Section 1
Chapter 444

Nutrient utilization and leaching of turf prepared and fertilized in various ways. I. Nutrient utilization

Skirde, W.

Rasen Grunflachen Begrunungen 7(4): 99-105


ISSN/ISBN: 0341-9789
Accession: 000443914

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The use of nutrients by turf was studied on (a) topsoil, (b) a root zone of sand and peat on subsoil or (c) a root zone of sand, peat and 10% by volume of topsoil on a drainage layer of sand. There was an imbalance of nutrients in turf on medium containing little soil and (c) gave the lowest yield of clippings with the lowest nutrient content, although these were increased by higher fertilizer rates and also rose during the 3-year experiment. Treatments (b) and (c) gave the highest amounts of above-ground material with a correspondingly high removal of nutrients.

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