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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 398

Chapter 398 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Waldman, M.; Rikin, A.; Dovrat, A.; Richmond, A.E., 1975:
Hormonal regulation of morphogenesis and cold resistance. 2. Effect of cold-acclimation and of exogenous abscisic acid on gibberellic acid and abscisic acid activities in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) seedlings

Hanisch ten Cate, C.H.; Berghoef, J.; Hoorn, A.M.H. van der; Bruinsma, J., 1975:
Hormonal regulation of pedicel abscission in Begonia flower buds

Bruinsma, J.; Karssen, C.M.; Benschop, M.; Dort, J.B.V.n, 1975:
Hormonal regulation of phototropism in the light-grown sunflower seedling, Helianthus annuus L.; immobility of endogenous indoleacetic acid and inhibition of hypocotyl growth by illuminated cotyledons

Malik, C.P.; Chhabra, N., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of pollen germination and pollen tube elongation in Arachis hypogaea Reitz

West, N.O.; Nordan, H.C., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of reproduction and the antler cycle in the male Columbian black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus). Part I. Seasonal changes in the histology of the reproductive organs, serum testosterone, sperm production, and the antler cycle

West, N.O.; Nordan, H.C., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of reproduction and the antler cycle in the male Columbian black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus). Part II. The effects of methallibure and hormone treatment

Zvereva, G.V.; Ala Kurbanov, S.B.; Rizaev, K.S., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of reproduction in Karakul sheep

Burstrom, H.G.; Svensson, S.B., 1974:
Hormonal regulation of root development

Tosh, S.; Choudhuri, M.A.; Chatterjee, S.K., 1977:
Hormonal regulation of senescence in fruits of Trichosanthes dioica Roxb

Zvereva, G.V.; Ata Kurbanov, S.B.; Rizaev, K.S., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of sexual development in Karakul ewes

Holdcraft, R.W.; Braun, R.E., 2004:
Hormonal regulation of spermatogenesis

Oka, T.; Perry, J.W.; Kano, K., 1977:
Hormonal regulation of spermidine synthase during the development of mouse mammary epithelium in vitro

Farmahan, H.L.; Pandey, R.M., 1976:
Hormonal regulation of the lag phase in seeded and seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.)

Steinberger, E., 1975:
Hormonal regulation of the seminiferous tubule function

Oka, T.; Perry, J.W., 1977:
Hormonal regulation of the two forms of arginase isozymes and their functional roles during the development of mouse mammary gland in vitro

Poczopko, P.; Uliasz, M., 1975:
Hormonal regulation of thermogenesis in goslings. Possible role of catecholamines

Chen, A.C.; Friedman, S., 1977:
Hormonal regulation of trehalose metabolism in the blowfly Phormia regina Meig.: effects of cardiacectomy and allatectomy at the subcellular level

Halevy, A.H.; Biran, I., 1975:
Hormonal regulation of tuberization in dahlia

Chailakhyan, M.Kh, 1976:
Hormonal regulators of plant flowering

Truman, JW., 1978:
Hormonal release of stereotyped motor programmes from the isolated nervous system of the cecropia silkmoth

Shabde, M.; Murashige, T., 1977:
Hormonal requirements of excised Dianthus caryophyllus L. shoot apical meristem in vitro

Cantley, T.C.; Garverick, H.A.; Bierschwal, C.J.; Martin, C.E.; Youngquist, R.S., 1975:
Hormonal responses of dairy cows with ovarian cysts to GnRH

Pearson, A.J.; Kilgour, R.; Langen, H.D.; Payne, E., 1977:
Hormonal responses of lambs to trucking, handling and electric stunning

Cohen, D., 1975:
Hormonal responses to environmental stress - a review

El' chaninov, V.; Ponkratov, V.; Nefed, L., 1976:
Hormonal stimulation and synchronisation of oestrus in suckled cows

Paducheva, A.L.; Yakubov, B.Z., 1977:
Hormonal stimulation of lambing

Lamprecht, S.A.; Kohen, F.; Ausher, J.; Zor, U.; Lindner, H.R., 1976:
Hormonal stimulation of oestradiol-17 beta release from the rat ovary during early postnatal development

Ustinov, A.T.; Kolonbaev, Z.K., 1975:
Hormonal stimulation of oestrus in beef cows

Faradzhev, A.; Elashvili, R., 1976:
Hormonal stimulation of sexual maturity in heifers

Gerken, B.; Hughes, P., 1976:
Hormonal stimulation of the biosynthesis of sex-specific volatile materials in bark-beetles

Thibier, M., 1976:
Hormonal studies

McNeil, R.J., 1975:
Hormonal studies of flowers and developing fruit of the highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum L.)

Sucupira, M.S.; Pupo, A.A., 1976:
Hormonal studies of patients with Schistosoma mansoni infection and delayed puberty and short stature

Albert Bernal, A., 1976:
Hormonal treatment and accelerated ripening of medlar. Summary of a 3-year study

Goren, R., 1976:
Hormonal, anatomical and enzymatic aspects of abscission in citrus

Piper, E.L.; Williams, R., 1974:
Hormonal-induced lactation in dairy cows

Romanova, L.V.; Tkachenko, V.N., 1974:
Hormone activity of potato species and other plants in different conditions of photoperiod and temperature

Fleisher, M.; Schwartz, M.K., 1975:
Hormone analysis: bioassay and immunochemical methodology

Hart, I.C.; Bines, J.A.; Balch, C.C.; Cowie, A.T., 1975:
Hormone and metabolite differences between lactating beef and dairy cattle

Fairclough, R.J., 1975:
Hormone changes around bovine parturition

Smith, J.F.; Fairclough, R.J.; Peterson, A.J., 1975:
Hormone changes during bovine luteolysis and oestrus

Gunzler, O.; Jochle, W., 1977:
Hormone combination for the treatment of ovarian cysts in the cow (case report)

Kemper, A.; Wildenhahn, V.; Lyhs, L., 1975:
Hormone concentrations in the plasma of pigs kept under different management systems

Hoffmann, B.; Heinritzi, K.H.; Kyrein, H.J.; Oehrle, K.L.; Oettel, G.; Rattenberger, E.; Vogt, K.; Karg, H., 1976:
Hormone concentrations in tissues, plasma and urine of fat calves treated with hormone-active anabolics

Hobson, W.; Bailey, J.; Fuller, G.B., 1977:
Hormone effects of zearalenone in nonhuman primates

Willett, L.B.; Smith, K.L.; Schanbacher, F.L., 1976:
Hormone induced lactation in the bovine III. Dynamics of injected and endogenous hormones

Erb, R.E.; Malven, P.V.; Monk, E.L.; Mollett, T.A.; Smith, K.L.; Schanbacher, F.L.; Willett, L.B., 1976:
Hormone induced lactation in the cow. IV. Relationships between lactational performance and hormone concentrations in blood plasma

Middelkoop, J.H. van; Beuving, G., 1976:
Hormone levels as related to multiple ovulations

Yuthasastrakosol, P., 1976:
Hormone levels in ewes

Amarbaev, A.S.M.; Abbasov, B.K.; Kuanyshbekov, B.M., 1975:
Hormone levels in the blood of fat-rumped sheep in relation to improvement using Edilbaevs

El' Miziad, M.A., 1977:
Hormone pattern characteristics of high-yielding Kholmogor cows

Munk, W.J. de, 1977:
Hormone preparations make for good growth acceleration

Coutts, J.R., 1976:
Hormone production by the ovary

Miller, B.G.; Murphy, L.; Stone, G.M., 1977:
Hormone receptor levels and hormone, RNA and protein metabolism in the genital tract during the oestrous cycle of the ewe

Nordmann, J.J., 1975:
Hormone release and Ca uptake in the rat neurohypophysis

Webb, R.; Haynes, N.B.; Lamming, G.E.; Waters, R., 1976:
Hormone status during the early post-partum period

Patrick, J.W., 1976:
Hormone-directed transport of metabolites

Retnakaran, A., 1975:
Hormone-mimetic and pharmacological effects of some juvenile hormone analogs on the embryonic respiration of the spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana (Clemens)

Steinberg, D.; Khoo, J.C., 1977:
Hormone-sensitive lipase of adipose tissue

Cameron, J.A.; Rivera, E.M., 1975:
Hormone-stimulated lipid synthesis in mammary culture

Cuendet, G.S.; Loten, E.G.; Cameron, D.P.; Renold, A.E.; Marliss, E.B., 1975:
Hormone-substrate responses to total fasting in lean and obese mice

Anonymous, 1974:
Hormones and cancer

Hall, M.A., 1976:
Hormones and differentiation in plants

Davey, K.G., 1976:
Hormones and hormonal effects in parasitic nematodes

de Wilde, J.; Wirtz, P., 1974:
Hormones and polymorphism of insects

Signoret, J.P., 1976:
Hormones and reproductive behaviour in domestic ungulates

Davey, K.G., 1976:
Hormones in nematodes

Henson, I.E.; Wheeler, C.T., 1977:
Hormones in plants bearing nitrogen-fixing root nodules: gibberellin-like substances in Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn

Henson, I.E.; Wheeler, C.T., 1977:
Hormones in plants bearing nitrogen-fixing root nodules: metabolism of zeatin in root nodules of Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn

Henson, I.E.; Wheeler, C.T., 1977:
Hormones in plants bearing nitrogen-fixing root nodules: partial characterisation of cytokinins from root nodules of Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn

Henson, I.E.; Wheeler, C.T., 1976:
Hormones in plants bearing nitrogen-fixing root nodules: the distribution of cytokinins in Vicia faba L

Wheeler, C.T.; Henson, I.E., 1978:
Hormones in plants bearing nitrogen-fixing root nodules: the nodule as a source of cytokinins in Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn

Pal, B., 1976:
Hormones in protein-calorie malnutrition

Fedorova, A.I., 1977:
Hormones in the cambial tissues of Larch trees differing in growth rate

Cowie, A.T.; Swinburne, J.K., 1977:
Hormones, drugs, metals and pesticides in milk: a guide to the literature

Lipsett, M.B., 1975:
Hormones, nutrition, and cancer

Hoskins, D.D.; Casillas, E.R., 1975:
Hormones, second messengers, and the mammalian spermatozoon

Duren, E.P., 1976:
Horn fly control with insecticidal-salt

Wandelt, P.; Surewicz, W.; Kryczka, M., 1976:
Hornbeam wood as raw material for production of bleached kraft pulp

Goldfarb, S., 1975:
Horner's syndrome

Jones, B.R.; Studdert, V.P., 1975:
Horner's syndrome in the dog and cat as an aid to diagnosis

Goody, P.C., 1976:
Horse anatomy. A pictorial approach to equine structure

Badr, A.M.; E.D.n, N.A.N.; Abdel Gawad, A.M., 1974:
Horse bean plant as affected by some agricultural practices

Nechaev, I.N., 1975:
Horse breeding for meat (free range)

Krasnikov, A., 1976:
Horse breeding in Denmark

Ivanov, N., 1975:
Horse breeding in Yakutia

Koveshnikov, V.S.; Osintsev, N.S., 1974:
Horse breeding in the Altai foothills

Koveshnikov, V., 1975:
Horse breeding in the Mongolian Democratic Republic

Anonymous, 1978:
Horse breeding in the Netherlands

Farkas, L', 1976:
Horse chestnut

Hauser, R.W., 1976:
Horse diseases. Supervision of the health of mares, sterility in mares, foal diseases, foal orthopaedics, legal liability for injections. 4th meeting of the Horse Diseases Section of the German Veterinary Association, Munich, 1975

Andersen, T.; Kauri, H., 1977:
Horse flies (Dipt., Tabanidae) new to Norway

Burger, J.F., 1975:
Horse flies of Arizona. IV. Notes on and keys to the adult Tabanidae of Arizona, subfamily Tabanidae, genus Tabanus (Diptera)

Dassonville, A., 1973:
Horse meat production in France

Gunarova, V.; Petrvalsky, V., 1974:
Horse-flies (Tabanidae, Diptera) of the families Haematopota Meig. and Heptatoma Meig. of the steppe zone in Slovakia on grazing cattle

Patel, K.M.; Johnson, J.A., 1975:
Horsebean protein supplements in breadmaking. 2. Effect on physical dough properties, baking quality, and amino acid composition

Cepelak, J.; Gunarova, V.; Husarova, A., 1974:
Horseflies (Diptera, Tabanidae) of the central Slovakian district

Palmer, R.D.; Miears, F., 1975:
Horsenettle control in pastures of Sabine County, Texas

Bizheva, N.; Madzharova, D., 1977:
Horseradish cultivars and their mechanized culture

Innes, N.L.; Hardwick, R.C., 1975:
Horses for courses in the bean field

Anonymous, .:
Horticultural Division. Nutrition and growth studies with oil poppies

Dorovic, V.; Hadrovic, H., 1975:
Horticultural and biological properties of some summer apple varieties grown in the vicinity of Pec

Popa, S.; Isac, I.; Georgescu, F., 1977:
Horticultural and viticultured problems in the Moldavian SSR

Anonymous, 1976:
Horticultural crops in a Mediterranean climate: 25 hectares of experimental crops in Abu Dhabi Emirate

Anonymous, 1975:
Horticultural crops. Summary of experiments, studies and surveys, 1975

Sharga, A.N., 1975:
Horticultural description and performance studies of some dahlia cultivars

Norman, J.C.; Godfrey Sam Aggrey, W., 1974:
Horticultural education, research and enterprises in Ghana

Leong, W.; Yoon, P.K., 1975:
Horticultural manipulations to modify branching habits in hevea

Molnar, B., 1975:
Horticultural meeting 1974

Anonymous, 1974:
Horticultural research reports for 1974 of the experiment stations and demonstration farms of the Rhineland Department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1975:
Horticultural research reports for 1975 of the experiment stations and demonstration farms of the Rhineland Department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1976:
Horticultural research reports for 1976 of the experimental stations and demonstration farms of the Rhineland Department of Agriculture

Anonymous, 1976:
Horticultural research reports for 1977 of the experiment stations and demonstration farms of the Rheinland Department of Agriculture

Tindall, H.D., 1976:
Horticultural training in tropical Africa

Crabtree, G., 1976:
Horticultural weed control in Oregon

Anderson, R.W.; Longmuir, N.L.; Daniel, R.D., 1978:
Horticulture and special crops

Anderson, R.W.; Longmuir, N.L.; Teeter, N.J., 1975:
Horticulture and special crops (December 1975)

Rae, A.N., 1977:
Horticulture and the New Zealand economy - some suggested developments in horticultural economics

Rae, A.N., 1978:
Horticulture and the New Zealand economy. Some suggested developments in horticultural economics

Overcash, J.P., 1975:
Horticulture develops new strawberry cultivar

Bhuleshkar, A.V., 1977:
Horticulture in N.E. region

Nichols, M.A., 1977:
Horticulture in New Zealand

Kagina, A., 1976:
Horticulture in Rwanda

Salinger, J.P., 1975:
Horticulture in a developing society

Folley, R.R.W., 1974:
Horticulture in the EEC: policy from first principles

Anonymous, 1975:
Horticulture in the GDR.

Beal, P.R., 1976:
Horticulture in the dry tropics

Hammerton, J.L., 1975:
Horticulture programme

Holtzhausen, L.C., 1977:
Horticulture quo vadis?

Ockwell, T.; Bell, P., 1976:
Horticulture special

Oyer, E.B., 1976:
Horticulture's action band in the spectrum of the World's food supply

Anonymous, .:
Horticulture. Research report 1975

Ruck, H.C., 1976:
Horticulture: a select bibliography

Perry, J.H.; Box, C.O., 1974:
Horticulturists study use of gibberellic acid and chilling on azaleas

Enloe, C.F.Jr, 1977:
Hospital malnutrition

Sorokin, M., 1975:
Hospital morbidity in the Fiji islands with special reference to the saccharine disease

Davies, P.; Nicholas, W.L.; Beard, T.C., 1977:
Hospital records of hydatid disease in Victoria for 1970 to 1974

Eads, R.B.; Borom, M., 1975:
Host and distributional records for the tick Amblyomma inornatum (Banks) (Acarina: Ixodidae), with descriptions of the immature stages

Lorio, P.L.J.; Hodges, J.D., 1974:
Host and site factors in southern pine beetle infestations

Bol, J.F.; Clerx-van Haaster, C.M.; Weening, C.J., 1976:
Host and virus specific RNA polymerases in alfalfa mosaic virus infected tobacco

Goldring, O.L.; Sher, A.; Smithers, S.R.; McLaren, D.J., 1977:
Host antigens and parasite antigens of murine Schistosoma mansoni

Reisen, W.K.; Basio, R.G.; Pollard, T.J.; Libay, J.L., 1975:
Host associations of small mammal ectoparasites collected in the Orient

Espaine, L.; Breza, M.; Jurasek, V., 1975:
Host capacity of Dermestes larvae for biohelminths

Baudoin, M., 1975:
Host castration as a parasitic strategy

Vasilev, I., 1976:
Host categories based on host-parasite relationships and their role in the ontogenesis of helminths

Kabil, S.M., 1976:
Host complement in the schistosomal tegument

Clarke, D.D.; Baines, P.S., 1976:
Host control of scopolin accumulation in infected potato tissue

David, B.V.; Ananthakrishnan, T.N., 1976:
Host correlated variation in Trialeurodes rara Singh and Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Aleyrodidae: Homoptera: Insecta)

Katz, M.; Stiehm, E.R., 1977:
Host defense in malnutrition

Rouse, B.T.; Babiuk, L.A., 1975:
Host defense mechanisms against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus. II. Inhibition of viral plaque formation by immune peripheral blood lymphocytes

Virelizier, J.L., 1975:
Host defenses against influenza virus: the role of anti-hemagglutinin antibody

Prokopy, R.J.; Haniotakis, E.G., 1976:
Host detection by wild and lab-cultured olive flies

Ormieres, R.; Marques, A., 1976:
Host fixation of some dactylophorid gregarines, parasitic in chilopod myriapoda. Ultrastructural study

Rabinowitz, S.G., 1976:
Host immune responses after administration of inactivated Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus vaccines. I. Description and characterization of adoptive transfer by immune spleen cells. II. Kinetics of neutralizing antibody responses in donors and adoptively immunized recipients

Bogucki, M.S.; Seed, J.R., 1976:
Host immunoglobulins associated with Trypanosoma brucei gambiense from a non-responsive host

Klas, F.E., 1976:
Host induced changes of the virulence of eggplant mosaic virus (EMV)

Mooi, J.C., 1977:
Host infection in incompatible interactions between R10 genotypes of potato and races of Phytophthora infestans

Eskafi, F.M., 1976:
Host instar, habitat, and host exposure affecting parasitization by Hexacola sp. near websteri of Hippelates collusor

Knapp, V.R., 1974:
Host list of Indiana aphids (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Kinzer, HG.; Reeves, JM.; Atmar, JW., 1978:
Host location by the horn fly: field evaluation of an artificial device for measuring attraction to various stimuli

Shiff, C.J., 1972:
Host location of schistosome miracidia

Oteifa, B.A.; Elgindi, A.Y., 1974 :
Host nutrition in relation to infection by the reniform nematode Rotylenchulus reniformis

Tachikawa, T., 1974:
Host of the Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Basu, T.; Mukherjee, K.L., 1977:
Host parasite relationship in bird malaria

Palmieri, J.R., 1975:
Host parasite relationships and intraspecific variation in the strigeoid trematode Posthodiplostomum minimum (Trematoda: Diplostomatidea )

Oku, H.; Ouchi, S., 1976:
Host plant accessibility to pathogens

Holl, F.B., 1975:
Host plant control of the inheritance of dinitrogen fixation in the Pisum-Rhizobium symbiosis

Vickerman, GP., 1978:
Host plant preferences of Oscinella spp. (Diptera: Chloropidae) in the laboratory

Verma, A., 1976:
Host plant records of sugarcane mite, Schizotetranychus andropogoni Hirst

Nielsen, J.K., 1977:
Host plant relationships of Phyllotreta nemorum L. (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). I. Field studies

Perrin, R.W., 1976:
Host plant relationships of the cowpea pod borer, Cydia ptychora (Meyr.)

Nilakhe, S.S., 1975:
Host plant resistance and ecological studies on the rice stink bug Oebalus pugnax (Fabricius)

Kennedy, G.G., 1976:
Host plant resistance and the spread of plant viruses

Maxwell, F.G.; Adkisson, P.L., 1976:
Host plant resistance to cotton insects

Plage, R.F., 1975:
Host plant resistance to the greenhouse white fly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum Westw.) in the tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and related species, especially Solanum pennellii Correll

Sharma, G.C., 1975:
Host plant resistance to the sorghum shootfly, Atherigona soccata (Rondani) and its genetic analysis

Dafauce, C.; Cadahia, D., 1977:
Host plant selection by Cryptorrhynchus lapathi L. (poplar weevil)

Center, T.D.; Johnson, C.D., 1976:
Host plants and parasites of some Arizona seed-feeding insects

Greig, J.W., 1976:
Host plants of Fomes annosus in Great Britain

Srivastava, A.S.; Awasthi, B.K.; Nigam, P.M., 1975:
Host plants of Heliothis armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Stelter, H.; Engel, K.H., 1975:
Host plants of Heterodera rostochiensis Woll. (race A) and Heterodera pallida (race E) from the family Solanaceae

Milne, D.L.; Keetch, D.P., 1975:
Host plants of Radopholus similis in Natal

Massfeller, D., 1976:
Host plants of fireblight and their importance in the dispersal of the disease

Guagliumi, P.; Tenorio, E.C.; Menezes, C.; Boas, A.M.V., 1972:
Host plants of froghoppers (Cercopidae)

Joseph, E., 1977:
Host plants of pear fireblight

Cross, W.H.; Lukefahr, M.J.; Fryxell, P.A.; Burke, H.R., 1975:
Host plants of the boll weevil

Jackson, G.C.; Woodbury, R.O., 1976:
Host plants of the carpenter bee, Xylocopa brasilianorum L. (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in Puerto Rico

Bene, G.B. del, 1974:
Host plants of the race of Ditylenchus dipsaci which infests bean

Pereira, M.C.L.S.; Santos, M.S.N. de A., 1974:
Host plants of the stem nematode (Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Dimitrov, A., 1977:
Host plants of the tobacco thrips in Bulgaria

Vacke, J., 1972:
Host plants range and symptoms of wheat dwarf virus

Zavortink, T.J., 1975:
Host plants, behavior, and distribution of the eucerine bees Idiomelissodes duplocincta (Cockerell) and Syntrichalonia exquisita (Cresson) (Hymenoptera: Anthophoridae)

Pandey, P.N., 1977 :
Host preference and selection of Diaphania indica Saunders (Lep., Pyralidae)

Okiwelu, S.N., 1977:
Host preference and trypanosome infection rates of Glossina morsitans morsitans Westwood in the Republic of Zambia

Choi, S.Y.; Lee, H.R., 1976:
Host preference by the small brown planthopper and green rice leafhopper on barley and water foxtail (I)

Chand, P., 1975:
Host preference in Diacrisia obliqua Walker (Lepidoptera-Arctiidae) in the field

Chakraborty, N.K.; Pandey, P.K.; Chatterjee, S.N.; Singh, A.B., 1976:
Host preference in Diaphorina citri Kuwayama, vector of greening disease of citrus in India

Little, D.W. de; Madden, J.L., 1976:
Host preference in the Tasmanian eucalypt defoliating Paropsini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) with particular reference to Chrysophtharta bimaculata (Olivier) and C. agricola (Chapuis)

Pandey, P.N., 1975:
Host preference of Argina cribraria Clerk (Lepidoptera)

Srivastava, J.B.; Saxena, B.P., 1976:
Host preference of solanaceous medicinal plants by Epilachna vigintioctopunctata F. (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) and fate of solasodine in the damaged leaves of Solanum aviculare Forst

Waghmare, S.S.; Pokharkar, R.N., 1974:
Host preference studies of Aphis craccivora, Koch

Pinger, R.R.; Rowley, W.A., 1975:
Host preferences of Aedes trivittatus (Diptera: Culicidae) in central Iowa

Morgan, F.D.; Suratmo, F.G., 1976:
Host preferences of Hypsipyla robusta (Moore) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in West Java

Phillips, P.A.; Barnes, M.M., 1975:
Host race formation among sympatric apple, walnut, and plum populations of the codling moth, Laspeyresia pomonella

Prochazkova, Z., 1977:
Host range and complex character of tobacco mosaic virus strain from Plantago major found in Southern Bohemia

Stary, P., 1974:
Host range and distribution of Monoctonus nervosus (Hal.) (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae)

Hiruki, C., 1975:
Host range and properties of tobacco stunt virus

Kolte, S.J.; Nene, Y.L., 1975:
Host range and properties of urd bean leaf crinkle virus

Dickinson, C.H.; Greenhalgh, J.R., 1977:
Host range and taxonomy of Peronospora on crucifers

Oran, Y.K., 1974:
Host range and the distribution of the powdery mildews in Turkey

Ershad, D.; Barkhordary, M., 1974:
Host range and vectors of Nematospora coryli Peglion in Kerman of Iran

Hendricks, L.D., 1977:
Host range characteristics of the primate coccidian, Isospora arctopitheci Rodhain 1933 (Protozoa: Eimeriidae)

Smith, A.W.; Madin, S.H.; Vedros, N.A.; Bankowski, R.A., 1977:
Host range comparisons of five serotypes of caliciviruses

Srivastava, R.C., 1978:
Host range of Achlya caroliniana Coker on certain fresh water fishes

Srivastava, R.C., 1978:
Host range of Achlya orion Coker & Couch on certain freshwater fishes

Srivastava, G.C.; Srivastava, R.C., 1977:
Host range of Achlya prolifera (Nees) de Bary on certain fresh water teleosts

Hasan, A.; Khan, M.W.; Khan, A.M., 1975:
Host range of Coccinia isolate of Colletotrichum lagenarium

Lal, S.; Tripathi, H.S., 1977:
Host range of Curvularia pallescens, the incitant of leaf spot of maize

Rath, G.C., 1975:
Host range of Cuscuta chinensis

Somerfield, K.G., 1976:
Host range of Rhicnopeltella spp, (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Srivastava, G.C.; Srivastava, R.C., 1977:
Host range of Saprolegnia ferax (Gruith) Thuret on certain fresh water teleosts

Gangadharan, K.; Ayyavoo, R.; Muthuswamy, M., 1974:
Host range of groundnut mosaic virus of Tamil Nadu

Nault, L.R.; Gordon, D.T.; Robertson, D.C.; Bradfute, O.E., 1976:
Host range of maize chlorotic dwarf virus

Koshy, P.K.; Sosamma, V.K., 1975:
Host range of the burrowing nematode Radopholus similis (Cobb, 1893) Thorne, 1949

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Host responses

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Host-parasite relationships in the vector

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Host-Pathogen Interactions: XI. Composition and Structure of Wall-released Elicitor Fractions

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Hosts of Meloidogyne sp. on American beachgrass

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Hot press formulations of GNCP blended animal glue for the manufacture of CWR grade plywood

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Hot water and chemical dips for nematode control in tubers of Dioscorea rotundata Poir

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Hot water treatment of Irwin mango fruit to reduce anthracnose decay

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Hot-air drying of sugar beet tops for feeding purposes

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Hot-and-cold open-tank impregnation of small roundwood

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Hot-fill packaging of cheese slices

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Hot-melt glue for assembly of corner mitre joints in cabinet furniture

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Hot-setting tannin-urea-formaldehyde exterior wood adhesives

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Hot-water treatment of vine propagating material - urgently necessary in RSA

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House longhorn or innocuous forest insect?

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Household studies workshop

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Households' self-sufficiency and production

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Housing density for broilers

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Housing density of broilers

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Housing female arctic foxes together with their cubs

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Housing for all

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Housing for beef cattle

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Housing needs and satisfactions of rural North Carolina families

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Housing of sows and boars in individual boxes contributes to higher efficiency

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Housing of weaned piglets: effects on performance of rearing on floors or in batteries, the ambient temperature and diet

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Housing poultry in cages

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Housing structures for suckling cows and calves

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Houttuynia streptopelli a new cestode from Egyptian doves Streptopelia senegalensis

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Hover-flies (Syrphidae, Diptera) destroying aphids on maize

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How Capitol Milk converts a 150000 ppm BOD tiger into a 300 ppm BOD kitten

Anonymous, 1975:
How Detroit Pure Milk wins college market

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How European cheese plants save costs in whey processing through reverse osmosis system

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How I designed a new dairy unit

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How NPK influenced barley

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How Taiwan's agriculture meets challenges in the course of accelerated economic development

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How Tongil triggered a Korean rice revolution

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How Wegmans introduced U.P.C. on milk cartons

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How adjusting fiber acidity improved strength of dry-formed hardboards

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How agribusiness operates in underdeveloped agricultures: Harvard Business School myths and reality

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How agriculture is becoming an advanced section of socialist society

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How an agricultural advisory problem in Morocco was solved

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How an important dairy company makes consumer contact and provides information

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How apple yield is related to fluctuations in the weather

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How are we to maintain plantation standards?

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How best to apply Varroatin

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How biological weed control is working

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How birds breathe: correlation of radiographic with anatomical and pathological studies

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How can 'countryside' be defined, and why?

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How can British agriculture benefit from the expansion of tourism?

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How can a hive be weighed without difficulty or expense?

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How can artificial materials help a rational use of water?

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How can it be called yoghurt if it has been sterilised?

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How can modern agriculture produce in a way that is healthy and friendly to the environment?

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How can one monitor mineral nutrition and fertilization of market garden crops?

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How can one prevent bud drop in Aeschynanthus pulcher?

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How can rates and time of nitrogen applications affect yield of cotton at various planting dates

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How can sheep be induced to produce more eggs. III. The influence of feeding

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How can soil profiles damage or destroy?

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How can storage rots be avoided? Favourable and unfavourable factors during the growing and storage period of seed potatoes

Ackermann, H.H.; Trappmann, W.; Finke, K., 1975:
How can the economics of piglet production be improved?

Gaumitz, B.; Haschke, P., 1976:
How can the efficiency of wood transport be raised?

Quast, P., 1976:
How can we combat bitter pit in apples?

Handler, P., 1977:
How can we cope with the threat of food shortages at the world level?

Schmeling, J., 1975:
How can we make sure that forest owners can in future meet the demand for industrial wood in the W. German wood-consuming industries?

Goodenough, P.W., 1976:
How chilled storage affects the physiology of mushrooms

Ames, G.C., 1976:
How commercial banks finance small farmers through agricultural credit cooperatives in India

Frisque, G.; Arnott, J.T., 1974:
How containers affect tubed seedlings 5 years after planting

Saal, H., 1975:
How cooperative uses high-speed fat-test system

Evans, S.B.ll, T., 1978:
How cotton acreage, yield, and production respond to price changes

Rosen, H.N., 1974:
How craftsmen and home hobbyists can make and use wood-plastic composite materials

Adams, P., 1978:
How cucumbers respond to variation in nutrition

Marble, V.L., 1974:
How cutting schedules and varieties affect yield, quality, and stand life

Ward, B., 1977:
How deserts grow. Giving ground

Ewertson, G., 1976:
How did Tellus perform in the drought year of 1975 compared with the other new barley varieties?

Elterich, J.G.; Bieker, R.F., 1976:
How differences in state unemployment insurance provisions would affect benefit payments to agricultural workers

Waaijenberg, D., 1977:
How dirty does double glass become?

Hahn, D.E.; Schuermann, W.S., 1976:
How do Ohio farmers choose hybrid seed corn?

Chataigner, J.; Cordier, 1974:
How do farmers react to a specific development project? Telepromotion rurale

Cayrol, J.C., 1975:
How do nematodes persist in the soil?

Wenk, P., 1977:
How do parasites affect their hosts? The role of the immune reaction in parasite-host relationships

Zatyko, L., 1975:
How do we force bunched capsicums?

Wertheim, S.J.; Nijsse, F.; Joosse, M.L., 1975:
How do we make one-year feathered apple tree?

Roy, D.F., 1975:
How do we manage understocked stands?

Huidobro, J.G., 1976:
How do you irrigate wheat in our Central Zone?

Goodall, G.E.; Zentmyer, G.A., 1973:
How do you thin a root rot replant block?

Kroger, M., 1975:
How do you want your yoghurt, with or without bacteria? A review of the controversy

Kroger, M., 1976:
How do you want your yogurt: With or without bacteria?

Helberg, B.E.; Neuberger, E.D.; Simmons, W.B., 1977:
How do your pulping methods compare to 125 kraft mills in the United States and Canada? (3). Continuous digesters pulping sawdust and shavings

Feder, E., 1976:
How does agribusiness operate in underdeveloped agricultures? Harvard Business School myths and realities

Anonymous, 1976:
How does early weaning affect the flock?

Vincent, J.F.V., 1975:
How does the female locust dig her oviposition hole?

Hartl, D.L., 1977:
How does the genome congeal?

Kofranek, A.M.; Farnham, D.S.; Acatti Garbaldi, E.; Sachs, R.M., 1976:
How effective are fluorescent lamps for a chrysanthemum night break?

Cropp, R.A.; Graf, T.F., 1975:
How effective is dairy promotion and advertising?

Cropp, R.A.; Graf, T.F., 1976:
How effective is dairy sales promotion and advertising?

Awa, N.E.; Crowder, L. van, 1978:
How extension stacks up

Brossmann, L., 1976:
How far can gravity chutes replace road-building on steep slopes?

Thompson, A.R., 1977:
How far free? International networks of constraint upon national education policy in the Third World

Paviour Smith, K., 1976:
How far has Cryptostroma corticale spread in Britain?

Elbert, S.; Colman, G.P., 1975:
How farm families make decisions. The Roots

Naumenko, A.I.; Kirpa, N.Y., 1975:
How frosts affect the sowing qualities of the seeds in high-lysine maize

Heinowicz, Z., 1974:
How genetic information can be translated into the spatial pattern of cellular differentiation

Goddrie, P.D.; Dieren, J.P.A. van, 1977:
How good do colour and reputation taste

Koenen, K., 1976:
How good really is German whipping cream?

Hack, H., 1974:
How great is the latitude in timing the application of Tribunil for the control of annual grass weeds and broad-leaved weeds in winter cereals?

Klatt, W., 1976:
How green a revolution? Review article

Carlson, W.H., 1976:
How growth retardants affect seed geranium varieties

Procter, A.R.; Mohr, K.A., 1975:
How hardwoods respond to H2S pretreatment kraft pulping

Hadorn, H. et al., 1976:
How hazelnuts behave under different storage conditions

Moffett, J.O.; Morton, H.L., 1975:
How herbicides affect honey bees

Bickert, W.G.; Armstrong, D.V., 1977:
How herringbone and side-opening parlors compare

Osgood, R.V.; Floresca, E.; Hilton, H.W., 1976:
How important is nutsedge competition with sugarcane?

Sibly, R., 1975:
How incentive and deficit determine feeding tendency

Warrington, A.J., 1977:
How inflation affects our farms

Cottington, L.B., 1976:
How intervention underpins the beef market

Shirk, G., 1977:
How it came out: soybean prices

Papenhagen, A., 1977:
How justified is light controlled temperature for ornamental plants?

Anonymous, 1978:
How long before wormy pastures become safe?

Kellner, N.; Jacobs, F.J., 1978:
How long do the spores of Nosema apis take to reach the ventriculus of the honeybee?

Gilliam, M.; Argauer, R.J., 1975:
How long is terramycin stable in diets fed to honey bee colonies for disease control ?

Zickgraf, W., 1978:
How many cows within a herd may be released for commercial crossbreeding?

Bullen, E.R., 1977:
How much cultivation?

Stowe, C.M.J.; Hanson, J.O., 1977:
How much do you know about antibiotic therapy?

Fornari, B., 1977:
How much does the Italian family spend on milk and cheese?

Wernisch, A., 1976:
How much does the peasant family work? Carrying out an actual census

Spomer, L.A., 1975:
How much hardwood bark is necessary for proper container-soil amendment?

Willett, G.S., 1977:
How much is that cow worth?

Ferrigato, E., 1975:
How much it cost to produce 1 kg of Imperatore apples in 1974

Olsson, C., 1977:
How much milk do ewes produce?

Gordon, F.J., 1977:
How much milk from that extra concentrate?

Cook, C.B.; Eiler, D.A.; Kaminaka, E.C., 1977:
How much nutrition education in grades K-6?

Marsh, R., 1977:
How much pasture should be offered to beef cattle

Rattray, P.V.; Jagusch, K.T., 1977:
How much pasture should be offered to sheep

Karlovsky, J., 1975:
How much phosphate do we really need?

Nelson, W., 1977:
How much potash for maximum economic yield?

Gent, G.P.; Bingham, R.J.B., 1977:
How much will new navy beans help?

Wernisch, A., 1978:
How much work does a farm family do?

Ghouse Mohiyuddin; Mahadevappa, M., 1977:
How new rice varieties are picked up

Brenden, J.J., 1975:
How nine inorganic salts affected smoke yield from Douglas-Fir plywood

Wade, R., 1976:
How not to redistribute with growth, the case of India's command area development programme

Thin, R.N.; Leighton, M.; Dixon, M.J., 1977:
How often is genital yeast infection sexually transmitted?

Sharples, R.O., 1976:
How orchard nutrition affects Bramley storage

MacInnis, A.J., 1976:
How parasites find hosts: some thoughts on the inception of host-parasite integration

Schwobel, H., 1978:
How people live in rural areas. Observations in a rural community

Dillon, M.-A.G.in, R., E., 1976:
How planting date and full-season or early hybrids affect corn yields

Frahm, R.; Gould, M.; Stanforth, T.; Cobb, B.; Mizell, B., 1975:
How rapidly can growth rate be increased in beef cattle by selection?

Wells, P.H.; Wenner, A.M., 1974:
How recruited bees find food

Herrman, C.; Hartog, J. den; Thoma, H., 1975:
How reliable is the serological detection of foreign proteins in meat products?

Hofmeyr, D., 1977:
How remunerative is farming with pears for canning?

Chung, H.F., 1977:
How schistosomiasis control work is run in New China

Nwanze, K.F.; Horber, E., 1975:
How seed size affects the occurrence of active and miniature forms of Callosobruchus maculatus in laboratory populations

Esser, R.P., 1977:
How soil borne nematodes enter and disperse in Florida nurseries

Baird, C.D.; Lucas, R.F.; Woltz, S.S.; Woods, C., 1975:
How solar energy can benefit agriculture

Anonymous, 1973:
How spices can enhance flavour of dairy foods

Berg, H.C., 1976:
How spirochetes may swim

Sechrist, R., 1977:
How states compare on DHI performance

Raschke, K., 1976 :
How stomata resolve the dilemma of opposing priorities

Morrison, A.B., 1977:
How sweet it is

Longworth, J.W.; Menz, K.M., 1976:
How taxation accounts mislead managers

Anonymous, 1976:
How the British will buy dairy products

Anonymous, 1975:
How the Community deals with fruit and vegetable surpluses

Waddell, E., 1976:
How the Enga cope with frost: responses to climatic perturbations in the central highlands of New Guinea

Beck, R.E.; Johnson, J.E.; Sillers, C.D., 1976:
How the North Dakota farmer/rancher acquires water rights

Berankova, J.; Sasek, A.; Dirlbek, J., 1975:
How the application of soil insecticides affects the protein complex in spring wheat and potatoes

Vasil' eva, S.G.; Kudryashov, V.S.; Ponomarev, A.N., 1977:
How the fertilizers affect maize yield under irrigated conditions in trans-Volga region of the Saratov province

Zolotov, V.V., 1974:
How the honeybee orients to a source of light

Smith, B., 1976:
How the industry is coping with the massive oil costs

Pfluger, H.J.; Burrows, M., 1978:
How the locust dries itself

George, S., 1976:
How the other half dies. The real reasons for world hunger

Rydelius, J.A., 1977:
How the timber industry views herbicide usage

Desowitz, R.S., 1976:
How the wise men brought malaria to Africa

Tril' , O.R.; Baikov, A.M., 1976:
How they coped with the meadow pyralid in the Timashevsk region

Graves, R.E., 1976:
How those manure transfer pumps operate

Akerman, R., 1976:
How timber is forwarded

Birkkjaer, H.E., 1974:
How to achieve a good cheese starter

Arvan, P.; Boulet, M.; Chauvet, C.; Chenu, R., 1977:
How to achieve a real rural development policy

Meiklejohn, P.G., 1977:
How to achieve better yoghurt viscosity

Wellwood, E.W., 1975:
How to allocate logs among machines to maximize profit : a simple method

van Lenteren, JC.; Bakker, K. van Alphen, JJM., 1978:
How to analyse host discrimination

Baumgras, J.E., 1975:
How to avoid axle-weight overloads on tandem-axle log trucks

Boyle, H.L., 1975:
How to avoid hormone damage to Q80

Khel' man, L.V., 1975:
How to avoid virus yellows. Methods applicable to any farm

Dobrochinskaya, I.B., 1975:
How to be free of the gladiolus thrips

Overend, M., 1977:
How to build logging roads with excavators

Stern, E.G., 1973:
How to build longer life into your wooden pallets

Fischer, K., 1976:
How to calculate logging costs in municipal forests

Curtis, A.B.Jr, 1976:
How to calculate wood fuel values

Fowler, N.G., 1977:
How to carry out a field investigation

Lewins, C.P., 1976:
How to choose a new crop sprayer

Anonymous, 1976:
How to choose wheat varieties

Smith, V.N., 1974:
How to collect Pinus radiata seed in order to obtain better plantations

Schwartz, A., 1977:
How to combine control of rust mite and black spot on citrus in the Lowveldt?

Rogers Jenkins, H., 1975:
How to construct a solar heater at minimal cost

Garofalo, F., 1975:
How to control Botryodiplodia malorum on apricots

Anonymous, 1976:
How to control anaplasmosis

Calcote, V.R.; Tisdale, H.W., 1976:
How to control yellow aphids

Sharma, A.P., 1977:
How to design and develop an experimental plot sprayer

Dinnage, D.F., 1975:
How to design for economic evaporation

Rosen, H.N., 1975:
How to determine polyethylene glycol 1,000 content in treated wood

Mazina, V.V., 1975:
How to differentiate the larvae of the wild and the meadow noctuid

Marinis, G. de; Mara, C.B. da S., 1972:
How to distinguish between Brazilian lucerne (Stylosanthes guyanensis (Aubl) (Sw.)) and Brazil callalily (Richardia brasiliensis Gomez) wrongly called false Brazilian lucerne

Wilson, G., 1976:
How to double radiata growth

Boyce, S.G., 1975:
How to double the harvest of Loblolly and Slash Pine timber

Knaack, J.; Ritschel, H., 1975:
How to eliminate exogenous helminth stages from municipal sewage by means of different sewage purification techniques

Llanes, B.A., 1976:
How to encourage people to become receptive to changes

Maple, W.R., 1976:
How to estimate Longleaf seedling mortality before control burns

Harpole, G.B., 1977:
How to estimate break-even points for sawmill improvement projects

Shishiuchi, M., 1975:
How to estimate the maximum tractive load of the logging wheel-type tractor

Anonymous, 1977:
How to evaluate rabbit control

McCall, W.W., 1975:
How to fertilize trees and shrubs

Cade, J., 1976:
How to identify grasses

Benoit, J.P., 1976:
How to improve the prolificacy of sheep. A case for the selection of females

Anonymous, 1977:
How to improve the protein content in cereals

Chelyshkin, N.D., 1977:
How to improve the strength of roads

Karyagin, Y.G., 1977:
How to increase protein content of fodders

Gasanenko, L.S., 1977:
How to increase seed production of lucerne

Boyce, S.G.; McClure, J.P., 1975:
How to keep one-third of Georgia in Pine

Waaijenberg, D., 1978:
How to limit damage to wide-span glasshouses

Mongelli, R.C., 1976:
How to maintain ice cream temperature in local deliveries

Morrison, K.C., 1976:
How to maintain yields from successive wheats?

Grosser, V., 1978:
How to make - and sell - hard-frozen yogurt

Vedamuthu, E.R., 1978:
How to make better buttermilk

Anonymous, 1975:
How to make co-operative marketing viable. The case of sweet orange marketing in Thailand

Anonymous, 1977:
How to make freeze-dried Cottage cheese

Rockel, B.A., 1977:
How to make growing roots of a tree accessible

Lesnitskii, V.R.; Serdechnyi, A.N., 1977:
How to make high-quality hay

Orders, W.C.; Redfern, R.B., 1977:
How to make premium ice cream

Labadan, E.M., 1977:
How to measure response bias in the collection of rice statistics: an approach

Kuhn, J.; Stoffregen, H., 1975:
How to measure the efficiency of agricultural co-operatives in developing countries - Kenya

Dudley, T.R., 1976:
How to name, register, and patent selected cultivars of amenity plants

Bravo, L.M., 1976:
How to pack honey creatively without an extractor

Blackstock, J.M., 1978:
How to pick the best aphid-resistant lucerne variety for your farm

Angiboust, A., 1978:
How to plan pear psylla control

Libby, J.L., 1975:
How to predict cabbage maggot emergence. A pest management practice for Wisconsin cabbage producers

Hanks, L.F., 1975:
How to predict lumber-grade yields for graded trees

Martynov, S.V., 1977:
How to prepare high-quality haylage

Alavi, A., 1975:
How to prevent and control downy mildew of opium poppy

Speers, C.F.; Merkel, E.P., 1974:
How to prevent weevil damage to Pine seedlings in the South

Petralia, S., 1976:
How to protect citrus from attack by rust mites

Karavyanskii, N.S.; Oliger, M.I., 1974:
How to protect pasture seeds

Blaer, G.Y.; Bartsev, A.V., 1977:
How to protect the land

Volovik, A.S.; Kuznetsova, E.D., 1974:
How to protect yield from pests and diseases

Karpunichev, N.V., 1977:
How to reduce noise in industrial chip factories

Dyadechko, N.P.; Sabluk, V.T., 1975:
How to reduce the corn borer

Kornyushko, Y.F., 1977:
How to reduce the number of assortment lengths?

Zuev, N.M., 1976:
How to reduce yield losses during harvesting of sugar beet

Mraz, E.A., 1976:
How to refinish wood siding with latex paints

Yashchuk, V., 1975:
How to remove Philometroides sanguinea females from the fins of Carassius

Porpaczy, L.J.; Waelti, H., 1976:
How to select forest road standards

Thomas, W.A., 1977:
How to serve small stores efficiently

Belloc, R., 1976:
How to set up budgets? Annual technical and economic forecasts

Pietrewicz, M., 1976:
How to shape the incomes of agricultural population

Zavrashvili, R.M.; Papuashvili, G.Z.; Chernaya, L.B., 1974:
How to tell when bees will swarm without opening up the hive

Huszar, J., 1973:
How to test the field resistance of tobacco to powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum)

McCoy, R.E., 1974:
How to treat your palm with antibiotic for control of lethal yellowing of coconut palm and lethal decline of Pritchardia palm

McGovern, J.N., 1977:
How to use oak-containing kraft pulps for offset printing papers

O.B.ien, L.L.; Huge, T.L., 1978:
How to use ultraviolet light as a sanitation tool

Fahey, T.D., 1977:
How tussock moth attack affects Grand Fir yield

Weinstein, A., 1977:
How unknown was Mendel's paper?

Gowing, D.P.; Hajrasuliha, S.; Baniabbassi, N., 1972:
How useful are preventive sprays at low levels of infestation ?

Genzmer, W., 1976:
How valuable is farm-grown fodder? Effect of hay quality on milk production costs

Pavlov, N.; Kudrin, D., 1976:
How we grow soyabeans

Sondell, J., 1976:
How we log our forests

Bozyan, A.K.; Serova, K.G., 1976:
How we protect cucurbits

Meyerhoeffer, D.C.; Wettemann, R.P.; Wells, M.E.; Turman, E.J., 1975:
How well are your bulls performing?

Kreich, F.H., 1976 :
How well does a field trial weigher work?

Ebenbauer, F., 1976:
How will livestock production develop during the year 1976?

Buijtenen, J.P. van; Alexander, S.D.; Einspahr, D.W.; Ferrie, A.E.; Hart, T.; Kellogg, R.M.; Porterfield, R.L.; Zobel, B.J., 1975:
How will tree improvement and intensive forestry affect pulp manufacture?

Varenitsa, E.T.; Kochetygov, G.V., 1976:
How winter-wheat hybrids inherit characters affecting lodging resistance

Espiloy, E.B.Jr, 1976:
How working stresses for Philippine structural timbers are derived

Rippen, A.L., 1977:
How you can save energy

Prybyla, I.S., 1975:
Hsia-fang: the economics and politics of rustication in China

Hustich, I., 1977:
Hudson Bay lowland, an interesting area from a natural geographic point of view

Hewstone, C., 1976:
Huenufen: a new alternative wheat variety

Pas, P.W. van der, 1976:
Hugo de Vries and Gregor Mendel

Pyanovskaya, T.P.; Khalikov, A.S.; Budagov, A.G., 1976:
Hull-less oats, a valuable feed for piglets

Mukerji, K.; Chandra, R.; Ghatak, S.; Saxena, K.C., 1977:
Human Ascaris allergen(s) in immunodiagnosis of ascariasis

Anonymous, 1976:
Human Endomycoses. Mycology - Epidemiology - Pathogenesis - Diagnosis - Therapy - Clinical aspects - Pathology

Girdwood, R.W.A.; Smith, H.V.; Bruce, R.G.; Quinn, R., 1978:
Human Toxocara infection in west of Scotland

Lachmajer, J., 1976:
Human activity as a factor in the distribution of ectoparasites and vectors of man and animal diseases

Schreibman, P.H.; Dell, R.B., 1975:
Human adipocyte cholesterol. Concentration, localization, synthesis, and turnover

Pittman, F.E.; Pittman, J.C.; E.H.shimi, W.K., 1976:
Human amebiasis: light and electron microscopic findings in colonic mucosal biopsies from patients with acute amebic colitis

Hartman, B.O.; Ellis, J.P.; Garcia, J.B.; Bollinger, R.R., 1977:
Human amino acid excretion during and following an extended airborne alert

Armour, J. (Chairman), 1977:
Human and animal endoparasites (symposium)

Moorti, T.V.; Agarwala, V.P., 1976:
Human and bullock energy input for buffalo milk production on different sizes of farms in district Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

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Human and monkey prolactin and growth hormone: separation of polymorphic forms by isoelectric focusing

Hira, P.R., 1975:
Human and rodent infection with the cestode Inermicapsifer madagascariensis (Davaine, 1870), Baer, 1956 in Zambia

Sapunar, J.; Doerr, E.; Letonja, T., 1976:
Human anisakiasis in Chile

Davies, D.M., 1976:
Human aural myiasis: a case in Ontario, Canada, and a partial review

Anonymous, 1976:
Human babesiosis

McEnroe, W.D., 1977:
Human babesiosis

Reubush, T.K.; Cassaday, P.B.; Marsh, H.J.; Lisker, S.A.; Voorhees, D.B.; Mahoney, E.B.; Healy, G.R., 1977:
Human babesiosis on Nantucket Island. Clinical features

Ruebush, T.K.; Juranek, D.D.; Chisholm, E.S.; Snow, P.C.; Healy, G.R.; Sulzer, A.J., 1977:
Human babesiosis on Nantucket Island. Evidence for self-limited and subclinical infections

Brandt, F.; Healy, G.R.; Welch, M., 1977:
Human babesiosis: the isolation of Babesia microti in golden hamsters

Garcia, A., 1976:
Human behavior and Chagas' disease

Miles, M.A., 1976:
Human behaviour and the propagation of Chagas' disease

Ljungqvist, B., 1977:
Human biological testing of the nutritive value of protein-rich foods. Use of changes of amino acids in blood plasma after a meal

Rao, A.R., 1977:
Human breast milk as commercial infant food

Eskin, B.A.; Parker, J.A.; Bassett, J.G.; George, D.L., 1974:
Human breast uptake of radioactive iodine

Drack, G.T.; Koelz, H.R.; Blum, A.L., 1976:
Human calcitonin stimulates salivary amylase output in man

Greenberg, R.; Groves, M.L., 1977:
Human casein: partial sequence and homology with bovine beta -casein

Shetty, K.R.; Kalkhoff, R.K., 1977:
Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) treatment of obesity

Grov, A., 1976:
Human colostral IgA interacting with staphylococcal protein A

Nihei, K.; Mizutani, H., 1978:
Human colostral macrophages as indicator cells in migration inhibition test

Fry, G.; Hall, H.J., 1975:
Human coprolites from Antelope House: preliminary analysis

Black, R.H., 1975:
Human ecological factors of significance

Trim, P.N., 1975 :
Human error involved in dairy cow submission to artificial breeding

Biegert, J., 1975:
Human evolution and nutrition

Braid, P.E.; McCarthy, T.F., 1977:
Human exposure to fenitrothion during forest spraying in eastern Canada

Uhnak, J.; Szokolay, A.; Sackmauerova, M., 1978:
Human exposure to hexachlorobenzene and chlorinated insecticide residues from cows' milk and human milk

Mbithi, P.M., 1977:
Human factors in agricultural management in East Africa

Saba, R.; Korkmaz, M.; Inan, D.; Mamikoğlu, L.; Turhan, O.; Günseren, F.; Cevikol, C.; Kabaalioğlu, A., 2004:
Human fascioliasis

Balci, S., 1975:
Human fascioliasis. Gall bladder invasion by flukes in a five-year-old boy

Vieira, R.A., 1976:
Human Filariae

Birkbeck, J.A.; Billewicz, W.Z.; Thomson, A.M., 1975:
Human foetal measurements between 50 and 150 days of gestation, in relation to crown-heel length

Cheek, D.B., 1977:
Human growth - methods of approach

Marshall, W.A., 1977:
Human growth and its disorders

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Human growth hormone and cortisol response to insulin stimulation in aging

Leclercq, M.; Letawe Genin, J., 1976:
Human hypodermosis. A recent case in Belgium

Kaminski, G.W.; Suter, I.I., 1976:
Human infection with Dermatophilus congolensis

Ghadirian, E., 1977:
Human infection with Trichostrongylus lerouxi (Biocca, Chabaud, and Ghadirian, 1974) in Iran

Hira, P.R., 1975:
Human infection with the cestode Hymenolepis diminuta (Rudolphi, 1819; Blanchard, 1891)

Bergogne Berezin, E.; Slim, A., 1976:
Human infections with Torulopsis glabrata

Shortt, H.E., 1975:
Human infections with babesia

Schultz, H., 1975:
Human infestation by Ophionyssus natricis snake mite

Dubois, J.J., 1973:
Human influences on the changing landscapes and limits of the forest of Mormal in northern France

Zoeteman, B.C.J.; Brinkmann, F.J.J., 1976:
Human intake of minerals from drinking water in the European Communities

Corbett, C.L.; Isaacs, P.E.; Riley, A.K.; Turnberg, L.A., 1977:
Human intestinal ion transport in vitro

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Human intestinal specificity toward dietary sterols studied by balance methods

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Human lactation: appropriate and inappropriate

Tyson, J.E.; Perez, A.; Zanartu, J., 1976:
Human lactational response to oral thyrotropin releasing hormone

Bettini, S.; Maroli, M., 1978:
Human leishmaniasis in Tuscany

Langner, A.; Christophers, E., 1977:
Human leukocyte chemotaxis induced by gluten

Weems, H.V.J.; Smith, C.N., 1977:
Human lice (Anoplura-Pediculidae), their detection and control

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Human liver acid phosphatases

Trager, W.; Jensen, J.B., 1976:
Human malaria parasites in continuous culture

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Human maternal and fetal serum insulin and growth hormone (HGH) response to glucose and leucine

Baker, P., 1975:
Human migration in Andean countries

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Human milk and the small premature infant

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Human milk as a dietary source of cadmium and lead

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Human milk beta 2-microglobulin: purification, characterization and effect of breast feeding

Fomom, S.J., 1977:
Human milk in premature infant feeding: report of a second workshop

Olivecrona, T.; Hernell, O., 1976:
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