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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 461

Chapter 461 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sahasrabuddhe, K.R., 1974:
Planofix as a hormonal spray for cotton

Faivre, P., 1977:
Planosolic soils with differentiated profile and black Bt horizon in Colombia (South America)

Yeung, D.; Pennell, M.; Aust, R.E.ton, J.; Anderson, G., 1977:
Plans for a longitudinal survey of infant nutrition in Canada

Reid, J.T.; Davis, T.S., 1975:
Plans for a shielded herbicide applicator for Christmas trees and nursery stock

Brink, L.G., 1977:
Plans, decisions, and results: an evaluation of a procedure for farm planning under risk

Horowitz, K.A.; Lewis, D.C.; Gasteiger, E.L., 1975:
Plant "primary perception": electrophysiological unresponsiveness to brine shrimp killing

Anonymous, 1965:
Plant Biochemistry

Howard, H.W.; Cole, C.S.; Fuller, J.M.; Jellis, G.J., 1975:
Plant Breeding Institute Cambridge reports

Birse, E.L.; Robertson, J.S.; Durno, S.E., 1976:
Plant Communities and Soils of the Lowland and Southern Upland Regions of Scotland

Waller, J.M., 1976:
Plant Diseases in arid climates

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant Health Newsletter. Usage of some selected pesticides in EPPO countries

Byrde, R.J.W., 1977:
Plant Pathology

Hirst, J.M., 1975:
Plant Pathology department

Anonymous, 1977:
Plant Protection Conference 1977 Uppsala

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant Research '75

Anonymous, 1976:
Plant Research '76. Report for the year 1976

Plewa, M.J.; Gentile, J.M., 1976:
Plant activation of herbicides into environmental mutagens: the waxy reversion bioassay

Rosen, P.M.; Runeckles, V.C., 1974:
Plant adaptation to ozone

Dunn, J.A., 1977:
Plant age and insect attack

Schneider, D., 1977:
Plant alkaloids as pheromone precursors in danaid butterflies

Meyer, R.D.; Martin, W.E., 1976:
Plant analysis as a guide for fertilization of alfalfa

Hills, F.J.; Ulrich, A., 1977:
Plant analysis as a guide for mineral nutrition of sugar beets

Bassett, D.M.; Mackenzie, A.J., 1977:
Plant analysis as a guide to cotton fertilization

Zhurbitskii, I., 1975:
Plant analysis as the basis for mineral fertilization

Bik, R.A., 1975:
Plant analysis for fertilizer problems in floriculture

Burdine, H., 1976:
Plant analysis for vegetable crops grown on Everglades organic soil

Loue, A., 1976:
Plant analysis with a view to the assessment of the mineral nutrition (in particular, the potassium nutrition) of the potato

Loue, A., 1975:
Plant analysis with the object of determining the mineral nutrition, especially potassium, of the potato

Harlan, J.R., 1976:
Plant and animal distribution in relation to domestication

Chiykowski, LN.; Craig, DL., 1978:
Plant and insect age as factors in the transmission of clover phyllody (green petal) agent to strawberry by Aphrodes bicinctus

Taylor, G.E.Jr, 1978:
Plant and leaf resistance to gaseous air pollution stress

Verardi, R., 1976:
Plant and machinery in the rearing of cattle, pigs, poultry and rabbits

Graham, P.H.; Rosas, J.C., 1978:
Plant and nodule development and nitrogen fixation in climbing cultivars of Phaseolus vulgaris L. grown in monoculture, or associated with Zea mays L

Tadmor, N.H.; Eyal, E.; Benjamin, R.W., 1974:
Plant and sheep production on semiarid annual grassland in Israel

Cummings, G.A., 1978:
Plant and soil effects of fertilizer and lime applied to highbush blueberries

Katalan Gateva, Sh, 1964:
Plant and soil nematodes of some cultivated and wild plants in Czechoslovakia

Kingston, D.G.I.; Gerhart, B.B.; Ionescu, F.; Mangino, M.M.; Sami, S.M., 1978:
Plant anticancer agents V: new bisindole alkaloids from Tabernaemontana johnstonii stem bark

Kingston, D.G.I., 1978:
Plant anticancer agents VI: isolation of voacangine, voacamine, and epivoacorine from Tabernaemontana arborea sap

Kingston, D.G.I., 1978:
Plant anticancer agents VII: structural effects on cytotoxicity of bisindole alkaloids of voacamine type

Adams, M.W., 1973:
Plant architecture and physiological efficiency in the field bean

Kovacova, M., 1976 :
Plant association Holcetum lanati (Issler 1936) em. Passarge 1964 in the valley of the river Krupinica

Baudiere, A.; Serve, L., 1975:
Plant association of Pla de Gorra-Blanc (Puigmal massif - eastern Pyrenees). Phytosociological and phytogeographic investigation

Kolev, I.D., 1976:
Plant association peculiarities of synanthropic plants in Bulgaria. Weeds

Bures, L., 1976:
Plant associations of fallows in the Bohemian Karst

Foerster, E., 1976:
Plant associations of grassland in North Rhine-Westphalia

Richard, J.L., 1975:
Plant associations of the Clos du Doubs (Swiss Jura)

Chatterjee, R.K.; Rathore, G.S., 1974:
Plant available copper in black soils of Madhya Pradesh and its relationship with soil and clay mineral properties

Bronner, H., 1976:
Plant available soil nitrogen in relation to the growth of sugar beet. Part 1

Maugh, T.H., 1976:
Plant biochemistry: two new ways to fight pests

Stadnik, S.A.; Boberskii, G.A., 1976:
Plant bioelectric reaction to intermittent temperatures

Vyas, N.L.; Garg, R.K.; Vyas, L.N., 1977:
Plant biomass and net production relations of Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb. Cor. at deciduous forest near Udaipur (Rajasthan), India

Armitage, M., 1978:
Plant blindness

Warid, W.A.; Fallah, A.S., 1974:
Plant bolting, bulb size, and marketable yield as indices of adaptability of onion cultivars

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant breeders' rights and world food production

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant breeding

Fischbeck, G., 1976:
Plant breeding - a growing supply of new varieties

Kivi, E., 1976:
Plant breeding and bread grain quality

Bray, R.A.; Hutton, E.M., 1976:
Plant breeding and genetics

Nowacki, E., 1977:
Plant breeding and intensification of grassland fodder production

Johannsson, S., 1976:
Plant breeding at Weibullsholm

Day, P.R., 1976:
Plant breeding enters a new age

Rajhathy, T., 1977:
Plant breeding evolving

Munzer, W., 1975:
Plant breeding for the year 2000

Pardee, W.D., 1976:
Plant breeding in New York

Sanchez Monge, E., 1978:
Plant breeding in Spain

Brezhnev, D.D.; Shmaraev, G.E., 1976:
Plant breeding in the USA

Hagberg, A., 1977:
Plant breeding in the highlands of southern Sweden or Smaland

Clements, R.J., 1976:
Plant breeding strategies for Centrosema virginianum

Tsuda, C., 1975:
Plant breeding studies on the negative correlation between root weight and sugar content in sugar beet. IX. Selection in the F2

Ravantti, S., 1974:
Plant breeding to improve protein yield and composition

Day, P.R., 1973:
Plant breeding without sowing seed

Sprague, G.F., 1976:
Plant breeding, molecular genetics, and biology

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant breeding: new barley varieties for Spain

Marro, M.; Zamboni, M., 1978:
Plant breeding: wine grapes

Tugwell, P.; Young, S.C.J.; Dumas, B.A.; Phillips, J.R., 1976:
Plant bugs in cotton: importance of infestation time, types of cotton injury, and significance of wild hosts near cotton

Tilley, L.G.W., 1975:
Plant cane weed control at Mossman

Shein, E.V., 1974:
Plant capacity for water uptake from moisture-saturated air

Anonymous, 1974:
Plant carbohydrate biochemistry. Proceedings of the Phytochemical Society Symposium, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, April, 1973

Carlson, P.S., 1975:
Plant cell culture techniques and genetic aspects of crop improvement

Scowcroft, W.R., 1975:
Plant cell culture, genetics and plant improvement

Morrison, I.M.; Williams, A.G., 1978:
Plant cell walls and their utilization by ruminants

Miyagawa, T.; Ishimaru, H.; Hatae, M., 1976:
Plant characters and climatic factors related closely to yield components for estimating seed yield in soyabeans

Pillay, A.R.; Mamet, J.R., 1976:
Plant characters and maturity rating in maize

Svampa, G.; Brunelli, A.; Tosatti, E.M., 1974:
Plant chemical mixtures: effects of insecticides on fungicides

Russell, G.B., 1977:
Plant chemicals affecting insect development

Sutherland, O.R.W., 1977:
Plant chemicals influencing insect behaviour

Li, P.H., 1978:
Plant cold hardiness research

Broue, P.; Cornish, P.S.; Kaehne, I.D.; Mathison, M.J., 1975:
Plant collecting in Central Asia and the Caucasus region of USSR

Quinlivan, B.J., 1974:
Plant collecting in Israel - 1973

Reid, R., 1977:
Plant collecting mission to Cuba, Argentina and central Brazil, January-May 1977

Miller, I.L., 1974:
Plant collection in Mexico, Venezuela and Colombia for the high rainfall zone of the Northern Territory

Moir, W.H.; Trlica, M.J., 1977:
Plant communities and vegetation pattern as affected by various treatments in shortgrass prairies of northeastern Colorado

Baryla, R., 1975:
Plant communities in the Tysmienica river valley before and after soil moisture regulation

Wardle, P., 1977 :
Plant communities of Westland National Park (New Zealand) and neighbouring lowland and coastal areas

Wojcik, Z., 1977:
Plant communities of cereal fields in the lowlands and mountainous regions of Poland: floristic, ecological and regional differentiations

Jaros, V., 1977:
Plant communities of the 'Mejte' recreational area near Nedvezi in central Bohemia

Collins, O.B.; Smeins, F.E.; Riskind, D.H., 1975:
Plant communities of the Blackland Prairie of Texas

Baryla, T., 1973:
Plant communities of the valley of the River Tysmienica. 1. Communities of the class Phragmitetea

Baryla, R., 1973:
Plant communities of the valley of the River Tysmienica. 2. Communities of the classes Scheuchzerio-Caricetea fuscae, Molinio-Juncetea and Arrhenatheretea

Schmidt, W., 1975:
Plant communities on permanent plots of the Serengeti Plains

Spanikova, A., 1975:
Plant communities with Alopecurus pratensis in Slovakia

Kempen, H., 1976:
Plant communities: crops and weeds

Smith, D.W.; Suffling, R.; Stevens, D.; Dai, T.S., 1975:
Plant community age as a measure of sensitivity of ecosystems to disturbance

Gilli, A., 1975:
Plant community studies in East Africa

Thompson, R.; Taylor, H., 1976:
Plant competition and its implications for cultural methods in calabrese

Hoffman, D.W., 1977:
Plant competition for atrazine

Anonymous, 1978:
Plant competition for nutrients and water

Sahai, R.; Das, L.K., 1974:
Plant competitive ability of two common weeds (Cyperus rotundus L. and Anagallis arvensis L.) in relation to wheat

Bhat, A.N.; Christie, B.R., 1975:
Plant composition and in vitro digestibility in bromegrass genotypes

Olkowski, M., 1975:
Plant cover formation on reclaimed meadows in the Lyna river valley near Olsztyn

Schönherr, J., 1977:
Plant Cuticles Are Polyelectrolytes with Isoelectric Points around Three

Singh, J.S.; Gupta, S.R., 1976:
Plant decomposition and soil respiration in terrestrial ecosystems

Presolska, P., 1977:
Plant density and fertilizers as factors of increasing productivity of selfed maize lines

Sarkis' yan, G.; Butkova, V.; Makhkambaev, A., 1976:
Plant density and fibre quality of cotton

Rao, V.R.; Ramachandram, M.; Rao, M.S.R.M., 1976:
Plant density and geometry in relation to varietal differences and seasonal variations in rainfall for increasing and stabilizing production levels of winter sorghum in drylands

Andrews, D.J., 1977:
Plant density and grain yield of Nigerian sorghums

Moursi, M.A., 1974:
Plant density and yield potential in field crops

Steen, J.A. van der, 1975:
Plant density for gerberas

Bussell, W.T., 1977:
Plant density for hand harvested asparagus

Skubitskii, I.I., 1977:
Plant density for maize in southwestern steppe of the Ukraine

Longo, G., 1975:
Plant density in polyploid varieties of mangel grown in a summer-autumn cycle

Sinitsyna, A.P.; Kviloriya, G.I., 1977:
Plant density of direct-sown fodder beet for seed production

Yanova, G.N.; Kozak, L.M., 1977:
Plant density of maize

Hoeven, A.P. van der; Mol, C.P.; Steen, J.A. van der, 1975:
Plant density of year-round chrysanthemums

Malagamba, J.P., 1977:
Plant density relations in peanuts (Arachis hypogoea L.)

Sistachs, M.; Neyra, M.; Aladro, T.; Leon, J.J., 1975:
Plant density, fertilization methods and weed control in soybeans

Matthiesen, R.L., 1976:
Plant development and tuber composition of six biotypes of yellow nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus L.)

Ustenko, G.P.; Belousov, A.M., 1974:
Plant development during different organogenesis stages in winter wheats of intensive type under irrigation

Oosterhuis, D.M., 1977:
Plant development study

Nakano, H.; Tashiro, T.; Maeda, E., 1975:
Plant differentiation in callus tissue induced from immature endosperm of Oryza sativa L

Ohr, H.D., 1974:
Plant disease impacts on weeds in the natural ecosystem

Pryor, A.J., 1977:
Plant disease resistance and the acquisition of pathogen virulence

Kiraly, Z., 1976:
Plant disease resistance as influenced by biochemical effects of nutrients in fertilizers

Anonymous, 1977:
Plant disease survey 1975-1976. Articles and notes on the occurrence of plant diseases in New South Wales for the twelve months ending 30th June, 1976

Mohamed, H.A., 1975:
Plant disease survey in Libya I. Diseases of wheat and barley

Pound, G.S., 1975:
Plant disease toll is cut with resistant varieties

Anonymous, .:
Plant diseases and pests in Denmark 1973

Anonymous, 1976:
Plant diseases and pests in Denmark 1975

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant diseases and pests in Denmark in 1974. 91st annual report

Davidsson, I., 1975:
Plant diseases and pests in Iceland

Borner, H., 1975:
Plant diseases and plant protection

Assche, C. van; Mey, I.W. de, 1977:
Plant diseases caused by heavy metals and their phytiatry with cation exchangers

Anonymous, 1975:
Plant diseases in Denmark in 1974. 91st annual survey, compiled by the State Phytopathological Experiment Station, Lyngby

Anonymous, 1976:
Plant diseases in Denmark in 1975. 92nd annual survey,

Wolf, S.C., 1972:
Plant diseases in Indiana in 1972

Kueh, T.K., 1976:
Plant diseases in Sarawak - recorded during 1973 and 1974

Anonymous, 1976:
Plant diseases in relation to soil and nutritional factors

Famiglietti, A., 1977:
Plant ecology and multiple land use in the Alburni Mountains (Salerno)

Loneragan, J.F., .:
Plant efficiencies in the use of B, Co, Cu, Mn, and Zn

Loneragan, J.F., 1977:
Plant efficiencies in the use of B, Co, Cu, Mn, and Zn

Clark, R.B., 1977:
Plant efficiencies in the use of calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum

Clark, R.B., .:
Plant efficiencies in the use of calcium, magnesium, and molybdenum

Gerloff, G.C., 1977:
Plant efficiencies in the use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

Gerloff, G.C., .:
Plant efficiencies in the use of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium

Ingram, A., 1977:
Plant engineering savings

Niklas, K.J., 1976:
Plant evolution and the reciprocity model

Pospisilova, Z., 1976:
Plant explants

Brezhnev, D.D., 1975:
Plant exploration in the USSR

Thomas, G.W.; Sosebee, R.E., 1976:
Plant factors that influence mesquite transpiration

Stoner, A.; Metcalfe, A.M.; Weeks, R.E., 1975:
Plant feeding by Reduviidae, a predaceous family (Hemiptera)

Jelinek, K.; Vanek, J., 1975:
Plant feeding with minimum cultivation technique

Van Soest, P.J., 1977:
Plant fiber and its role in herbivore nutrition

Labib, A.I.; Youssef, M.S.S.; Kotb, A.R.; Makky, A.M., 1975:
Plant foods produced from a feddan of land for human consumption in Egypt

Alyupov, A.A.; Rakhimov, K.S.; Ibragimov, I.D., 1977:
Plant for combined generation of heat and refrigeration

Borodin, V.A., 1975:
Plant for continuous foaming of milk

Vasenkov, P.T., 1975:
Plant for plasticizing and moulding Suluguni cheese

Mahieu, H., 1976:
Plant for refrigeration of milk on the farm, exhibited at S.I.M.A. in 1976

Hondelmann, W., 1977:
Plant genetic resources and resistance

Williams, J.T.; Sastrapradja, S., 1975:
Plant genetic resources in South East Asia - some recent activities

Mugnozza, G.T.S. (Scarascia Mugnozza, G.T), 1974:
Plant genetic resources. I. Principles, fact, problems

Kihara, H., 1975:
Plant genetics in relation to plant breeding research

Schnell, R., 1971:
Plant geography of tropical lands. Vol. 2: Environments and vegatation types

Schnell, R., 1976:
Plant geography of tropical lands. Vol. 3. The flora and vegetation of tropical Africa: Part 1

Ledent, J.F., 1974:
Plant geometry, canopy architecture and leaf angle in wheat

Giacometti, D.C.; Wetzel, M.M.V.S., 1976:
Plant germplasm for phytotechnical research in Brazil

Hougas, R.W., 1976:
Plant germplasm policy

Wilkes, G., 1976:
Plant germplasm resources - American independence, past and future

Delpech, R., 1977:
Plant groupings and weeds in meadows

Kefeli, V.I., 1973:
Plant growth

Leopold, A.C.; Kriedemann, P.E., 1975:
Plant growth and development

Richardson, M.K., 1976:
Plant growth configurations which affect the mechanical harvesting of okra

Byrne, G.F.; Torssell, B.W.R.; Sastry, P.S.N., 1976:
Plant growth curves in mixtures and climatological response

Anonymous, 1978:
Plant growth factors in soil, plant residues and manures

Byers, J.A.; Brewer, J.W.; Denna, D.W., 1976:
Plant growth hormones in pinyon insect galls

Bolyn, J.H.L., 1975:
Plant growth in saline media

Munakata, K.; Kawashima, K., 1977:
Plant growth inhibitors in garden pea plants

Johnson, M.S., 1976:
Plant growth on fluorspar mine tailings

Chernyad' ev, I.I.; Zimina, T.A.; Doman, N.G., 1978:
Plant growth rate and photosynthesis of pea leaves

Nickell, L.G., 1974:
Plant growth regulants in sugarcane

Yamada, O.; Ishida, S.; Futatsuya, F.; Ito, K.; Yamamoto, H.; Munakata, K., 1974 :
Plant growth regulating activities of 4-methoxydiphenylmethanes and their related compounds

Sanai, S.; Nakayama, M.; Ota, Y., 1977:
Plant growth regulating activities of nicotinamide. 1. Effect of nicotinamide on growth of rice seedlings

Sarai, S.; Ota, Y., 1977:
Plant growth regulating activities of nicotinamide. 2. Effect of nicotinamide on growth of several crops

Jambhale, M.P.; Pawar, R.A., 1974:
Plant growth regulating activity of 2-n-alkyl-5-chlorphenoxyacetic acids

Buta, J.G., 1975:
Plant growth regulating activity of substituted phthalate esters

Miller, L.P., 1960:
Plant Growth Regulation

Guseinov, D.M.; Dzhalilov, T.N.; Isaeva, F.G.; Gasanov, T.A., 1977:
Plant growth regulator

Buettner, M.R.; Ensign, R.D.; Boe, A.A., 1976:
Plant growth regulator effects on flowering of Poa pratensis L. under field conditions

Schneider, B.A., 1976:
Plant growth regulator nomenclature

Santelmann, P.; Thilsted, E., 1977:
Plant growth regulator use in Spanish peanuts

Neumann, K.H., 1975:
Plant growth regulators and development of higher plants

Prakash, G., 1977:
Plant growth regulators and sex expression in flower buds of Momordica charantia in vitro

Lenton, J.R.; Milford, G.F.J., 1977:
Plant growth regulators and the physiological limitations to yield in sugar beet

Posnova, A.N., 1974:
Plant growth regulators and their use in applied entomology

Kapoor, J.K.; Turner, J.N., 1976:
Plant growth regulators for tropical fruits

Khan, M.I.; Khan, M.A.; Khizar, T., 1976:
Plant growth regulators from species differing in salt tolerance as affected by soil salinity

Aberg, B., 1975:
Plant growth regulators. 33. Optically active methoxyphenoxypropionic acids and some related two- and three-substituted phenoxy compounds

Mosse, B.; Powell, C.L.; Hayman, D.S., 1976:
Plant growth responses to vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza. IX. Interactions between VA mycorrhiza, rock phosphate and symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Vickery, P.J.; Reardon, G.V.; Ferris, A.A., 1976:
Plant growth studies: a low cost controlled environment unit

Morgan, D.G., 1977:
Plant growth substances and flower development

Morgan, D.G., 1976:
Plant growth substances and flowering

Deryabin, V.; Shaposhnikov, A., 1977:
Plant growth substances and incidence of sucking insects on cotton

Jindal, K.K.; Dalbro, S.; Andersen, A.S.; Poll, L., 1974:
Plant growth substances in the shoots of dwarf mutants of Cortland and Golden Delicious apple

Sanai, S.; Ota, Y., 1977:
Plant growth-regulating activities of nicotinamide. 3. Effects of nicotinamide on the activities of nitrate reduction and photosynthesis

Hori, K., 1976:
Plant growth-regulating factor in the salivary gland of several heteropterous insects

Hori, K., 1975:
Plant growth-regulating factor, substances reacting with Salkovski reagent and phenoloxidase activities in vein tissue injured by Lygus disponsi Linnavuori (Hemiptera: Miridae) and surrounding mesophyll tissues of sugar beet leaf

Dirr, M.A.; Friedhoff, E.; Smith, T., 1978:
Plant hardiness evaluations

Thurston, J.M.; Cussans, G.W., 1976:
Plant health and the possibilities of biological control

Anonymous, 1978:
Plant health newsletter. Second questionnaire on the uses of some selected pesticides in EPPO countries (synthesis of returns)

Anonymous, 1974:
Plant health newsletter; survey on the following quarantine pests and diseases: Heterodera rostochiensis; Hyphantria cunea; Leptinotarsa decemlineata, Quadraspidiotus perniciosus; Synchytrium endobioticum; Corynebacterium sepedonicum

Tullio, V., 1977 :
Plant health situation in horticulture in Marche

El' Saied Abdel' Salam Khassaballa; Chiong Dik, 1973:
Plant height and flowering dates in inbred forms of maize from different initial material

Wanjari, K.B.; Patil, B.N., 1977:
Plant height and panicle size in relation to grain yield in sorghum

Wanjari, K.B.; Patil, B.N., 1977:
Plant height and size in relation to grain yield in sorghum

Foltyn, J., 1976:
Plant height and the structure of yield components in various types of wheat varieties

Ondro, S., 1975:
Plant height of horse beans (Faba vulgaris Moench.)in a complete diallel cross

Pepe, J.F.; Heiner, R.E., 1975:
Plant height, protein percentage, and yield relationships in spring wheat

Marshall, J.G.; Staba, E.J., 1975:
Plant hormone effects on the production of diosgenin by Dioscorea deltoidea tissue cultures

Vaadia, Y., 1976:
Plant hormones and water stress

Rebel, E.K.; Lordello, L.G.E.; Moraes, M.V. de, 1974:
Plant hosts of a nematode new for coffee

Summerfield, R.J.; Huxley, P.A.; Minchin, F.R., 1977:
Plant husbandry and management techniques for growing grain legumes under simulated tropical conditions in controlled environments

Shapiro, I.D.; Novozhilov, K.V.; Vilkova, N.A., 1976:
Plant immunity to pests and problems of strategy and tactics in plant protection

Uchimiya, H., 1977:
Plant improvement by means of breeding based on cell and genetic engineering. 2

Anonymous, 1976:
Plant improvement. Reduced plant height

Worcester, B.K.; Seelig, B.D., 1976:
Plant indicators of saline seep

Trenbath, B.R., 1977:
Plant interactions in mixed crop communities

Williams, R.J.; Burt, R.L.; Strickland, R.W., 1976:
Plant introduction

Vieira, C., 1973:
Plant introduction and germplasm of Phaseolus vulgaris and other food legumes

Ben Jaacov, J.; Hagiladi, A., 1976:
Plant introduction and landscaping development around the Sea of Galilee using an extensive agrotechnical approach

Meshcherov, E.T., 1977:
Plant introduction in the service of Soviet breeding

Anonymous, 1974:
Plant introduction list No. 97

Rumball, W.; Forde, M.B., 1977 :
Plant introduction trials. Performance of Agrostis species at Palmerston North

Peterson, C.E., 1975:
Plant introductions in the improvement of vegetable cultivars

Anonymous, 1974:
Plant introductions of the New South Wales Department of Agriculture during the period 2/12/72 to 26/6/74

Koegel, R.G.; Bruhn, H.D.; Ng, K.K.; Ream, H.W., 1977:
Plant juice protein and moisture expression from organic materials - a bibliography

Callow, J.A., 1976:
Plant lectins

Zozulin, G.M., 1976:
Plant life forms in relation to the concept of biosphere

Chornobai, Y.M., 1977:
Plant litter fall and formation of litter layers in forest types of the Chernogora

Hyland, H.L., 1975:
Plant material introduced January 1 to December 31, 1973 (Nos. 377555 to 384427)

Hyland, H.L., 1976:
Plant material introduced January 1 to December 31, 1974 (Nos. 384428 to 391684)

Hyland, H.L., 1977:
Plant material introduced January 1 to December 31, 1975 (Nos. 391685-405409)

Kraayenoord, C.W.S. van, 1976:
Plant materials for erosion control

Gupta, B.M.; Renfro, B.L., 1977:
Plant maturity in relation to maize stalk rot development incited by Cephalosporium acremonium

Falk, R.H.; Stocking, C.R., 1976:
Plant membranes

Simon, E.W., 1978:
Plant membranes under dry conditions

Udovenko, G.V., 1976:
Plant metabolism during its adaptation to soil salinity

Frederick, S.E.; Gruber, P.J.; Newcomb, E.H., 1975:
Plant microbodies. Review article

Hanotiaux, G.; Marlier Geets, O.F., 1975:
Plant mineral nutrition and exchange thermodynamics. 1. Study of a simple substrate, kaolinite

Aleandri, M.; Olivetti, A., 1975:
Plant mixtures for pullets in batteries, first experimental results

Surikov, I.M., 1977:
Plant morphology and caryopsis set in the progeny of wheat-rye hybrids differing in fertility

Kirschke, J.; Heege, H.J., 1978:
Plant morphology and harvest technique in cabbage

Khvostova, V.V.; Pershina, L.A., 1974:
Plant mutants and problems of hormonal growth regulation

Cazelles, O., 1975:
Plant mycoplasma diseases

Williamson, D.L.; Whitcomb, R.F., 1975:
Plant mycoplasmas: a cultivable spiroplasma causes corn stunt disease

Garrison, G.A.; Skovlin, J.M., 1976:
Plant names and symbols for ecosystem inventory and analysis

Gill, J.S.; Krishnananda, N., 1977:
Plant nematodes and potato cultivation

Spasskii, A.A., 1972:
Plant nematodes and the problems of food helminthology

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Planting density of apple and quince clonal stocks in mother plantations

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Planting depth for asparagus

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Planting depth, earthing-up and yield of potatoes

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Planting distances and maintenance, two important coffee production factors

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Planting distances for tomatoes

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Planting distances in autumn lettuce

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Planting early tomatoes under plastic

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Planting equipment and the importance of depth control

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Planting for the future in the Zuidelijke IJsselmeerpolders

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Planting forage species in Region IV

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Planting hole treatment with potting soil

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Planting in widely spaced groups: a promising technique for enriching the maquis

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Planting methods and treatments for Black Walnut seedlings

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Planting methods and yield of potatoes

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Planting of onions

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Planting of potatoes in summer for production of seed tubers

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Planting out and transplanting of spruce and larch after 'chemical ploughing' with Sys 67 Omnidel (dalapon)

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Planting out azaleas. Some data on labour

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Planting out plants with the aid of a polyvinyl sleeve

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Planting pattern, plant population, irrigation, and insect interactions in cotton

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Planting patterns and nutrient areas for early cabbage

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Planting scheme and the productivity of peach trees grown on unirrigated land (grapho-analytical determination)

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Planting soya bean in Iraq

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Planting stock in cubes of mineral wool

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Planting sugar maple: fourth-year results of an experiment on 2 sites with eight soil amendments and three weed control treatments

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Planting system for industrial production of soft fruit

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Planting systems and CCC treatment in Doyenne du Comice

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Planting systems for apples

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Planting systems for strawberry production along industrial lines

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Planting test of Cryptomeria japonica in cold damage region

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Planting tests on the shallow soils of eastern Ontario

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Planting time applications of systemic insecticides on grain sorghum for greenbug control: interactions with herbicides and effect on predators (Hemiptera (Homoptera): Aphididae)

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Planting times for spray carnations

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Planting trees when the time is right

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Planting trials of 10 Mexican Pine species in Hawaii

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Planting trials with Balsam Poplars

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Planting witloof chicory roots in beds

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Plantings of new annual flowers in 1975

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Plantlet formation by root-tip culture in Phalaenopsis

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Plantlet formation from internode bases of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) in vivo - useful to mutation breeding or not?

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Plantlet formation from potato callus in vitro

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Plantlet formation from potato tuber discs in vitro

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Plantlet formation in callus cultures of Dioscorea deltoidea Wall

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Plantlets from Paulownia tissue cultures

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Plantlets of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes by nucellar embryony in vitro

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Plants and de-icing salts

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Plants and near-ultraviolet radiation

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Plants and pollution

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Plants and soils of a sagebrush community on the Hanford Reservation

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Plants and the weather

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Plants and water

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Plants as indicators of the potassium fertility level in grassland soils

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Plants collected by Eng. L.A. Gradvaux Barbosa in the Cape Verde archipelago. 4. Spermatophyta (Leguminosae)

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Plants enabling accumulation of Thielaviopsis in the soil

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Plants in Manaus visited by workers of Melipona seminigra merrillae for obtaining pollen

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Plants new or rare in Angola

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Plants new to Guinea Bissau - I. Combretaceae. II. Tiliaceae and Euphorbiacease. III. Vitaceae and Leeaceae

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Plants of Oklahoma and Texas capable of producing cyanogenic compounds

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Plants of saline soils

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Plants of the Bryansk province

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Plants of the Donana Nature Reserve (Huelva)

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Plants of the family Cuscutaceae (dodders) and of the family Orobanchaceae (broomrapes)

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Plants of the northeastern United States that produce cyanogenic compounds

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Plants of the savanna plains

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Plants promoting accumulation of the fungus Thielaviopsis in soil

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Plants raised from cuttings and seed in hydroponics?

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Plants that heal

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Plants that occur in Tijuca National Park

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Plants used by some nations of the USSR for diseases of the liver and biliary ducts

Nikolaeva, V.G., 1976:
Plants used in folk medicine in the USSR for diseases of the kidneys and the urinary system

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Plants which accumulate metals. Part II. An investigation of the soluble zinc containing extracts from two Australian species

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Plants which reduce blood pressure

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Plants, food, and people

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Plaque assay and characteristics of strains of bovine ephemeral fever virus in Vero cells

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Plaque assay and primary isolation of influenza A viruses in an established line of canine kidney cells (MDCK) in the presence of trypsin

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Plaque assay for Chlamydia psittaci in tissue samples

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Plaque assay for rabies serogroup viruses in vero cells

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Plaque assay of Toxoplasma gondii in monolayers of mammalian and avian cell cultures

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Plaque assay of avian sarcoma viruses using casein

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Plaque formation by African swine fever virus in chick embryo fibroblasts in the absence of CO2 atmosphere

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Plaque formation by vaccine strains and field strains of Newcastle disease virus

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Plaque production by arboviruses in Singh's Aedes albopictus cells

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Plaque reduction neutralization test for the assay of antibodies against foot-and-mouth disease

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Plaque reduction neutralization test for the serodiagnosis of infectious bursal disease

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Plaque reduction test for antibodies to the reovirus of tenosynovitis of fowls

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Plasma 25-hydroxy vitamin D levels in the sheep foetus and neonate

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Plasma CPK as an indicator of stress susceptibility in swine

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Plasma LH concentration in pigs at oestrus

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Plasma PGF and hormonal changes during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy in the gilt

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Plasma aldosterone concentration in sodium deprived mice of two strains

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Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity and growth in calves

Agergaard, N., 1976:
Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity and growth in pigs

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Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity and isoenzyme composition as an indication of growth in calves

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Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity in relation to growth I. in calves. II. in pigs

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Plasma alkaline phosphatase assay: interconversion of results by two methods

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Plasma alkaline phosphatase polymorphism and its associations with productive traits in Rhode Island Red

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Plasma amino acid analysis by isotope ratio gas chromatography mass spectrometry computer techniques

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Plasma amino acids in premature and newborn infants after infusion of two commercial paediatric amino acid solutions

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Plasma amino acids in reptiles after feeding protein or amino acids and after injecting amino acids

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Plasma and blood volume in the calf from birth till 90 days of age

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Plasma and buffy coat vitamin C concentrations in the dog

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Plasma and depot fat fatty acids in Canada geese in relation to diet, migration, and reproduction

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Plasma and milk thyroxine of lactating dairy cows

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Plasma and pituitary levels of LH in field voles, Microtus arvalis, reared under two different photoperiods

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Plasma and ruminal constituents and performance of steers fed different nitrogen sources and levels of sulfur

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Plasma and tissue concentrations of sulfaguanidine in piglets, growing pigs and calves after oral administration

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Plasma and tissue concentrations of the sulfonamide Dimerasulfa in calves, sheep and swine and its concentration in cow's milk after subcutaneous and oral administration

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Plasma apolipoprotein A levels in healthy human adults

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Plasma cadmium and zinc in human hypertension

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Plasma carbohydrate, insulin and hepatic enzyme levels in rats refed sucrose

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Plasma carnitine and body composition

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Plasma carotenoids and vitamin A in relation to carotene intake in three breeds of cattle

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Plasma cell reaction in lymphoid organs of chicks inoculated with a combined vaccine against pasteurellosis, salmonellosis and colibacteriosis

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Plasma cholesterol in swine. Genetic variations and relation to alkaline phosphatase

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Plasma cholesterol levels in rabbits fed low fat, low cholesterol diets. Effects of dietary proteins, carbohydrates and fibre from different sources

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Plasma citrate during submaximal and intermittent supramaximal exercise

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Plasma concentration of androstenedione during the bovine oestrous cycle

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Plasma concentration of progesterone and estradiol during the ovulatory cycle of the turkey

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Plasma concentrations of 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F during pregnancy in sheep

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Plasma concentrations of catecholamines and corticosteroids and of protein-bound iodine in pigs kept under different conditions and acutely exposed to cold

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Plasma concentrations of equilin and oestrone in the assessment of fetoplacental function in the mare

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Plasma concentrations of lysolecithin and other phospholipids in the healthy population and in men suffering from atherosclerotic diseases

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Plasma concentrations of prolactin and thyrotrophin during suckling in urethane-anaesthetized rats

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Plasma concentrations of testosterone and LH in the male dog

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Plasma concentrations of testosterone in the developing ram in different social environments

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Plasma concentrations, plasma protein binding and residues of sulfamonomethoxine in pigs, horses and cattle

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Plasma constituents of downer sheep slaughtered at an abattoir

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Plasma copper levels in bovine trypanosomiasis

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Plasma corticoid changes during diarrhea in neonatal calves

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Plasma enzymes and electrolytes and liver electrolytes during the prepatent period of fascioliasis in swine

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Plasma exchange for mushroom poisoning

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Plasma free amino acid levels in human subjects after meals containing lactalbumin, heated lactalbumin, or no protein

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Plasma free amino acids of children consuming a diet with uneven distribution of protein relative to energy

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Plasma free and esterified cholesterol in schistosomiasis mansoni

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Plasma free fatty acid composition before and after cold exposure in the white rat

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Plasma glucose, lipids and mineral levels from 3 weeks before to 10 weeks after parturition in dairy cows

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Plasma gonadotrophins and oestradiol during oestrus in the cow

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