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Chapter 388

Genetic diversity of the cytoplasm in Triticum and Aegilops. II. Comparison of the cytoplasms between four 4x Aegilops Polyeides species and their 2x relatives

Mukai, Y.; Tsunewaki, K.

Seiken Ziho (25/26): 67-78


Accession: 000387412

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A normal strain of the T. aestivum variety Chinese Spring (CS) (AABBDD) was compared with its six cytoplasm substitution lines carrying the cytoplasms of Ae. umbellulata (CuCu), Ae. speltoides (SS), Ae. biuncialis (CuCuMbMb), Ae. ovata (CuCuMoMo), Ae. kotschyi (CuCuSvSv) and Ae. variabilis (CuCuSvSv). The seven cytoplasms were genetically characterized by the differences in their effects on 27 characters of wheat and their genetic relatedness was estimated.

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