Section 1
Chapter 448

Oiling-off properties and microscopic structure of butter, margarine and soft margarine

Saito, Z.; Toba, T.

Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hirosaki University 25: 1-12


ISSN/ISBN: 0073-229X
Accession: 000447194

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Oiling-off was measured as the penetration (in cm) in 72 h at 20 deg C of the liquid-state fat along a piece of filter paper (Toyo No 51A, 2 X 40 cm) sandwiched between 2 pieces of butter or margarine sample. With butter there was a significant correlation between oiling-off and hardness; with the margarines, oiling-off was significantly correlated with mp but not with hardness. Fractured surfaces of samples frozen in liquid N2 showed that soft butter had a globular structure. The oiling-off properties of mixtures of tristearin and tributyrin were also measured. Mixtures containing a higher proportion of tributyrin showed an increase in oiling-off. The results suggest that the liquid-state fat in a free-fat phase (rather than in the whole system) influences consistencies of butter and margarines.

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