Origin and differentiation of tetraploid species in the section Polyeides of the genus Aegilops. IV. Cytogenetical analysis of B1 plants obtained from F1 (Ae. variabilis X Ae. columnaris) X Ae. variabilis

Furuta, Y.

Japanese Journal of Genetics Idengaku Zasshi 51(6): 403


Accession: 000450511

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F1 development in the cross between Ae. variabilis (CuSv) and Ae. columnaris (CuMc) was satisfactory. Chromosome pairing resulted in 8.29I + 9.03II + 0.47III + 0.06IV and pollen and seed fertility were respectively 21% and 0. The chromosome numbers of 79 BC1 plants were 28(28%), 29(27%), 30(16%), 31(19%), 32(8%), 33(1%) and 34(1%). From the pairing behaviour of BC1 plants with 28 chromosomes it was established that the female gamete in the back cross varied from the CuSv type to the CuMc type. The majority had 0.5-2 CuMc chromosomes; the incorporation of CuMc chromosomes increased with chromosome number.