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Chapter 451

Origin and differentiation of tetraploid species in the section Polyeides of the genus Aegilops. III. Cytological variation in Ae. ovata

Furuta, Y.

Japanese Journal of Genetics Idengaku Zasshi 50(6): 458


Accession: 000450510

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Four types could be distinguished on the basis of chromosome pairing patterns in crosses of 70 Ae ovata var. vulgaris, 1 var. africana and 2 var. hirsuta lines collected from the Mediterranean region from Jordan to Italy with one line of var. vulgaris used as a standard tester: (1) 14II (one line), (2) 1IV+12II (55 lines), (3) 2IV+10II (14 lines) and (4) 1VI+11II (three lines).

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