse osmosis

Jensen, K., 1977:
Fermentation pattern in the bovine rumen after feeding straight feeds

Anonymous, 1976:
Fermentation pays-off in transforming waste to protein

Demchuk, A.P.; Chumachenko, N.A.; Markianova, L.M.; Roiter, I.M., 1975:
Fermentation power and free amino acids dynamics during dough production with the application of dried whey

Alekseev, R.V.; Tokareva, N.N., 1975:
Fermentation temperature during seed extraction, seed germination and productivity of tomato plants

Kononov, G.A.; Rudakov, V.V.; Markelov, I.M.; Kiselev, A.I.; Smolkina, V.B.; Batsanov, N.P., 1978:
Fermentation test for diagnosis of bovine mastitis

Moore, J.E.; Mott, G.O., 1976 :
Fermentation tubes for in vitro digestion of forages

Kebko, V.G.; Vertiichuk, A.I.; Povidz' on, I.V., 1974:
Fermentative activity of rumen liquid of lactating cows after stimulation of carboxylation processes

Kugenev, A.V.; Esengaliev, M.K., 1975:
Fermentative activity of the rumen microflora and its effect on utilization of nutrients by zebu crossbreds

Kozlov, V.N.; Ovchinnikova, I.F., 1975:
Fermentative destabilization of milk fat

Kay, R.N.; Hoppe, P.; Maloiy, G.M., 1976:
Fermentative digestion of food in the colobus monkey, Colobus, polykomos

Slivitskii, M.G., 1975:
Fermentative processes in the stomach of pigs

Kalle, G.P.; Deshpande, S.Y.; Lashkari, B.Z., 1976:
Fermentative production of cheese-like flavour concentrate by Candida lipolytica

Pribochenkov, V.M., 1975:
Fermentative properties of some fodders

Huber, J.T.; Boman, R.L.; Henderson, H.E., 1976:
Fermented ammoniated condensed whey as a nitrogen supplement for lactating cows

Polzin, H.W., 1976:
Fermented and acidified colostrum for baby calves

Otterby, D.E.; Johnson, D.G.; Polzin, H.W., 1976:
Fermented colostrum or milk replacer for growing calves

Abrahamsen, R.K., 1977:
Fermented milk and quarg acidified by different starters

Thomas, T.D., 1978:
Fermented milk products in nutrition

Han, Y.W.; Grant, G.A.; Anderson, A.W.; Yu, P.L., 1976:
Fermented straw for animal feed

Dixit, R.D.; Bhatt, G.K., 1975:

Silva, A.R.P. da; Silva, Q.G.P. da, 1974:
Ferns and flowering plants of the Azores collected in May-July 1964 during an excursion dircted by Prof. Pierre Dansereau

Anonymous, 1977:
Ferrand - MF 152 safety frame on Massey Ferguson 135, 140, 148, 152 Vigneron and 148 and 152 narrow tractors (Ferrand S.A., 11600 Conques sur Orbeil, France)

Anonymous, 1976:
Ferrand-IH 633 Vigneron safety frames on IH 433, 533 and 633 tractors (Etablissements Ferrand, 11600 Conques sur Orbiel, France)

Linder, M.C.; Dunn, V.; Isaacs, E.; Jones, D.; Lim, S.; Van Volkom, M.; Munro, H.N., 1975:
Ferritin and intestinal iron absorption: pancreatic enzymes and free iron

Kelly, A.M.; MacDonald, D.J.; McNay, M.B., 1977:
Ferritin as an assessment of iron stores in normal pregnancy

Lipschitz, D.A.; Cook, J.D.; Finch, C.A., 1975:
Ferritin in formed blood elements

Balasch, J.; Ibáñez, J.; Palacios, L., 1976:
Ferritin intestinal absorption

Layrisse, M.; Martínez-Torres, C.; Renzy, M.; Leets, I., 1975:
Ferritin iron absorption in man

Cavill, I.; Ricketts, C.; Napier, J.A.F.; Jacobs, A., 1977:
Ferrokinetics and erythropoiesis in man: red-cell production and destruction in normal and anaemic subjects

Srichaikul, T.; Siriasawakul, T.; Poshyachinda, M., 1976:
Ferrokinetics in patients with malaria: haemoglobin synthesis and normoblasts in vitro

Heinrich, H.C.; Gabbe, E.E.; Whang, D.H.; Bender Gotze, C.; Schafer, K.H., 1975:
Ferrous and hemoglobin-59Fe absorption from supplemented cow milk in infants with normal and depleted iron stores

Alhonen, P.; Koljonen, T.; Lahermo, P.; Uusinoka, R., 1975:
Ferruginous concretions around root channels in clay and fine sand deposits

Greeff, P.F., 1975:
Ferti-irrigation-application of fertilizer materials by means of micro-irrigation systems - part 2

Murawski, H., 1977:
Fertile amphidiploid hybrids from the cross between gooseberry (Ribes uva crispa L.) and black currant (Ribes nigrum L.)

Chaud Netto, J., 1976:
Fertile diploid drones in africanized honeybees, Apis mellifera adansonii

Petrov, D.F.; Fokina, E.S.; Zheleznova, N.B.; Belousova, N.I.; Laikova, L.I., 1974:
Fertile hybrids in advanced generations obtained by crossing maize with Tripsacum and some possibilities of using them in maize breeding

Szigat, G.; Wustrack, C., 1976:
Fertile species hybrids in barley (Hordeum bulbosum 'double arrow' H. vulgare)

Burton, G.W., 1977:
Fertile sterility maintainer mutants in cytoplasmic male sterile pearl millet

Fulka, J.; Motlik, J.; Pavlok, A.; Novotny, B., 1976:
Fertilisation after oestrus synchronisation in heifers with prostaglandin F2 alpha

Demarquilly, C., 1977:
Fertilisation and quality of forage

Miskovic, M., 1976:
Fertilisation in pigs. 1. Follicle development, oocyte maturation and ovulation

Miskovic, M., 1976:
Fertilisation in pigs. 2. Sperm transport and survival in female genitalia

Miskovic, M., 1976:
Fertilisation in pigs. 3. Sperm capacitation and the anatomy of fertilisation

Kann, M.L.; Fouquet, J.P.; Godard Siour, C.; Parez, M., 1976:
Fertilisation in the cow: first ultrastructural observations in vivo

Sreenivasan, A.; Pillai, V.K., 1976:
Fertilisation of fishery waters: experimental fertilization of a small reservoir

Serdyuk, S.; Makovetskii, T.; Nikonova, V., 1976:
Fertilisation of sows with different intervals between two inseminations

Moore, R.W.; Whyman, D., 1976:
Fertilisation rate of multiple and single ovulations by high and low fertility rams

Bakharitskii, V.V., 1976:
Fertiliser against the noxious pentatomid

Timmer, C.P., 1976:
Fertiliser and food policy in LDCs

Benzian, B.; Bolton, J.; Coulter, J.K., 1974:
Fertiliser effects on the growth and composition of Sitka and Norway spruce nursery transplants and on the composition of a podzol profile after 15 year cropping

McLean, F.C.; Jackson, N.E., 1975:
Fertiliser experiments in Guyana

Anonymous, 1976:
Fertiliser handling on the farm in Western Europe, the United States, Iran and Tunisia

Cherry, M., 1975:
Fertiliser prices will rise but UK outlook brighter

Ainsley, A., 1976:
Fertiliser recommendations for maize silage

Walsh, A., 1974:
Fertiliser requirements

Allbrook, R.F.; Stiefel, W., 1977:
Fertiliser requirements of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) under a haying regime on North Island sand country

Ryan, M., 1976 :
Fertiliser requirements of maize

Greenwood, D.J.; Cleaver, T.J.; Turner, M.K., 1974:
Fertiliser requirements of vegetable crops

Church, B.M.; Hills, M.G., 1977:
Fertiliser use on farm crops in England and Wales 1976 with comparative metric data from 1969

Adams, W.A., 1976:
Fertiliser use on sportsturf

Tunney, H., 1977:
Fertiliser value of animal manures

Binns, W.O., 1975:
Fertilisers in the forest : a guide to materials

Anonymous, 1976:
Fertilising ability of epididymal spermatozoa

Weitze, K.F.; Krause, D.; Hellemann, C., 1976:
Fertilising ability of frozen rabbit semen treated in different ways

Venev, S., 1975:
Fertilising ability of spermatozoa in bull semen contaminated with Aspergillus fumigatus spores

Kasymov, K.T.; Ashimov, Z.B., 1975:
Fertilising capacity of deep frozen ram semen

Thornton, I.R., 1977:
Fertilising citrus for maximum productivity

Bormotov, V.E.; Kuptsov, N.S.; Semerikhina, S.E., 1975:
Fertility and aneuploidy in small-celled and large-celled biotypes of autotetraploid sugar beet

Vaccaro, L. de; Garcia, M.; Bazan, O.; Bardales, E., 1977:
Fertility and body weight at first mating of zebu cattle grazing cleared jungle land in the Amazon

Eikje, E.D., 1975:
Fertility and breeding progress in sheep

Orozco Castano, F.J.; Cassalett Davila, C., 1975:
Fertility and diameter of pollen grains in an interspecific coffee hybrid

Holleman, K.A.; Biellier, H.V., 1976:
Fertility and embryonic livability as influenced by depth of insemination of turkey hens

Mohseni, M.; Motabar, M., 1976:
Fertility and family planning among nomads

Kaul, S.; Kala, K., 1977:
Fertility and family planning in a remote hill area in Himachal Pradesh

Borys, B.; Musial, A.; Osikowski, M., 1976:
Fertility and fecundity of F1 ewes obtained by crossing Merino ewes with mutton rams

Einarsson, S.; Olsson, B.; Bane, A.; Gustafsson, B., 1975:
Fertility and fertility problems in some beef herds in Sweden

Bocsa, I.; Kiskeri, R.; Hejja, S., 1975:
Fertility and fodder production of colchicine induced octoploid sainfoin

Wonkyi Appiah, J.B., 1975:
Fertility and germination in pisifera oil palm

Kumar, J.; Acharya, R.M., 1975:
Fertility and hatchability of indigenous and exotic breeds of chickens

Swan, S.E.J., 1976:
Fertility and hatchability of meat and egg strains of poultry in Fiji

Cavalchini, L.G., 1975:
Fertility and hatchability of turkey eggs stored for different periods

Carena, A., 1976:
Fertility and hatchability of turkey eggs. A summary of research carried out by the Fertility Section at the Institute for Experimental Zootechnics

Salvioli, R.A.; Dominguez, H.F.; Martin, G.O.; Rovella, G.A.; Suarez, L.A., 1974:
Fertility and inbreeding in Trichloris pluriflora Fourn

Jones, R.C., 1975:
Fertility and infertility in mammals in relation to sperm structure

Anonymous, 1976:
Fertility and infertility of domestic animals. Part 11. Proceedings of the 5th Conference of the Section for the Physiology and Pathology of Reproduction and Artificial Insemination of the Polish Veterinary Association, Olsztyn, 12-14 Nov. 1974

Paquignon, M.; Delahaye, C.; Bussiere, J.; Courot, M., 1976:
Fertility and litter size of sows inseminated with frozen semen: effect of time of insemination

Peters, E.J.; Lowance, S.A., .:
Fertility and management treatments eliminate broomsedge from pastures

Menne, A., 1977:
Fertility and milk production in cows after caesarean section, with special reference to early puerperium

Lotthammer, K.H.; Vierling, K., 1976:
Fertility and milk yields of German Black Pied (DSB) cattle and crosses with Holstein-Friesians (HF)

Dhaliwal, H.S., 1976:
Fertility and morphology of the synthetic amphiploids and the origin of tetraploid wheats

Paquignon, M.; Courot, M., 1975:
Fertility and prolificacy of sows inseminated with frozen boar semen

Rommel, W., 1976:
Fertility and reproductive disorders in dairy cattle in the Syrian Arab Republic (S.A.R.)

Black, S.A.; Kronis, H., 1973:
Fertility and toxicity of chemical sewage sludges

Skiebe, K., 1975:
Fertility and vegetative production in polyploid forms of meiotic and mitotic origin

Tikhonov, V.N.; Troshina, A.I., 1977:
Fertility and viability of three generations of hybrids between domestic and wild pigs with a different number of chromosomes

Craze, B., 1976:
Fertility assessment of yellow solodic soils from Reedy Creek catchment area

Meyer, J., 1976:
Fertility characters in mice of various inbred strains and their reciprocal crosses

Anonymous, 1977:
Fertility control and public health in rural China: unpublicized problems

Wiel, D.F.M. van de, 1976:
Fertility control in the cow by the progesterone-milk-test

Krausslich, H.; Osterkorn, K., 1976:
Fertility data and its evaluation in cattle

Macmillan, K.L.; Watson, J.D., 1975:
Fertility differences between groups of sires relative to the stage of oestrus at the time of insemination

Hanschke, G., 1976:
Fertility disturbances in cattle in Morocco

Torres, S.; Gerard, M.; Thibault, C., 1977:
Fertility factors in lactating rabbits mated 24 hours and 25 days after parturition

Elze, K.; Nitschke, B.; Strohbach, U., 1977:
Fertility following insemination according to signs of oestrus or a time schedule on two large-scale commercial pig farms

Serrano, G.; Sosa, G.; Rodriguez, J.E.; Fuentes, A., 1976:
Fertility in a herd of Holstein-Friesian and Brown Swiss cows in Venezuela

Holness, D.H.; Hurrell, A.D.; Hopley, J.D.H., 1976:
Fertility in beef cows after synchronisation of oestrus with prostaglandin F2 alpha and oestradiol benzoate

Luca, L.J.D.; Silva, J.H.; Grimoldi, R.J.; Capaul, E.G., 1976:
Fertility in cattle and the practical application of some blood values

Holness, D.H.; Hurrell, A.D., 1977:
Fertility in cows after synchronisation of oestrus with prostaglandin F2 alpha and oestradiol benzoate

Roche, J.F., 1976:
Fertility in cows after treatment with a prostaglandin analogue with or without progesterone

Stancher, P.; Carenzi, C.; Crimella, C., 1974:
Fertility in dairy cows. 1. Analyses of fertility as a function of insemination number

Ghiandoni, R.; Carenzi, C.; Crimella, C., 1974:
Fertility in dairy cows. 2. Analysis of fertility as a function of length of the oestrous cycle

Gilbert, A.B., 1976:
Fertility in female domestic poultry

Sengupta, B.P., 1975:
Fertility in relation to different haemoglobin variants in Hariana cows

Wilkinson, S.R.; Langdale, G.W., 1974:
Fertility needs of warm-season grasses

Leaver, J.D.; Mulvany, P.M.; Baishya, N.; Pope, G.S., 1976:
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Fertilization of cereals at higher concentrations in crop rotations in the mountain production zone

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Fertilization of sown pastures

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Fertilization of sugar beet

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Fertilization of sugar beet stecklings

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Fertilization of wheat in the South Central region

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Fertilization of wheat on brown forest soil

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Fertilization of winter wheat on eroded soils in the Greater Caucasus

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Fertilization rate and egg transport

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Fertilizer application for the establishment of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum.) in the Braganca region

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Fertilizer application in greenhouses by way of sprinkling irrigation

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Fertilizer application in the culture of woody nursery stock in containers

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Fertilizer application to a fodder crop rotation

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Fertilizer application to cooking and seed potatoes, on alluvial-meadow soils

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Fertilizer application to cotton on some soils of Portugese and Barinas States

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Fertilizer application to hemp on lowlands

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Fertilizer applications to rice in Taiwan

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Fertilizer balance, potassium uptake and restitution

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Fertilizer conditions affecting susceptibility to downy mildew disease Sclerospora philippinensis Weston, in resistant and susceptible materials of maize

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Fertilizer consumption forecast for 1980-1990

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Fertilizer consumption in Indian agriculture

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Fertilizer consumption, distribution and prices in APO member countries

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Fertilizer cum irrigation requirement of jute-paddy-wheat cropping pattern

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Fertilizer demand in the Asia rice economy

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Fertilizer distribution in Korea

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Fertilizer dose of CSH-5 sorghum in transition tract of Dharwar district can be reduced

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Fertilizing grassland for beef production

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Festuca arundinacea

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Festuca lapidosa, a neglected Illyrian endemic

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Festuca ovina L. var. Centro-apenninica n. var

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Fevers of hot climates

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Fewer mushrooms from using propoxur (= Undene)

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Fewer piglets per litter following insemination than after natural mating

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Fewer pigs in Denmark

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