Section 1
Chapter 399

Hybrids between diecious and monecious hemp

Nimchenko, P.V.

Sb nauch tr molodykh uchenykh Krasnodar NII s kh 4: 52-56


Accession: 000398271

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A study was made of F1 hybrids obtained by crossing the diecious varieties Fibranova, Szeged 9, Kompolt and Krasnodar 56 ( female ) with Krasnodarskaya odnodomnaya 78 (Krasnodar Monecious 78). The first back-cross generation was also studied. The F1 hybrids combined relative earliness with high yield of stems and seeds. They inherited the female sexual type, showed intermediate inheritance for length of the growth period, and in several cases showed heterosis for yield.

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