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Chapter 386

Fusiform rust infection and recovery of slash pine vary with inoculum density

Dinus, R.J.; Snow, G.A.; Griggs, M.M.

Proceedings of the American Phytopathological Society 2: 133


Accession: 000385777

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Open-pollinated seedlings from a moderately resistant and a susceptible Pinus elliottii tree were inoculated with four concentrations of Cronartium fusiforme basidiospores. Variation among pine families and inoculum densities (ID) was assessed in terms of seedlings galled 6 months after inoculation, gall lengths and seedlings recovering from infection. Seedlings from the moderately resistant parent were consistently more resistant regardless of the variable observed, but the ability to distinguish between families was affected by ID. Family differences were largest at the lowest ID and decreased with increasing ID. Most seedlings with small galls were free of symptoms and living hyphae 38 months after inoculation.

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