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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 383

Chapter 383 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Olszon, E.; Isaksson, B.; Norrby, A.; Sölvell, L., 1978:
Food iron absorption in iron deficiency

Anonymous, 1975:
Food laws and regulations - Luxembourg

Anonymous, 1976:
Food legislation. Classified by foods. Supplement

Siegel, A.; Fawcett, B., 1976:
Food legume processing and utilization (with special emphasis on application in developing countries)

Bliss, F.A.; Hall, T.C., 1975:
Food legumes - compositional and nutritional changes induced by breeding

Swaminathan, M.S.; Jain, H.K., 1975:
Food legumes in Indian agriculture

Jalil, M., 1975:
Food legumes in Latin America

Anonymous, 1974:
Food legumes production systems. Artificial defoliation to estimate disease losses

Anonymous, 1974:
Food legumes production systems. Factors affecting nodulation of Phaseolus vulgaris

Anonymous, 1974:
Food legumes production systems. Tolerance to soil acidity

Sinha, S.K., 1977:
Food legumes: distribution, adaptability and biology of yield

Snyder, H.E., 1977:
Food losses - situation and opportunities for improvement

O.B.ien, M.; Fridley, R.B.; Claypool, L.L., 1978:
Food losses in harvest and handling systems for fruits and vegetables

Harp, H.; Badger, H., 1976:
Food marketing charges: their impact on retail prices

McIntosh, C.E., 1975:
Food marketing in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Roberts, W.D., 1975:
Food marketing problems

Anonymous, 1975:
Food marketing programs for improving human nutrition

Anonymous, 1975:
Food marketing systems in Asian cities. Case studies of 13 cities in Asia

Campbell, A.D., 1977:
Food mycotoxins survey and monitoring programs

Anonymous, 1977:
Food needs of developing countries: projections of production and consumption to 1990

Frith, H.J.; Wolfe, T.O.; Barker, R.D., 1976:
Food of eight species of Columbidae, in the genera Geopelia, Phaps, Geophaps and Petrophassa

Pinowska, B., 1975:
Food of female house sparrows (Passer domesticus L.) in relation to stages of the nesting cycle

Jovanovic, J., 1977:
Food of livestock origin as a carrier of pathogenic virus

Wieloch, M., 1975:
Food of nestling house sparrows, Passer domesticus L. and tree sparrows, Passer montanus L. in agrocenoses

Frith, H.J.; Brown, B.K.; Barker, R.D., 1974:
Food of the crested and common bronzewing pigeons in inland New South Wales

Bailey, P., 1976:
Food of the marine toad, Bufo marinus, and six species of skink in a cacao plantation in New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Webb, J.B., 1975:
Food of the otter (Lutra lutra) on the Somerset levels

Frith, H.J.; Barker, R.D., 1975:
Food of the plumed pigeons, Geophaps plumifera and G. ferruginea

Kore, B.A.; Joshi, M.C., 1975:
Food of the squid, Loligo duvauceli d'Orbigny

Swank, W.G., 1977:
Food of three upland game birds in Selengei area, Kajiado District, Kenya

Meisner, J.C., 1975:
Food or famine for the future

Anonymous, 1977:
Food outlook

Ruszkowski, A., 1970:
Food plants and economic importance of the bumble bees Bombus silvarum, B. equestris and B. ruderarius

Ruszkowski, A.; Bilinski, M., 1970:
Food plants and economic importance of the bumblebees Pomobombus and Confusibombus

Ruszkowski, A., 1970:
Food plants of Bombus lapidarius (L.) and its economic importance

Lange, E., 1974:
Food poisoning as a result of consumption of food in catering institutions, on the basis of a 10 yr analysis

Breukink, H.J.; Wagenaar, G.; Wensing, T.; Notermans, S.; Poulos, P.W., 1978:
Food poisoning in cattle caused by ingestion of brewers' grains contaminated with Clostridium botulinum type B

Laird, R.D.; Laird, B.A., 1977:
Food policies of governments

Anonymous, 1975:
Food policy - editorial aims

Scholz, H., 1976:
Food policy and agricultural policy in the economic system

Timmer, C.P., 1977:
Food policy in China

Mochida, K., 1975:
Food policy in Japan - an historical approach

Berger, S.; Beskid, L.; Bozyk, P.; Czaplak, T.; Dyka, S.; Glowacki, R.; Gulbicka, B.; Herer, W.; Hunek, T.; Kaminski, W.; Koz, C.; Krasinski, Z.; Krusze, N.; Leopold, A.; Machnowski, A.; Misiak, M.; Mlynarczyk, W.; Ostrowski, L.; Ozarowska, K.; Pajestka, J.; Polasinski, Z.; Ryc, K.; Sadowski, W.; Struzek, B.; Szymanski, W.; Urban, R.; et al, 1975:
Food policy in the Polish People's Republic

Seevers, G.L., 1976:
Food policy: implications for the food industry

Rothschild, E., 1976:
Food politics

Ross, M.H.; Bras, G., 1975:
Food preference and length of life

Sarin, K.; Saxena, S.C., 1975:
Food preference and site of damage to preferred products by Alphitobius diaperinus Panz

Iqbal, M.; Aziz, S.A., 1975:
Food preference of Spathosternum prasiniferum Walker (Orthoptera: Acridoidea)

Abushama, F.T.; Elkhider, E.T.M., 1976:
Food preference of the acridid grasshopper Truxalis grandis grandis (Klug)

Bassi, A., 1974:
Food preferences in the larvae of two moths: Spodoptera litura F. (Fam. Noctuidae) and Diacrisia obliqua Walk. (Fam. Arctiidae)

Bender, A.E., 1976:
Food preferences of males and females

Sehgal, V.K.; Bhattacharya, A.K.; Singh, K.N., 1975:
Food preferences of mustard sawfly grubs Athalia proxima Klug (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae)

Bhadresa, R., 1977:
Food preferences of rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus L. at Holkham sand dunes, Norfolk

Nieder, L.; Parisi, V.; Tosi, L., 1974:
Food preferences of some species of Collembola

Gill, A.E., 1977:
Food preferences of the California vole, Microtus californicus

Kamal, A.; Khan, J.A., 1977:
Food preferences of the India mole rat Bandicota bengalensis (Gray)

Theriot, R.F.; Sanders, D.R.; Sr, 1975:
Food preferences of yearling hybrid carp

Lorentzen, G., 1978:
Food preservation by refrigeration, a general introduction

Coduro, E., 1978:
Food preservative regulations

Anonymous, 1977:
Food price movements and prices received by producers in U.K

Mukhebi, A.W., 1976:
Food price spreads and the farmer's share of the consumer's food shilling

Polopolus, L., 1976 :
Food prices and policies: some domestic and international aspects

Anonymous, 1977:
Food prices and the end of transition: maximum increase of penny in the pound

Anonymous, 1975:
Food prices in outlying areas

Lipton, M.; Longhurst, R., 1975:
Food problems in South Asia 1975-90. A report on a conference held at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, November 18-19, 1974

Burki, S.; Goering, T., 1977:
Food problems in countries with low incomes

Burki, S.S.; Goering, T.J., 1977:
Food problems of the low-income countries

Leniger, H.A.; Beverloo, W.A., 1975:
Food process engineering

Frassine, W., 1977:
Food processing and food distribution in 1976

Kressin, W.F., 1976:
Food processing apparatus

Anonymous, 1977:
Food processing in Ireland. Achievements to 1976. Prospects to the early 1980's

Anonymous, 1977:
Food processing industries in the United Republic of Tanzania

Taylor, L.H., 1977:
Food product and method for preparing same

Jones, R.E.; Jago, D.F., 1977:
Food product coating apparatus

Sherwin, A.B., 1975:
Food product from flour and milk proteins

Chakravarty, S.; Guernier, M., 1976:
Food production and distribution

Luttrell, C.B., 1976:
Food production and prices. Perspective and outlook

Chandra, S.; Boer, A.J. de, 1976:
Food production efficiency in Fijian semi-subsistence agriculture

Anonymous, 1978:
Food production in the countryside. A discussion paper

Famoriyo, S., 1978:
Food production policies in Nigeria

Buringh, P., 1977:
Food production potential of the world

Anonymous, 1975:
Food products

Kremer, M., 1975:
Food products with a low calorie content, containing low-fat cheese

Whitaker, J.R.; Tannenbaum, S.R., 1977:
Food proteins

Jekat, F., 1977:
Food proteins from plants and their nutritional evaluation

Czaja, J.A., 1975:
Food rejection by female rhesus monkeys during the menstrual cycle and early pregnancy

Yagdyev, A.; Begov, P., 1976:
Food relations of common species of buprestids (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) in the Karakum desert

Olsen, F.W.; Hansen, R.M., 1977:
Food relations of wild free-roaming horses to livestock and big game, Red Desert, Wyoming

Meserve, P.L., 1976:
Food relationships of a rodent fauna in a California coastal sage scrub community

Watson, A., 1976:
Food remains in the droppings of foxes (Vulpes vulpes) in the Cairngorms

Hindmarsh, R.; Majer, J.D., 1977:
Food requirements of mardo (Antechinus flavipes (Waterhouse)) and the effect of fire on mardo abundance

Aylward, F., 1978:
Food resources and food processing in Europe: some interrelationships

Anonymous, 1977:
Food resources of the sea: some economic problems relating to their utilization

Suarez, O., 1976 :
Food restriction and lighting in the fattening of broilers

Krieger, I., 1974:
Food restriction as a form of child abuse in ten cases of psychosocial deprivation dwarfism

Kolawole, M.I., 1974:
Food retailing in Nigeria

Kolawole, M.I., 1976:
Food retailing in Western Nigeria

Young, S.; Reeves, A., 1975:
Food retailing margins in France

Fox, B.A.; Cameron, A.G., 1977:
Food science - a chemical approach

Weckstein, R.S., 1977:
Food security: storage vs exchange

Gangwere, S.K.; Morales Agacino, E., 1973:
Food selection and feeding behaviour in Iberian Orthopteroidea

Anonymous, 1977:
Food selection by mink

Listov, M.V., 1975:
Food selectivity and choice of oviposition substrate of Tribolium destructor Uytt. (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)

Schaefer, A.; Piquard, F.; Haberey, P., 1976:
Food self-selection during spontaneous body weight variations in the dormouse (Glis glis L.)

Kloft, W.J.; Robinson, F.A., 1976:
Food sharing behavior among caged workers of different races and species of honey bees - Apis sp

Block, C.E.; Kellerman, B.J., 1977:
Food shopping efficiency among the rural poor: an exploratory inquiry

Ladejinsky, W., 1976:
Food shortage in West Bengal

Gleim, K.H., 1976:
Food sources of the honeybee colony

Chernikov, M.P.; Stan, E.Y.; Smirnova, L.I.; Usacheva, N.T., 1978:
Food specific role of caseins

Mittelhammer, R.; West, D.A., 1975:
Food stamp participation among low-income households: theoretical considerations of the impact on the demand for food

Mara, M.J.; Brown, E.E., 1976:
Food stamp participation: Ware county, Georgia 1975

Millo, L., 1977:
Food standardization in Latin America

Simpson, C.D., 1974:
Food studies on the Chobe bushbuck, Tragelaphus scriptus ornatus Pocock, 1900

Ulbricht, G., 1978:
Food substitution and changes in consumption

Leslie, K.A.; Rankine, L.B., 1975:
Food supplies in the Commonwealth Caribbean: the case of Jamaica

Baines, A.H., 1977:
Food supplies in the United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1976:
Food supplies: the outlook for Britain

Arouna, N., 1977:
Food supply and demand in the Yaounde region

Fallon, P.J., 1974:
Food supply and nutrition

Morgan, W.B., 1977:
Food supply and staple food imports of tropical Africa

Anonymous, 1977:
Food supply in terms of calories, proteins and fat, per caput per day

Swedborg, E., 1975:
Food supply in the Soviet Union during the first half of the 1970s

Anonymous, 1976:
Food supply: calories, proteins and fat per caput per day

Cohn, T., 1977:
Food surpluses and Canadian food aid

Hubbard, A.W., 1978:
Food surveillance in the UK

Giec, A.; Kosikowski, F.V., 1978:
Food syrup production from acid cheese whey permeates

Matsudaira, T.; Sasaki, I.; Uoya, S., 1975:
Food taste for 3-year-old children. 2. Especially on the change degree of taste by the mother's cooking method

Smith, D.B., 1975:
Food technology in the Philippines

Astrup, P., 1977:
Food today and its relationship to the development of heart and vascular disorder

Buchler, E.R., 1975:
Food transit time in Myotis lucifugus Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae

Roberts, P.O., 1975:
Food transport in the 1980s

Grabarnik, I.; Kochetov, S., 1976:
Food transportation in containers and packages

Anonymous, 1977:
Food trends

Baker, J.E., 1975:
Food utilization by Attagenus megatoma and Anthrenus flavipes. only

Baker, J.E.; Schwalbe, C.P., 1975:
Food utilization by larvae of the furniture carpet beetle, Anthrenus flavipes

Parent, G.; Thoen, D., 1978:
Food value of edible mushrooms from Upper-Shaba region

Verma, S.C., 1977:
Food value of potato

Mehrotra, O.N.; Tripathi, R.D.; Srivastava, G.P.; Misra, M.C., 1975:
Food value of some guar (Cyamopsia psoralioides) varieties

Piana, G.; Piva, G.; Santi, E.; Postiglioni, L., 1972:
Food value of the protein fraction of cashew nuts (Anacardium occidentale L.). 2

Desroches, R., 1977:
Food value. A new criterion for ryegrass selection

Moroz, Z.; Tikhomirova, A.; Drozdova, N., 1976:
Food waste and peat in rations for fattening pigs

Harrison, G.G.; Rathje, W.L.; Hughes, W.W., 1975:
Food waste behavior in an urban population

Caceres, O.; Aragon, E., 1977:
Food waste supplemented with balanced concentrate for fattening ducks from one day of age

Singer, D.; Smart, G., 1977:
Food waste survey unit

Cohen, J.E., 1977:
Food webs and the dimensionality of trophic niche space

Matthews, R.H.; Garrison, Y.J., 1975:
Food yields summarized by different stages of preparation

Hunek, T., 1975:
Food, agriculture and the countryside in Poland

Vermeer, D.E., 1976:
Food, farming, and the future: the role of traditional agriculture in the developing areas of the world

Grant, J.P., 1975:
Food, fertilizer and the new global politics of resource scarcity

Davies, N.B., 1976:
Food, flocking and territorial behaviour of the pied wagtail (Motacilla alba yarrellii Gould) in winter

Johnston, B.F., 1977:
Food, health, and population in development

White Spunner, D., 1976:
Food, land and people in the modern world. Part II - the Rhodesian picture

Higuera Ciapara, I., 1977:
Food, population and employment: prospects in Mexico

Sai, F.T., 1977:
Food, population and politics

Handler, P., 1976:
Food, population and quality of life

Binns, C.W., 1976:
Food, sickness and death in children of the highlands of Papua, New Guinea

Collins, J.D., 1978:
Food-borne antibiotic residues and their control

Anonymous, 1976:
Food-borne microorganisms of public health significance. Specialist course for the food industry. No. 6. Vol. 1. Characteristics and significance of microorganisms in foods

Anonymous, 1976:
Food-borne microorganisms of public health significance. Specialist course for the food industry. No. 6. Vol. 2. Methods for the microbiological examination of food

Mabry, P.D.; Campbell, B.A., 1975:
Food-deprivation-induced behavioral arousal: mediation by hypothalamus and amygdala

Cieleszky, V.; Soós, K., 1975:
Food-hygienic aspects of the organochlorine restriction program in Hungary

Knape, G.; Schulze, W.D.; Schmidt, A.; Grube, R., 1975:
Food-induced beak deformities in Leghorn chicks

Barbiroli, B.; Monti, M.G.; Moruzzi, M.S.; Tadolini, B.; Mezzetti, G., 1976:
Food-induced changes in UV-absorption spectra of isolated chromatin from liver of rats under controlled feeding schedules

Grosse, W.R., 1974:
Food-intake and feeding rhythm in the larvae of Calliphora erythrocephala Meig. (Diptera, Calliphoridae)

Abushama, F.T.; Ahmed, A.A., 1976:
Food-plant preference and defense mechanism in the Lygaeid bug Spilostethus pandurus (Scop.)

Kan, A.A.; Ibraimova, K.I., 1975:
Food-plants of root-aphids in Kirgizia

Smith, J.N.M.; Sweatman, H.P.A., 1974:
Food-searching behavior of titmice in patchy environments

Gilbert, J.D.; Francke, A., 1976:
Food-technological possibilities of vegetable proteins

Tanco, A.R.Jr, 1976:
Food: directions for the year 2000

Thakur, D.S., 1974:
Foodgrain marketing efficiency: a case study of Gujarat

Parthasarathy, G.M.dahar, M., 1976:
Foodgrain prices and economic growth

Etienne, G., 1977:
Foodgrain production and population in Asia: China, India and Bangladesh

Wearmouth, W.G., 1978:
Foodpack 77 spotlight on advances in product coding systems

Knox, E.G., 1977:
Foods and diseases

Cole, L.R., 1975:
Foods and foraging places of rats (Rodentia: Muridae) in the lowland evergreen forest of Ghana

Van der Horst, R.L., 1976:
Foods for infants allergic to cow's milk

Abrahamsson, L., 1978:
Foods for infants and children in developing and industrialized countries

Lance, A.N.; Mahon, G., 1975:
Foods of a marginal red grouse population in Western Ireland

Wallestad, R.; Peterson, J.G.; Eng, R.L., 1975:
Foods of adult sage grouse in central Montana

Krapu, G.L., 1974:
Foods of breeding pintails in North Dakota

Hansen, R.M.; Clark, R.C., 1977:
Foods of elk and other ungulates at low elevations in northwestern Colorado

Hansen, R.M., 1976:
Foods of free-roaming horses in southern New Mexico

McDonald, I.W.; Scott, T.W., 1977:
Foods of ruminant origin with elevated content of polyunsaturated fatty acids

Sotala, D.J.; Kirkpatrick, C.M., 1973:
Foods of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in Martin County, Indiana

Hansen, R.M.; Clark, R.C.; Lawhorn, W., 1977:
Foods of wild horses, deer and cattle in the Douglas Mountain area of Colorado

Anonymous, 1976:
Foods. Climatic environment and cold storage times

Ostrowski, Z.L., 1978:
Foods. Tables of nutritive values

Ostrowski, Z.L., 1978:
Foods. Tables of nutritive values. Baby foods prepared industrially

Unklesbay, N.F.; Maxcy, R.B.; Knickrehm, M.E.; Stevenson, K.E.; Cremer, M.L.; Matthews, M.E., 1977:
Foodservice systems: product flow and microbial quality and safety of foods

Marks, D., 1978:
Foodservice: industry gusher or billion-dollar dry well?

Carpenter, R.P.; Weddle, R.B.; Wood, F.W., 1976:

Anonymous, 1973:
Foodstuff (first amendment) rules, 1973

Katz, I.; Pittet, A.O.; Wilson, R.A.; Evers, W.J., 1976:
Foodstuff flavoring methods and compositions

Berendt, M., 1976:
Foodstuffs and consumer protection. Community legislation present and future

Anonymous, 1976:
Foodstuffs, agricultural raw materials

Rao, N.S.R.K.; Subrahmanyam, P., 1976:
Foot and bulb rot of Ornithogalum virens

Coudert, M.; Dannacher, G.; Fedida, M.; Peillon, M., 1975:
Foot and mouth disease immunity in the calf. Optimum time of first vaccination

Martel, J.L., 1976:
Foot and mouth disease in Ethiopia. Serological and immunological study of a type A foot and mouth disease virus strain

Neugebauer, W., 1976:
Foot and mouth disease in bears (Ursus thibetanus)

Onufriev, V.P.; Murav' ev, V.K.; Pronin, I.A., 1978:
Foot and mouth disease vaccines - the basis for preventing infection (and passage of the virus in mice)

Denoya, C.D.; Scodeller, E.A.; Gimenez, B.H.; Vasquez, C.; Torre, J.L. la, 1978:
Foot and mouth disease virus. I. Stability of its ribonucleic acid

Anonymous, 1975:
Foot and mouth disease. Articles in data bank

Saxena, V.B.; Tripathi, S.S.; Verma, M.C.; Singh, R., 1976:
Foot and mouth vaccination stress in Red Dane, Jersey and Murrah (buffalo) bulls

Matta, A., 1977:
Foot canker of Capsicum: a topical problem still

Reschke, M.; Rieth, G., 1978:
Foot rot in winter rye in light sandy soil - biological and economical effects of chemical control

Shukla, D.N.; Bhargava, S.N., 1975:
Foot rot of Celosia - a new disease

Anonymous, 1978:
Foot-and-mouth disease

McVicar, J.W.; Sutmoller, P.; Ferris, D.H.; Campbell, C.H., 1974:
Foot-and-mouth disease in white-tailed deer: clinical signs and transmission in the laboratory

Anonymous, 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines. I. Comparison of vaccines prepared from virus inactivated with formalin and adsorbed on aluminium hydroxide gel with saponin and virus inactivated with acetylethyleneimine and emulsified with incomplete Freund's adjuvant

Anonymous, 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease vaccines. II. Studies on the duration of immunity in cattle and pigs

Rivenson, S.; Ibarra, O.; Gaggino, O.P.; Laporte, O.; Garcia Olano, H.; Pizzi, J.C.M.rangunich, L.; Callis, J.J.; McKercher, P.D.; Graves, J.H.; Bachrach, H.L.; Cowan, K.M.; Cunliffe, H.R., 1977:
Foot-and-mouth disease: a vaccine study

Gomes, I.; Astudillo, V., 1975:
Foot-and-mouth disease: evaluation of mouse protection test results in relation to cattle immunity

Sinha, V.C.; Bahadur, P.; Upadhyaya, Y.M., 1975:
Foot-rot of aster

Kelsey, M.P.; Motes, J.E., 1976:
For Pick-your-own operations. Computing production costs of fruits and vegetables

Miliev, K., 1976:
For a higher tomato earliness index

Feder, E., 1977:
For and against the peasantry. Three different (but not incompatible) theories on the destruction of the peasantry. Part 1

Cawley, R.W., 1977:
For bread or feed?

Cauderon, Y.; Dosba, F., 1977:
For breeding new cultivated species: interspecific crosses

Novozhilov, K.V.; Smirnova, A.A.; Smirnova, I.M.; Kornilov, V.G., 1976:
For control of the meadow pyralid

Doikova, M., 1976:
For higher eggplant yield and quality

Anonymous, 1975:
For increased food production - from the 1974 White paper on agriculture

Siddiq, E.A.; Singh, V.P.; Puri, R.P., 1977:
For kharif and summer two early maturing fine-grained rice varieties

Sipos, G., 1975:
For maximum maize yields in 1975

Chadha, K.L.; Shikhamany, S.D.; Melanta, K.R., 1974:
For pineapple yield and quality type and size of planting material vital

Anonymous, 1975:
For quality in jack fruit

Chopra, D.P.; Mital, S.P., 1976:
For rainfed areas a range of cowpea

Bhatt, J.G., 1975:
For rainfed cottons low concentration sprays of diammonium phosphate

Anonymous, 1977:
For richer, for poorer

Cojocaru, I.; Balota, V., 1977:
For the first time in Romania an isolation of the Trichophyton soudanense

Voshchinskaya, M.V., 1977:
For the orchards of Rostov province

Chumakova, A., 1975:
For the successful production of Phytophthora-resistant potato varieties

Gasanov, G.M., 1977:
For the suppression of Fusarium disease of watermelon

Rogers, H.H., 1976:
Forage Crops Department

Crowder, L.V.; Chheda, H.R., 1977:
Forage and fodder crops

Savinova, V.M., 1974:
Forage and green manure importance of different parts of lupin plants

Durham, A.J.J.; Kothmann, M.M., 1977:
Forage availability and cattle diets on the Texas coastal prairie

Schupp, A.R.; Bidner, T.D.; Carpenter, J.C.J., 1978:
Forage beef and the consumer: phase II

Shenk, J.S., 1975:
Forage breeding guidelines for the potential economic benefits of improving yield and quality

Anonymous, 1974:
Forage crop production in the aspen parklands of Western Canada

Rohweder, D.A., 1977:
Forage crop varieties and seeding mixtures for 1977

Mansat, P., 1977:
Forage crops and water

Whilding, R., 1975:
Forage crops for profitable winter milk production

Fortmann, H.R., 1974:
Forage crops seed usage in the northeastern United States

Desai, S.N., 1974:
Forage evaluation of four summer annuals at four harvest stages under different nitrogen levels

Tinnimit, P., 1974:
Forage evaluation using various laboratory techniques

Anonymous, 1974:
Forage fertilization

Wiggins, E.L., 1975:
Forage finished beef in southeastern United States

Horn, F.P.; Taliaferro, C.M., 1976:
Forage finishing - now or never?

Kernick, M., 1978:
Forage genetic resources in N. Africa, Near and Middle East - a special area of concern

Talamucci, P.; Falcinelli, M., 1977:
Forage grass seed production

Keuren, R.W. van, 1975:
Forage grasses and legumes yield hay the seeding year

Anonymous, 1974:
Forage harvesting in the aspen parklands of Western Canada

Anonymous, 1976:
Forage intake and digestibility

Ventura Salgado, M., 1974:
Forage intake and its relation to the chemical composition of the diet and some physiological factors in sheep

Kartchner, R.J., 1975:
Forage intake and related performance criteria of spring and fall calving cow-calf pairs on summer range

Rotar, P.P.; Tamimi, Y.N.; Younge, O.R.; Izuno, T., 1976:
Forage legume production trials at the Volcano Research Station, Island of Hawaii

Rogers, H.H., 1976:
Forage legumes

Hewitt, G.B.; Burleson, W.H.; Onsager, J.A., 1976:
Forage losses caused by the grasshopper Aulocara elliotti on shortgrass rangeland

Peteva Vantcheva, Z.; Platikanov, N., 1976:
Forage maize in the rations of dairy cows and fattening cattle in Bulgaria

Whitney, A.S., 1974:
Forage management and utilization research program Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station

Marten, G.C.; Andersen, R.N., 1975:
Forage nutritive value and palatability of 12 common annual weeds

Eagles, H.A.; Taylor, A.O., 1976:
Forage oat varieties for the North Island with emphasis on disease resistance

Bonomi, A., 1978:
Forage of maize at the waxy stage in rations for pregnant sows. Experiment

Papoutsi Kostopoulou, E., 1976:
Forage oilseed brassicas as crops grown for the production of winter fresh feed

Nelson, C.J.; Asay, K.H.; Baldridge, J.D.; Matches, A.G.; Randall, D.D.; Wheaton, H.N.; Coutts, J.H.; Mitchell, M.L.; Wilhelm, W.W.; Freidrich, J.W.; Brown, P.E., .:
Forage physiology research

Katznelson, J.S., 1977:
Forage plant breeding at Newe Ya'ar - aims and methods

Anonymous, 1976:
Forage plant improvement and seed production

Gupta, R.K.; Bhadoria, B.K.; Joshi, S.V.; Prasad, J., .:
Forage poisoning in livestock investigation on the toxicity of Acacia leucophloea and Rumex dentatus

Laissus, R., 1974:
Forage possibilities of Yorkshire fog

Trongkongsin, K.; Norman, B.; Norman, M.J.T., 1976:
Forage potential of annual legumes grown in the dry season under irrigation

Rumburg, C.B.; Siemer, E.G., 1975:
Forage production and quality

Quinones, F.A., 1977:
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Forage sorghum

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Forage species evaluation

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Forage swede rape and summer swede rape (Brassica napus L. ssp. oleifera (Metzg.) Sinsk.)

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Forage systems for lactating dairy cows

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Forage towers

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Forage utilization, daily intake, and nutrient value of desert ranges

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Forage yield and quality of alfalfa following late fall applications of 2,4-D or 2,4-DB

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Forage yield potential of some grasses

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Forages for central and western Oklahoma and Texas

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Forages in Kentucky

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Foraging and homing flight of the honeybee: some general problems of orientation

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Foraging patterns of nonhuman primates and the nature of food preferences in man

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Foraging range of Apis mellifera L. on berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum L.) at Ludhiana

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Foraging strategies in bees

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Force characteristics of some rear skids of the rotary tiller. Part 1

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Force parameters in barking wood

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Force required to liberate conidia

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Force required to tear off the cones of Pinus sylvestris, Picea abies and Larix decidua and its significance for mechanical collection

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Forced moult in different strains of layers

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Forced moult of hens as an aid in the evaluation of genotype in selection

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Forced moulting of dwarf broiler mothers

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Forced moulting of layers

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Forced vibrations and resonant vibrations of circular sawblades for log conversion. 3. Resonant speeds of rotation of asymmetrical vibrations

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Forced-air cooling of bell peppers in bulk

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Forced-convection water-vapour transfer across the boundary layer on the flat leaf model of small dimensions

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Forces acting between muscle filaments. III. A mathematical computation of the resting elasticity of bee wing muscle

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Forces in penetration end jointing

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Forces in the orthogonal cutting of rootwood and stemwood from a ponderosa pine tree

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Forces influencing rural community growth

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Forces of change in subsistence agriculture, Papua New Guinea

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Forces of production and enterprise concentration in agricultural co-operatives

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Forcing botanical tulips

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Forcing lettuce and protecting endive with PE and PVC films in Slovenia

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Forcing narcissi

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Forcing of hydrangeas

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Forcing of rhubarb

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Forcing of tulips in various substrates and boxes of different height

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Forcing performance of Scottish grown tulips

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Forcing squash and cucumber

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Forcing techniques for witloof chicory roots continue to develop

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Forcing tulips in peat

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Forcing witloof chicory in containers

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Forearm glucose uptake during glucose tolerance tests in chronic alcoholics

Anonymous, 1978:
Forecast 1978

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Forecast and control of nutritional diseases in plants

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Forecast demand for technical means of agricultural production until 1990

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Forecast for use of fruit and flavors in cultured products

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Forecast for wheat production and consumption in Kathmandu valley

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Forecast occurrence and distribution of pests of agricultural crops in the year 1978

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Forecast of Phytophthora disease of tomato

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Forecast of annual dairy products consumption from now through 1981

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Forecast of food demand to 1985/86

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Forecast of harmfulness of common scab

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Forecast of real price ratio of fruit based on consumers' preference measured in market test

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Forecast of the appearance of pests and diseases of crops

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Forecast of the development of downy mildew of sunflower (Plasmopara helianthi Novot. f.sp. helianthi)

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Forecast of wood consumption in the German Federal Republic for the period 1980-1985

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Forecasting Cs137 migration in soils

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Forecasting U.S. export unit values

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Forecasting and projection in the agricultural sector. A collection of conference papers

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Forecasting and warning service of pests of hops

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Forecasting aphis, painted bug and sawfly on mustard crop

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Forecasting attack by apple fruit moth (Argyresthia conjugella). Results from 1974 and forecast for 1975

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Forecasting by computer

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Forecasting capital input for beef production

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Forecasting changes in the agricultural structure: three system simulation models

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Forecasting consumer responses to milk price increases

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Forecasting crop quality

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Forecasting dicrocoeliosis

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Forecasting dictyocauliasis in sheep

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Forecasting dormancy in barley - ten years experience

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Forecasting for Australian agriculture

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Forecasting forage yield from precipitation in California's annual rangeland

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Forecasting helminth infections in ruminants

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Forecasting how bees will overwinter

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Forecasting in agriculture: the case of beef

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Forecasting in forestry

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Forecasting incidence and issuing warnings for sugar beet leaf spot (Cercospora beticola Sacc.) in Yugoslavia

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Forecasting labour resources in agriculture

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Forecasting methods in codling moth control

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Forecasting monthly orders for Southern Pine lumber

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Forecasting moths with sex pheromone traps in Hungary

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Forecasting of Thrips tabaci

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Forecasting of agricultural production

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Forecasting of relative change in the value added of agriculture per person employed in 1976

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Forecasting parasitic disease outbreaks

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Forecasting pink bollworm emergence by thermal summation

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Forecasting plan indexes of production

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Forecasting run-off volumes for the drainage of peat lands

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Forecasting rural road travel in developing countries from studies of land use

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Forecasting spring populations of tortricids in orchards

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Forecasting sugar beet yield by means of agro-economic functions

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Forecasting survival of newly planted Spruce by measuring water potential

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Forecasting systems for regulating pig-production in private farms

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Forecasting the hardiness of bees

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Forecasting the antimalarial activities of arylamidinoureas from their measured physicochemical properties

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Forecasting the beginning of wind erosion

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Forecasting the cone crop of Pinus sylvestris

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Forecasting the demand for fruit

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Forecasting the development of the agro-industrial sector

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Forecasting the development of the apple tortricid in the Crimea

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Forecasting the harvest

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Forecasting the incidence of parasitic gastroenteritis in lambs in England and Wales

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Forecasting the infestation of sowings by the cotton bollworm

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Forecasting the injuriousness of larvae of Zabrus tenebrioides

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Forecasting the need for irrigating tea by means of leaf cell sap concentration

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Forecasting the numbers of the flea Xenopsylla conformis in the Volga-Ural sands

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Forecasting the optimum composition of components for mixed sowings of annual forage crops

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Forecasting the peak of gastrointestinal nematode infection in lambs

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Forecasting the size of the United Kingdom pig breeding herd

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Forecasting the spatial distribution of agricultural production using activity analysis models

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Forecasting wholesale prices of meats in the United Kingdom: an exploratory assessment of some alternative econometric models

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Forecasting winter wheat yields in relation to heat conditions in winter and spring

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Forecasting yields of vegetables, illustrated by an example with late white cabbage

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Forecasts in the cattle market

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Forecasts of massive outbreaks of forest fires on the basis of an analysis of atmospheric precipitation

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Forecasts of the attack potential and amount of work needed for control of the cereal bug (Eurygaster sp.) in Romania

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Forecasts of the development of the world food situation up to 1985

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Forecasts of the noxious pentatomid

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Foreign agricultural trade and its importance to Louisiana

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Foreign aid is unnecessary

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Foreign aid to the small farmer. The El Salvador experience

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Foreign and harmful matter. Effect on animal health and the composition of feedingstuffs of animal origin

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Foreign animal disease control programs in the United States

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Foreign bodies in bovine teats

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Foreign body reactions induced by fungi irradiated in space

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Foreign contracts like the Wola project may have a positive effect on the Norwegian home market

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Foreign currency credit financing of industrialized agricultural production

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Foreign exchange clones: eighth report

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Foreign spring-wheat varieties in Belorussia

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Foreign studies on forest fires, published in 1973-1974

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Foreign trade and self-reliance in China - an introduction

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Foreign trade in agricultural products between the EEC and Austria

Anonymous, 1978:
Foreign trade in dairy products in 1977

Anonymous, 1972:
Foreign woods imported into Japan

Anonymous, 1977:
Foremost Dairy Plant plastic blow-molding operation is success

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Forensic aspects of veterinary obstetrics

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Forensic chemical studies on drugs. III. Gas chromatography of reduction products of the herbicides diquat and paraquat with sodium tetrahydroborate-transition metal salts (nickel chloride)

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Forensic chemical studies on drugs. IV. Determination of morfamquat in aqueous herbicide preparation by gas chromatography

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Forensic entomology and medicine. Study of necrophilous insects and Acarina to determine the date of death

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Forerunners of pesticides in classical Greece and Rome

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Foreseeable out-migration from agriculture in Upper Austria

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Forest Research Review (for year ended March, 1977)

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Forest Research and Training Centre, Cuba. Forest genetics and biometrics

Anonymous, 1976:
Forest Resource Management.

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Forest aspects of the Aargau land consolidation project

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Forest accessibility and timber extraction in the catchment area of the R. Salza in relation to the development of forest management

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Forest and land use

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Forest and pastoral areas: forest pasture

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Forest and shade trees - new host records

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Forest and the problem of deserts

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Forest and wilderness areas. Recreation areas and forest reserves on state land

Anonymous, 1975:
Forest and wildlife problems

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Forest application of the insecticide fenitrothion and its effect on wild bee pollinators (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) of lowbush blueberries (Vaccinium spp.) in southern New Brunswick, Canada

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Forest associations in the Stara Planina I (Siroke Luke) forest complex in E. Serbia and their silvicultural problems

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Forest associations of the southern Cariboo Zone, British Columbia

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Forest bee-keeping in the Carpathian basin

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Forest biomass and whole-tree utilization

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Forest biomass inventory: the basis for complete-tree utilization

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Forest biomass utilization and nutrient budgets

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Forest biometry between ecology and economy

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Forest bogs in the northwestern part of the Chernigov Poles'e

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Forest borders; environmental effects, growth and yield

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Forest climate survey in experimental forest

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Forest communities of Pieniny National Park (western Carpathians)

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Forest consolidation at Cravant-Saint-Benoit (Indre-et-Loire)

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Forest cooperatives - their role in the planning of forestry work

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Forest cover photo-interpretation key for the mountain forest habitat region in Alabama

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Forest decisions legalized by the Swiss Federal Court

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Forest development and research in Brazil

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Forest development in India - a quantitative measure

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Forest disease and insect conditions in Japan

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Forest drainage experience in forest enterprises of the Minsk region

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Forest economics: the 'do-it-yourself' financial toolkit

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Forest enterprises of the future

Lobovikov, T.S., 1977:
Forest enterprises of the future, and the renewal of forest resources

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Forest entomology at the VII Session of the VEO

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Forest entomology in Cuba

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Forest entomology in Nigeria

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Forest esthetics - the key is management

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Forest exploitation . The future and the forest

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Forest fertilising in Great Britain

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Forest fertilization and water quality

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Forest fertilization and water quality in the North Carolina Piedmont

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Forest fertilization in Ardenne: a discussion

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Forest fertilization in Ireland

Anonymous, 1975:
Forest fertilization in N. America

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Forest fertilization in Sweden 1974

Holmen, H., 1977:
Forest fertilization in Sweden 1976

Holmen, H., 1978:
Forest fertilization in Sweden in 1977

Holmen, H., 1976:
Forest fertilization in Sweden, 1975

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Forest fertilization today and in the future - a position survey

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Forest fertilizing with urea and environmental conservation

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Forest fire and big game in the Pacific northwest

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Forest fire danger charts and weather records held by the Information Centre

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Forest fire fighting manual

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Forest fire losses insurable, but prevention measures best

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Forest fire meteorology research network

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Forest fire protection in Chile. Its development and an analysis of the present situation

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Forest fire protection in the Neath district of South Wales

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Forest fire research. Nursery problems. Congress Group 8

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Forest fire suppression with artificially-induced precipitation from clouds

Anonymous, 1976:
Forest fires - prevention and control

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Forest fires and cumulus clouds

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Forest fires and damage by Rhizina undulata

Gremmen, J., .:
Forest fires and the danger of Rhizina undulata

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Forest fires in the province of Matera

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Forest fires. Insurance and risk

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Forest fires. Part 1

Anonymous, 1975:
Forest fires. Part 2

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Forest fires: experiments on suppressing fires in brush, woodland and forest

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Forest flora of Nichlaul - III. Phytosociological studies

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Forest fuels in unthinned radiata pine stands

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Forest genetics. Congress Group 4

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Forest grazing

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Forest growth potentials of sandy podzols in the south-western Archangelsk region

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Forest tree seed

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Forest tree seed orchards

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Forest tree seed. Provenances of pedunculate oak

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Forest tree seed. Provenances of sessile oak and red oak

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Forest trees

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Forest trees

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Forest trees of Ghana

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Forestry '76

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Forestry '77

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Forestry Project VII

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Forestry education

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Forestry encouragement loans for local authorities

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