Nutritional and physiological properties of frying fats. 7. Effect of frying fats on lipid metabolism and the fatty acid composition of the body fats

Fuhr, J.; Jan, E.H. von; Henschel, J.; Strauss, H.J.; Billek, G.; Lang, K.

Zeitschrift fur Ernahrungswissenschaft 14(3): 175-183


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-264X
Accession: 000444234

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7. Rats were given diets containing fats heated at 175 deg C for 72 or 96 h to simulate deep-fat frying conditions. The fats were groundnut oil and soya bean oil; unheated samples served as controls and samples of soya bean oil used for frying fish were included. Measurements were made of the plasma lipids (total lipid, neutral fat and total cholesterol) and plasma lipoprotein fractions, and the fatty acid composition of the plasma lipids and adipose tissue was examined; the action of pancreatic lipase on the heated and unheated fats was tested in vitro. No difference which could be attributed to the effect of heat treatment was found in any of the values examined. Toxic effects could be identified after incubation of the unsaponifiable fraction of the oils.