Methods of microbiological examination of dairy products and for dairy purposes. II. Methods for the examination of specific dairy products. Section 3. Butter and butter products


Australian Standard (AS 1095.2.3): 6


Accession: 000430685

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Microbiological procedures prescribed in this Section apply to salted, unsalted or cultured butter, to products such as anhydrous milk fat and related materials, and to recombined milk fat products. The standard covers sampling procedures for butter in domestic packs, single-serve packs, and cans (a suitable can opener is illustrated); preparation of test sample; and tests. All dilutions of butter shall be held at 45 plus or minus 1 deg C during testing, with holding time less than or equal to 15 min. Test procedures for standard plate count (using plate count agar and incubating at 30 plus or minus 1 deg C for 72 plus or minus 2 h), yeast and mould counts (using malt extract agar of pH 3.5 and incubating at 25 plus or minus 1 deg C for 5 days), and counts of lipolytic and proteolytic organisms, coliforms, and psychrotrophs are prescribed in various Sections of Part 3.