Influence of parietal cell vagotomy and selective gastric vagotomy on gastric emptying rate and serum gastrin concentration

Brandsborg, O.; Brandsborg, M.; Lovgreen, N.A.; Mikkelsen, K.; Moller, B.; Rokkjaer, M.; Amdrup, E.

Gastroenterology 72(2): 212-214


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-5085
PMID: 830570
Accession: 000407225

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The subjects were 26 patients with duodenal ulcer before and after parietal cell vagotomy (p.c.v.), selective gastric vagotomy with drainage (s.g.r. + d.) or p.c.v. with drainage. After the subjects had fasted for 15 h each was given a 300-g solid test meal of beef, butter and potatoes containing protein 31, carbohydrate 30 and fat 20 g. Barium contrast material was drunk and gastric emptying was estimated fluoroscopically at short intervals. P.c.v. had no significant effect on gastric rate, whereas emptying was significantly delayed after s.g.v. + d. The integrated gastrin output 60 to 300 min after the test meal was slightly altered after p.c.v. but significantly increased after s.g.v. + d. The conclusion was that the drainage procedure did not restore gastric emptying to normal after s.g.v. The prolonged hypertriglyceridaemia after food stimulation may reflect stasis.