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Chapter 407

Influence of long-term tillage and crop rotation combinations on crop yields and selected soil parameters for an Aeric Ochraqualf soil

Doren, D.M.V.n, Jr; Triplett, G.B.J.; Henry, J.E.

Research Bulletin, Ohio Agricultural and Development Center, Wooster 1091: 27


Accession: 000406922

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In a field trial in 1962-72 at South Charleston, Ohio, plots were either (a) ploughed and disked, (b) ploughed or (c) not tilled before sowing with (d) continuous maize, (e) maize and soyabeans in a 2-yr rotation or (f) maize, oats and lucerne hay in a 3-yr rotation. All crops appeared every yr, with the purpose of creating equal stands of each crop and equal weed control within each yr. Maize, oats and soyabean grain/seed yields were generally similar with (a) and (b).

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