Influence of plant population, nitrogen fertilization and topping on yield and quality of dark air cured tobacco and Burley

Baets, A. de

Annales du Tabac, 2 (11): 105-121


Accession: 000407309

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Reducing the density of the stand (40,000 to 20,000 plants/ha) decreased the yield of cured tobacco; this was more marked in dark tobacco than in Burley tobacco. Leaf weight per plant showed an increase. Quality and chemical composition of the leaf and smoke were unaffected except for a slight decrease in nicotine content at the highest stand density. Yield responses to N were greater for Burley tobacco than for dark tobacco. Except for an increase in alkaloid content with increasing N, the quality and chemical composition of the leaves were little affected. Topping increased the leaf weight, particularly in dark tobacco, and increased the content of volatile bases, total N and alkaloids in the leaves, and condensates, and in the nicotine contents of the smoke.