Investigations on the rate of photosynthesis and transpiration of Populus euramericana cv. I-214 with various levels of nutrient elements and moisture in the soil

Dimitrov, K.H.

Gorskostopanska Mauka 14(4): 3-11


Accession: 000414966

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Pot trials were made in which Populus 'I-214' was grown for 1 year with or without the application of NPK fertilizers, and at 7 different soil moisture contents, viz. 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100% of maximum water-holding capacity. Fertilizers increased the biomass accumulation by increasing the leaf area, but did not increase the rate of photosynthesis except in the soils with 90 and 100% m.c. The coefficient of transpiration was 400-450 without fertilizers and 300-320 with fertilizers. Increasing soil m.c. resulted in less efficient utilization of water. From the practical viewpoint, the optimum soil m.c. is 70-80% of maximum-holding capacity.