Section 1
Chapter 435

Monosomic analysis of grain weight per ear in spring bread wheat

Tsil' ke, I.A.

Izv Sib otd AN SSSR, ser biol n 3: 85-90


Accession: 000434527

Under field conditions during 1971-1972 a study was made of F1 and F2 hybrids from a cross of 21 monosomic lines of Chinese Spring with the Siberian variety Milturum 553, and also of the corresponding disomic F1 and F2 hybrids and the initial varieties. In 1971 13 monosomic F2 hybrids differed markedly from the disomic F2 in respect of grain weight per ear; only one monosomic hybrid (1B) outyielded the disomic.

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