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Chapter 388

Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. I. On the origin of the cytoplasm of Aegilops triuncialis L

Endo, T.R.; Tsunewaki, K.

Seiken Ziho (25/26): 55-66


Accession: 000387411

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Ae. triuncialis (2n = 28, genome constitution CCCuCu) is known to be an amphidiploid between Ae. caudata (2n = 14, CC) and Ae. umbellulata (2n = 14, CuCu). The genetic characteristics of the cytoplasms of Ae. caudata, Ae. umbellulata, Ae. triuncialis, and a synthetic Ae. triuncialis (2n = 28, CCCuCu), which is an amphidiploid produced from the cross Ae. caudata female X Ae. umbellulata male , were compared with a view to establishing the origin of the cytoplasm of Ae. triuncialis. These cytoplasms were substituted into the T. aestivum varieties Jones Fife and Selkirk and into T. spelta var. duhamelianum (all 2n = 42 AABBDD) by successive back crosses.

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