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Juvenility in hedged Radiata Pine

Acta Horticulturae (56): 91-98

Juvenility in hedged Radiata Pine

Data are presented on the survival after 3 years, browsing damage by hares, bud development, cold damage, growth and form, needle length, number and size of branches, height, volume growth, taper, ratio of volume to needle length and formation of strobili in rooted cuttings of Pinus radiata taken from plants grown as hedges or of tree form and planted at 3 sites in California.

Accession: 000417440

Related references

Sands, R.; Bowen, G.D., 1978: Compaction of sandy soils in radiata pine pinus radiata forests 2. effects of compaction on root configuration and growth of radiata pine seedlings. Radiata pine (P. radiata D. Don) was sown in pots packed with Mt Burr Sand [Southern Australia] to mean soil bulk densities of 1.35, 1.48 and 1.60 g/cm3. At harvest (151 days after sowing), there were significant differences between bulk density t...

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Sands, R.; Bowen, G.D., 1978: Compaction of sandy soils in radiata pine forests. II. Effects of compaction on root configuration and growth of radiata pine seedlings. Pinus radiata was sown in pots packed with Mt Burr Sand to mean soil bulk densities of 1.35, 1.48 and 1.60g cm-3. 151 days after sowing the fresh and dry weight of roots and tops, root volume and top height showed significant decreases in response...

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Griffin A.R., 1980: Isolation of a radiata pine pinus radiata seed orchard from external pollen. Pollen was trapped within a clonal seed orchard of radiata pine and along a 950-m transect between the orchard and a farm windbreak of the same species. The average pollen catch over 6 sampling dates at a point 33 m outside the orchard was only 10...